Demand Letter (with Template & Examples)

Demand Letter (with Template & Examples)

A demand letter is a formal correspondence that makes a demand to the recipient. It holds a legal obligation which the reader must honor and consequences that will follow if they don’t. When well-drafted, a demand letter can encourage the recipient to resolve an issue or act upon an agreement.

If you have tried to resolve an issue to no avail, you can send this correspondence to all involved parties. This should help you reach an amicable solution fast and without a lawsuit.

What is a Demand Letter?

A demand letter or “mise en demeure” is a formal notice demanding restitution for a particular action or payment from the other party. Demand letters usually request the obligation to pay monies owed or demand compensation for unfulfilled contractual obligations. When you issue a demand letter, you prompt the other party to honor their obligation failure to which will necessitate legal action.

What is a Demand Letter Template?

A demand letter template is a customizable form you fill with the details that request what’s rightfully yours, edit it, print it, and then send it to the opposing party. Demand letter templates are pre-designed or formatted therefore saving you valuable time in creating one.

Types of Demand Letter Templates

Dissensions between parties occur for various reasons; hence no single template cuts across all disputes. Negligence, financial constraints, forgetfulness, among other reasons, cause parties to disagree over a contract, product or service rendered. The different types of demand letter templates for typical demands include:

  • The final order for payment template
  • Auto accident compensation template
  • Insurance claim demand letter template
  • Remuneration demand template
  • Payment extension template
  • Advance payment
  • Defective object demand letter template

You can have many more templates depending on your demands. Find a template that suits your needs, customize and run with it.

Note: Demand letters are legally binding; therefore, try to solve the dispute out of court before seeking a demand letter template. However, when you do, liaise with your lawyer beforehand.

Essential Elements of a Demand Letter

A good demand letter contains:

  • Senders and recipient address
  • Your full name and contact details
  • Name of the other party
  • A brief description of the underserved practice with dates included
  • Proof of the unfair practice results such as hospital bills or unpaid utility bills.
  • The demand(s) and when you expect it to be fulfilled.
  • Consequences
  • Your signature

Formatting Your Demand Letter Template

  • Using online web tools, customize your template and attach the relevant documentation. Use block letter format for your template and indicate yours followed by the recipient address.
  • The first line of the sentence clearly states the demand and the other entity’s part in your claims. Provide the reasons in the body with calculations and receipts or contract copies.
  • Conclude the letter restating your demands, the timeline, and the consequences. Sign the letter using online signature tools and print it.

Tip: Use a computer or typewriter to prepare your template. Handwritten demand letters are subject to scrutiny in the court and may be rendered disreputable evidence.

Demand for Payment Template


{Recipient’s name}

{Recipient’s address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

RE: Demand for Payment

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last name}

This letter serves as a formal payment demand for your outstanding balance with {debtor’s name} in the amount of {debt amount}. I have attached a copy of the original invoice for more details.

On {date}, you received {product/service details} at {recipient’s address}. Payment for the {goods or service} was due on {date}. As of the writing of this demand letter, your balance is {amount of time} late.

If you do not contact us within {period} to discuss how this amount will be settled, we will be forced to pursue legal action.

We would appreciate prompt attention to this matter.


{Your name}

{Job Title}


Sample Breach of Contract Demand Letter

July 9, 2020

Clare Donovan

11345 Main St.

Bloomfield, CT 22360

RE: Breach of Contract No. 35/7789B

Dear Mrs. Donovan,

Pursuant to contract No. 35/7789B titled “Roof Restoration Agreement” dated January 23, 2020, Stephen Roof Constructions has fulfilled its contractual obligations by renovating your roof.

According to section 6 of the agreement, you were to provide full payment for this service by May 3, 2020. You are yet to make a payment and are, therefore, in breach of the contract.

You have a total balance of $458. We request that you arrange to settle it immediately. If you fail to do so by august 9, 2020, we will be forced to seek a legal remedy. This could include a formal lawsuit against you.

Please consider this matter as time-sensitive.


Matt Anders

Stephen Roof Constructions

Demand Letter Templates and Samples

A demand letter can serve as official evidence, should a dispute go to trial. As such, it should be drafted appropriately to cover all the essential fields. Here are a template and sample to help you draft an effective letter.

Demand Letter for Payment

This letter is written to a party that owes you money. It could be to a tenant, or for property damage, a defective product, or breach of contract.
File Format
  • MS Word

Demand Letter to Landlord

Any official correspondence with the landlord concerning unfair deductions, lease matters, or other tenant complaints is considered a demand letter.
File Format
  • MS Word

Demand Letter for Refund

This is a formal request for the return of payment for a product or service. It is addressed to the merchant or provider and should detail the transaction and why you need a refund.
File Format
  • MS Word

Demand Letter for Security Deposit

This letter is written to a landlord when they fail to send you a written itemization of your deposit. It could also be to work out an agreement or if the landlord performs unfair deductions.
File Format
  • MS Word

Final Demand Letter Before Legal Action

A final demand letter is written as a final attempt to collect a payment or debt. It follows a series of demand letters that have received no acceptable response and is sent before you seek legal action.
File Format
  • MS Word

Demand Letter Templates

A demand letter template is a fillable format that can be edited and used to send an official notice requesting legal action, money, or the return of assets from another party, lest legal action be taken. The templates are drafted in the format of a demand letter and can be customized to your liking.

