Doctors Note Template for School: Format & Samples

A doctor’s note template can be highly useful for the students and parents of school going children who take leave for sickness or a minor illness as they can fill the document, and have it authorized from the doctor. Using the Doctor Note Template can make things simple and easier to understand.

It would give an idea of what is the most important content for the note.

Doctor’s Note Template for School

Given below is a simple template:

Doctor Excuse for ABC School

Name: _______ Gender:_________ Age:_________ Date:________

Dear XYZ,

Please excuse ______ (insert name of student here) from school on ____ and _____ two days. It appears as a serious case of throat infection and winter fever. I am prescribing two days complete bed rest along with plenty of intake of liquid, oil-free food, and medications. The proper dosage of the prescribed medicines is important.



Signature of Doctor

Doctors Note to Return to School

Doctors Note to Return to School is a format, which would highlight why the child was sent home and what were the symptoms for sending him/her home.

Doctors Note to Return to School

Doctors Note Template (WORD)

This particular doctor’s note template would include information relevant to the observation of the doctor and the treatment advice to student or patient as per the observation. As it is available in Word, it would be easy to download.

Doctors Note Template WORD

Blank Doctor Note For School

A blank doctor note for school would be a simple format. It would be useful to provide a different kind of certificates required by the school for the student.

Blank Doctor Note For School

Doctors Appointment Note

Doctor’s Appointment Note is a simple format, which a physician can use, and it would indicate the details of appointment of a student with the doctor.

Doctors Appointment Note

Doctors Notes For Missing School

Doctors Note For Missing School

Doctor Excuse Note For School

Sometimes the student would have taken more leave then what is actually permitted, and this particular note can be quite useful.

Doctor Excuse Note For School

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