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Doctor Letter: How to Write (with Sample Medical Letter)

A medical doctor letter is a letter that proofs that an individual was ill and they made a visit to the doctor. If you miss work or school because of an illness, most companies and institutions require you to submit a doctor’s letter to prove you were sick, and you went to a hospital or a doctor.

As a doctor, it’s easier to use a template instead of writing a new letter for each patient. Witch the template you will need to fill in the patient’s details, date & time, the illness and the prescription or remedy.

What to include in a doctor’s letter

Name and contact of the doctor

A doctor’s letter should start with the name and contacts of the doctor.

Date and time

You must include date and time since it’s one of the most critical detail the relevant authorities are interested in.

Any days off duty

Some medical conditions might need rest. If so, indicate the number of days the patient should be allowed to rest or work on light duties.

Reason for consultation

Indicate why the patient visited the clinic.

Any future appointment

Indicate if you need the patient to come back for a medical follow-up.

Sample Doctor Letter / Email

(Doctor’s name and contacts)


To whom it may concern

This letter confirms that (patient’s name) was seen in my clinic on (date and time). Following a detailed medical examination, I treated the patient and gave the appropriate medication.

The patient requires resting for two days to allow for faster healing.

In case you require any clarification, kindly contact me.



(Doctors name)

Types of doctor letter

Letter from a doctor confirming an illness

The letter informs the requesting authority that the person is or was ill on the stated date. It should be short and specific.

What to include in a letter from a doctor confirming an illness

  • The doctor’s name and contacts
  • Date and time the patient was in the clinic
  • Subject
  • The illness/ disease the patient has
  • Signature of the doctor
  • A welcome note for clarification

Doctor appointment letter for work/school

A doctor appointment letter for work or school is a letter a doctor writes to notify the employer or the relevant authority that the patient should visit the hospital/clinic on the date and time specified. Learning institutions and companies need a formal notification if their staff or student is away for a doctor’s appointment.

What to include in a doctor’s appointment letter for work/school

  • The name of the doctor and contacts
  • Name of the patient
  • Date and time of the appointment
  • Signature of the doctor
  • Reason for the appointment if possible

Letter from a doctor for short term disability

A doctor can write a letter to an employer or to a learning institution in case their patient has a short-term disability. The letter explains the disability and the precautions to take to facilitate faster healing. Some directions might include assigning the patient lighter duties to promote healing or leave from work for a specified period.

What to include in a letter from a doctor for a short-term disability

  • Doctors name and address
  • Patients name
  • A brief explanation of the condition
  • Recommended remedies such as rest
  • Signature of the doctor
  • A request to contact the doctor for clarification