Dinner for Two Gift Certificate Templates

Dinner out can be a wonderful experience for any couple. It can be a nice, quiet experience for a couple to get some intimate time and companionship. Date nights are important to keep any relationship strong. Unfortunately, many couples have a difficult time either affording this luxury or they have difficulty making everything align for them to get out. They often forego this alone time and neglect themselves.

If you know one of these couples, you may want to offer your help to them. That’s where a dinner for two gift certificate comes in. These gift certificates are a nice way to offer a couple with a night out and a break from the stress of the everyday mundane life. Not only do these make for a great gift, if you own a restaurant it can be a great marketing tool. Whether you plan to making this dinner an event for a certain holiday, or you plan to create a one of a kind experience for any couple seeking a night out, a dinner for two gift certificate template is the perfect thing to increase your business and to keep your customers or friends happy.

Dinner for Two Gift Certificate Templates

Dinner for two gift certificates are colorful and catchy gift certificates that can be designed to either gift to a couple or to offer a full-service meal for two at your restaurant. They can be changed to fit your business needs or to fit the personality of the couple that you are gifting. The customization options of these templates allow you to gift a specific dollar amount toward dinner or to leave the option for dinner for two open to the requests of the couple.

These certificate templates can be printed at home or by a professional printing service which saves a business owner money rather than having to source their gift certificates out to a third party. They provide a great opportunity for marketing for your restaurant, especially for couples who are seeking a night out for an anniversary or a Valentine’s day special event.

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Dinner for Two Gift Certificate Template (in Microsoft Word)


Dinner for Two Gift Certificate (Customizable in Word)Download

Dinner for Two (restaurant gift certificate)—Gold

restaurant birthday gift certificate (Dinner for Two Template)

Restaurant gift certificate (Dinner for Two) with wording—Blue


Dinner for two certificate template 1 Black

Dinner for two certificate template 1 Brown (Microsoft Word)

Dinner for Two Gift Certificate Template – 1 – Blue (Word)



Why Are Gift Certificates Important to a Business?

Gift certificates are an extremely important thing for a business owner to give out. First of all, they provide a great marketing opportunity. Whether they are purchased and given to the friends or relatives of a customer or you give them out as a free promotion, they expand your business’ reach. They also give potential customers a first look at your business and create a positive impression. They provide money toward your bottom line, as well, as gift certificates provide you money up front for potential future business.

How Can Gift Certificates Be Useful to an Individual?

Gift certificates aren’t just useful to a business owner. They are also important to an individual. Whether you are purchasing the gift certificate to give as a gift, these certificates can show your appreciation to the person you are gifting them to. They can also provide a unique experience to the individual that is receiving the gift. If you are receiving the gift certificate, this is something that is saving you time and money as a consumer. It can help you to save time and money on a future date or opportunity.

What to Write on a Dinner for Two Gift Certificate

If you are creating a gift certificate, there are a few things that you should include to make sure your certificate is successful.

  • Unique Design: No matter what kind of gift certificate you are creating, you will need to create a unique design that embodies and represents the image of your business.
  • Business Name: Every good gift certificate needs to include your business name and the contact information for your business. This ensures that you can be contacted with any questions, but, also, that consumers will be able to locate your business.
  • Clear Language: Make sure that your certificate clearly states what the certificate can be used for. If there are any exceptions or exclusions, make sure that you note these within the gift certificate.
  • Expiration Date: It can be beneficial to include an expiration date on any gift certificate. First of all, this encourages customers or potential customers to use the certificate. Secondly, it adds money directly to your bottom line if they are not used.

How to Customize the Dinner for Two Certificate

Customizing a Dinner for Two Certificate is easy to do! All of these certificates offered here are fully customizable and editable. You can edit and customize the templates by altering the size, cropping, adding pictures, changing fonts, texts and colors. These are all available in Microsoft Word, making it easy to customize in any word processing program on your computer. The entire certificate can be fully customized within Word.