Dissertation Outline Templates (DOC, PDF)

Dissertation Outline Templates (DOC, PDF)

Preparing for a degree or diploma? Chances are that your coursework shall demand a dissertation. This is a long essay that dwells on a specific subject matter. Needless to say, it is impossible to draft this dissertation without following a well laid-down outline. That is the role that a dissertation outline template exists to play.

Dissertation outline templates

These templates are important in that they give you a clear overview of the contents and pieces of information you ought to incorporate in each paragraph. With this overview, it is possible for you to easily keep accurate track of your progress without necessarily repeating the points. This again sees to it that all critical points are included in the write-up. Lastly, the template enables the readers to easily connect the main ideas without really getting lost along the way.

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    How to write a dissertation outline

    Step i: select the relevant subject

    The first step definitely is to select the most relevant subject. That is because each subject requires its own approach and methodology. Going about the issue without careful thought and consideration is hence a recipe for chaos. You do not want this to happen at all.

    Step ii: skim the dissertations drafted by other students

    It is always necessary to skim the dissertations that are already in existence. This will give you a rough clue on how possibly to get about drafting yours. It also prevents you from making unnecessary mistakes along the way.

    Step iii: draft a proposal to finalize your research problem

    Now, draft a proposal to finalize your research problem. It is this that forms the core of the dissertation writing exercise. The proposal shall concern the exact problems that the dissertation endeavors to provide answers for. Moreover, it also handles every aspect of the problem comprehensively.

    Step iv: invoke the assistance of your supervisor

    To be sure that you are on the right track, you have to invoke the assistance of a supervisor. Each educational institution shall usually provide a supervisor to stand with you. Do not hesitate to take the maximum advantage of this supervisor. You do not want to make any gross errors, do you?

    Step v: create a framework against which you shall draft the dissertation

    Lastly, use the information you have attained above to generate a framework against which you shall eventually draft the dissertation. This framework is the one that shall act as a skeleton against which you shall subsequently stuff in the missing ‘pieces of the puzzles.’

    Tips for writing a dissertation outline

    • Choose the topics wisely. Dissertations may be written under many topics. It is important that you pick and choose your specific topic wisely. The purpose of this is to prevent a situation where you run short of ideas or draft a substandard dissertation. Obviously, the topic has to be relevant to your field of study.
    • Discuss the topics conclusively with your supervisor. Before embarking on the task of drafting such an essay, you have to discuss the topic with your supervisor exhaustively. Let the supervisor give you the guidance and the insights you need to tackle the topics precisely and with confidence.
    • Rely extensively on secondary sources for inspiration. Other than your supervisor, you also have to rely extensively on other secondary sources of information before setting out. These could include the scientific works on the topics, academic journals, reviews on the subject matter, and manuals of the same. They too will give you further insight and inspiration.
    • Narrow down to a specific format. Each topic has to be handled uniquely. It is for this reason that you should now identify the exact format to follow to actualize the thesis altogether. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the format. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask questions. You cannot afford to make any mistakes.
    • Use the right tone and language all along. As you draft the thesis, always keep the tone professional and clearly legible. Remember, the thesis is not an essay or a friendly letter. Instead, it is a scientific paper that is more likely to be perused by top scholars from around the world.