Doctors Note Template for School: Format & Samples

Injuries and illnesses can take a toll on you, leaving you unable to concentrate in class or participate in school activities. When this happens, you may need your school administration to excuse you as you seek treatment and recuperate at home or in the hospital. The best way to communicate this is through a doctor’s note for school. This note, written by your doctor, can help explain why you missed school and allow you to get back to your school schedule. Let’s take a closer look at what it is, what it contains, and when and why you need it.

What Is a Doctor’s Note for School?

A doctor’s note for school is also called a sick note or doctor’s excuse for school. It is a formal document prepared by a healthcare professional to confirm that you visited the hospital, ER, or doctor’s office for a medical reason – usually an emergency. Essentially, the note proves that you stayed away from school because you were ill or hurt and were not faking an illness to play hooky. It can also direct relevant school administrators on whether you need to be exempted from certain activities, such as PE.

What is a Doctors’ Note Template for School?

A doctor’s note template for school is a pre-contrived, fillable form containing all the pre-requisite fields for a valid sick note. It is designed to save the time it would take for a doctor to prepare a note from scratch by presenting all the necessary blank fields into which they can input information. For uniformity, some schools provide students with a doctor’s note template for school that they can get filled out before they resume school activities.

Why Do You Need a Doctor’s Note for School?

You know what a doctor’s note is, but when exactly would you need it?

Naturally, you cannot miss several consecutive days of school without informing the administration and just walk back into class. Your teachers will want to know why you missed their classes, tests, or activities. This is where a doctor’s note for school comes in handy.

A doctor’s excuse proves that you were unwell and received treatment at a healthcare facility. Most schools require it before you can be allowed to rejoin your fellow students.

Additionally, if your illness or injury makes it difficult for you to engage in certain school activities, a doctor’s note can help communicate this to the relevant authorities. You can present it to your gym teacher, for example, if you need to miss football practice for the next several days or weeks.

Essential Elements of a Doctor’s Note for School

A doctor’s note is considered valid if it identifies the medical professional who wrote it, the student in question, and the student’s medical condition. However, the description of illness or injury in this form should never breach patient confidentiality. In fact, doctors are under no obligation to get into the finer details of why a student visited the hospital, especially if their condition is protected under the ADA.

With that said, here is a look at the essential elements of a doctor’s note for school:

  • Title: A standard sick note should be written on the hospital’s letterhead. It should also have a heading indicating the type of document it is, such as “Medical Absence Form.”
  • Patient Information: Under the title, the form should identify the patient, in this case, the student, by name, age, date of birth, address, and parent’s names.
  • Hospital/Clinic Information: This should be followed by the name, contact details, and business information of the issuing hospital, clinic, ER, or doctor’s office.
  • School Details: In the section below the hospital information, the note should indicate the name and address of the school the student attends. This is the recipient of the document.
  • Date: A valid date for when the note was prepared is key to recordkeeping at the school and can help clarify whether the student took any extra, unsanctioned days off from school.
  • Reason for Visit: This section identifies why the student visited the institution. Did they have a broken arm? Did they have a panic attack?
  • Diagnosis: Why the student came in and what was actually wrong can be two different things. In the diagnosis segment, the doctor explains what the student is ailing from without breaching their right to privacy.
  • Recommendation or Treatment Plan: A sick note must also contain recommendations from the doctor about how long the student should be allowed to stay home and recuperate. It can also lay out any accommodations that should be made for them at school to ensure recovery.
  • Limitations (Where Applicable): If necessary, the note should exempt the student from certain activities or events during their recovery. This should be accompanied by a duration during which the limitations are valid.
  • Signature and Date: Finally, every sick note should be formalized by the issuing doctor’s signature and signature date.

Sample Doctor’s Note for School

Redhill Medical Center

129 First Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 80900

[email protected]

Patient: Henry Jillian Miles

100 Rose Boulevard

Jersey City, NJ 90804

+200 7409 090

Reason for Visit: Broken Leg

Date of Absence: 4 December 2030

Dear Princeton High School,

I, Dr. Mellissa Bialik, hereby confirm that I examined and treated Henry Jillian Miles on 4 December 2030. Henry visited the ER in pain and bleeding due to a broken leg resulting from a gym accident. X-rays showed a dislocation of the tibia, which we treated.

To facilitate Henry’s recovery, I recommend that he be allowed to rest at home from the date of writing this note to 12 December 2030. Upon returning to school, I recommend that the administration allow him to sit out any strenuous activity, such as PE, that could aggravate his injury for seven days.

You can contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this matter.



Dr. Mellissa Bialik

4 December 2030


Can I go to the doctor just to get a note?

Technically, yes. Some doctors offer phone consultations during which they can assess your symptoms and write a note for you. You can then go to the hospital or their office to pick up the note.

Can I get a sick note without seeing the doctor?

A healthcare provider can write a sick note after a phone assessment. This is more common in situations where the doctor is familiar with your medical history and you are too unwell to make an appointment. Once they do, you can have the note mailed to you or request that your parent collect it for you.

How long can a doctor give a sick note?

It will depend on the illness or injury for which you are missing school. If you are in doubt about the possible maximum duration, consult your school administration.

Can you get in trouble for faking a sick note?

Yes. Faking a doctor’s note is illegal and can carry legal consequences. When you falsely represent yourself or another person as a healthcare provider, you may be committing fraud and could get arrested and charged.


A doctor’s note for school is not only a courtesy to the school administration, but it could also be a requirement to get you back to school. Whenever you are out sick, ask your doctor (by yourself or through your parents) to write you a sick note. Make sure it contains all the key elements that make such a document valid, and present it to the health office when you resume school.