Dental School Letter of Intent – Template and Sample

A dental school letter of intent is a statement that expresses a person’s interest in attending a specific dental school. The letter is similar to a medical school letter of intent; the only difference is that a dental school letter of intent helps you get off the waitlist, is shorter, and helps you be accepted to the dentistry field specifically. An applicant to a dental school can write the letter of intent to let the school know that it’s his/her number one choice. An applicant can also include: request for contacts of students and alumni, updates on developments, challenges, and how to address them.

Doing a follow-up with the admission committee monthly shows interest and gives the applicant a priority, though doing the same so frequently has the possibility to diminish your chances. Incase the applicant makes no progress, getting someone to write a letter of recommendation is beneficial.

How to Write a Dental School Letter of Intent

  • Address the letter to the head of admissions/Director. Your communication should be with the people making the decisions. Find out who is the director/dean of admissions. Ensure that you use correct titles/spellings when addressing the letter.
  • Introduce yourself and be precise. Be straightforward, for example: my name is Jane Doe, and I am applying to the Best School of Dentistry. I am writing to express my intention to join the Best University that will make me the best Dentist.
  • Explain why the school is your choice and why you will fit in it. Give your legitimate reasons for your choice of the school. The mission and vision of the school are some of the factors to consider. Also explain what makes you an incredible candidate that fits into the school.
  • Update on your progress. Include any relevant updates, for instance accomplishments, leadership endeavors, volunteer activities and new research publications.
  • Close Your Letter Cleanly. Let your final statement reiterate your interest. Thank everyone and reiterate how you await to be a member of the dental school community. Use professional closing: sincerely/best wishes.

Dental School Letter of Intent (Format)


Dear Sir/Madam______________________,

(Introduction, Thanks for Consideration)

(Updates Since last Interview, Contributions to specific School, Contact With current Students/Faculty/Alumni)

(Weaknesses and How to Improve, Confirm Top Choice, Second Thank You)



Print Name



Sample Dental School Letter of Intent

10th April, 2021

Dear Oxford School of Dentistry Admissions Committee,

Thank you for your consideration for an opportunity at the school of Dentistry at the Oxford University. I am privileged to be a potential candidate, and I hope that the committee will take me off the waitlist and enroll me next summer. For the past two years, I have been a volunteer to community-based organizations. I have found out that there are little guidance and information about free dental clinics countrywide, a problem that I decided to address. I figured how I could get a way to get all that information as well as locations available to individuals who would benefit from them, especially those that are not insured: I did this using an online and printed platform. I wish to help my community by attending Oxford School of Dentistry and still continue being a volunteer after graduation. Your school of dentistry is my number one choice, and I would willingly take the offer.

I am willing to offer additional information and verification of volunteer activities. Thank you for your consideration.



Jane Doe

janedoe1 @

(718) 944-5224

Dental School Letter of Intent (Word Template)

Dental School Letter of Intent


A dental school letter of intent is essential in expressing your seriousness in joining a specific medical school. It makes you an outstanding candidate, and in so doing, lifts you from the waitlist. It is important to send such letters once every month. However, avoid sending the letter so often, as that could as well work against you. The guide provided in this article helps you to write a dental school letter of intent. All the best as you wait to join your school of choice, and may you be the best dentist: congratulations in advance.

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