Demand for Payment – Without Prejudice


First Demand Letter






Template 12 – Letter of Final Demand

    Demand Letter Samples

    Demand letter samples are example documents that can be sent to request action from another party, with the threat of legal action should the recipient fail to comply. They cover a wide range of topics including demand letters for payment and child support demand letters.

    Demand For Payment On Promissory Note


    Example Letter of Demand for employees



    Sample Bad Check Demand Letter


    Sample Letter of Demand for Liquidated Damages

    Sample Stop Payment Demand Letter


      Demand Letters for Money Owed

      Demand letters for money owed are documents sent to a party that owes you money, asking them to process the payment. They detail the nature and amount of debt due, any additional interests, the date when the payment should be made, and legal action that may follow non-compliance.

      7 Day Letter of Demand

      A Shot Across the Bow



      Demand Letter on an Open Account Template

      Demand Letter on NSF Check

      Sample Demand Letter


      Second Demand Letter


        Demand for Payment Letters

        A demand for payment letter, also called a demand letter for payment, is a formal notice sent to a debtor, detailing the debt owed and requesting that they pay it. It outlines the debt details, how the debt should be paid, and the consequences that may follow if payment is not made by a set date.

        Demand for Payment Letters #30

        Demand for Payment Letters #31

        Demand for Payment Letters #32

        Final Demand Letter

        Letter of demand Template


        Reasons for a Demand Letter


        Three Days Rent Demand Notice

        Letter of demand outstanding payment

        Car Collision Demand Letter Example

          Tips for Writing a Demand Letter

          If this is your first time writing a demand letter, here are some guidelines to help you write a thorough and effective letter. When drafting your message:

          • State your reasons for writing – Why are you writing the letter? What do you want the recipient to know? Always include a detailed explanation of all the matters at hand.
          • Be polite and professional – Even if you are frustrated at the current situation, don’t insult the recipient. This may reduce the effectiveness of your letter.
          • Provide demands – If you are requesting payment, make this clear in your letter. Provide the recipient with the demands they should honor.
          • Give a deadline – This is the date by when the recipient should have responded. You can also provide possible alternatives to the demands.
          • State the potential consequences for non-compliance or inaction

          Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing a Demand Letter Template

          Don’t give away the farm

          In other words, be concise. Succinctly describe your claims, why you feel you deserve restitution or compensation, and attach supporting documents. Attach only the copies of receipts and contracts but retain the originals.

          Consult with a lawyer

          Talking to your attorney ensures the other entity understands your demand letter’s grave nature. However, if you are dealing with a mid-size business, use business-like terms and avoid the legalese layers use that intimidate the defendant.

          Include a reasonable course of action

          A good demand letter states the other party’s measures to solve the dispute out of court amicably. Include the timeline you expect them to resolve the issue with you. If the other party does not comply, the letter will tip scales in your favor when you go to court.

          Outline the consequences

          Professionally delineate what action you intend to pursue if your demands are not met. However, check with your attorney before outlining any consequences to establish if they are within the threshold of state laws.

          Warning: Do not use derogatory statements and obscene name-calling in your demand letter. The court can take a demand letter can be taken as evidence; therefore, remain objective to your demand. No matter how livid you are, do not vent in the letter.


          Can I write my own demand letter?

          Yes, you can if your demand can be solved amicably or through small court claims.

          Can you email a demand letter?

          Emails and texts do not satisfy the legal requirements of proof of delivery. Send the demand letter via certified mail and indicate the return address and retain the mailing receipt so that you can prove to the judge you sent the letter to the other party.

          How long is a demand letter?

          There is no specific length. However, two pages are enough to state your intent. Avoid piddling details in your letter if you want to maintain its effectiveness.

          Are demand letters successful?

          Yes, reputable businesses meet your demands if they are reasonable.

          What happens if no response to a demand letter?

          After the specified timeline elapses, you can file a lawsuit or issue a subsequent demand letter to extend the period to settle the claim.

          Can you send a demand letter without a lawyer?

          People send demand letters without attorneys’ help if they feel the situation is salvageable out of court. However, if you suspect the other party will decline to meet your demands, have a lawyer draft and send the demand letter.

          What happens after demand letter is sent?

          The other party can attempt t settle the matter or deny the claims. If they reject, you can pursue legal action.

          How do you refuse a demand letter?

          You write a demand refusal letter providing relevant reasons why you think the plaintiff is unjust in issuing those demands.

          What is a builder demand letter?

          If you are not satisfied with the contractor’s work, you can write them a demand letter to demand a better job or compensation through a builder demand letter.

          How much will a lawyer charge to write a demand letter?

          There is no state standard to what lawyers can charge for a demand letter. It may cost $100- $1200, depending on the firm.

          When should I send demand payment letter?

          You can send a demand payment letter any time after the agreed payment period has elapsed, and you have not received your dues.


          Disputes happen every day. Before pursuing legal action, write a demand letter to solve the matter outside court. However, if your demands are not met, consult an attorney and file a lawsuit to guarantee you reasonable compensation.

          Disclaimer: This is a general information article and does not constitute any legal advice and should be treated as such. Always seek legal counsel for law-related issues.