Free Delivery Receipt Templates

Free Delivery Receipt Templates

When you run a very successful enterprise, it can be hard to keep track of where all the money goes or comes in. One way to help organize your cash flow is to issue delivery receipts when they make a sale or a successful delivery.

These receipts are not to be handed over to the customer until the latter make their payment. Once they are issued you have one more document that helps you track revenue and expenditures. To learn all about these receipts, just continue to read our article.

What Is a Delivery Receipt?

A delivery receipt is a simple piece of paper that has the cost of delivery and sometimes an itemized list of the cost of goods and services involved in the delivery. This document or piece of paper confirms that a delivery has been made and that the amount was paid in full.

The items delivered can be for a variety of products including food, equipment and so on. How you deliver it is up to you and you have some leeway in this matter. However, it should not be given to the customer until the customer has paid for their order.

Delivery Receipt Templates & Examples

Delivery Receipt Template #01

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Car Rental Receipt

Delivery Receipt

Delivery Receipt Note

Delivery Receipt Template Sample

Documents Delivery Receipt

Hand delivery mail receipt


Food Delivery Receipt Template 1

    Essential Elements of a Delivery Receipt Template

    There are vital pieces of information that need to be included in the delivery receipt. Here are those essential elements:

    • Name & address of the company or person sending out the products
    • Name and address of the customer, as well as any contact information
    • A detailed description of the items involved in the order/delivery
    • The price of those items being delivered, including a delivery fee, if any
    • The date when the delivery is to be made
    • Signatures of the company and the customer

    If there is any missing or faulty information, chances are the products won’t be delivered on time, if at all. Double-check to make sure all the information is correct and included.

    How to Write Delivery Receipt (Step-by-Step)

    While you can design your receipts your way, there are some basic formats that include all the necessary information and keep it concise, clear, and readable. Here is how to write a good delivery receipt:

    • Create your header – this includes your or your company’s information including name, address, website, and contact information
    • Add the date and receipt number – these should be placed underneath the header and written clearly so there is no confusion. Some receipt numbers are pre-printed so this should not be an issue
    • Delivery details – this includes the name, address, and contact information of the customer as well as an itemized list of all products included in the delivery. Don’t forget to add the costs of the products
    • List all charges – all payments and balances should be written in a legible manner. Don’t forget to add in the delivery fee and other fees if part of the transaction.
    • Comments – if there are any special instructions, etc., they should be noted on the receipt
    • Signatures – make sure to get the customer’s signature as without that you may not be able to make the delivery

    Types of Delivery Receipts

    There is no one size fits all industries when it comes to receipts. Each industry usually has its own formats they like to use. Here are some of those industries that use delivery receipts:

    • Food- this receipt should list time of delivery, the name of the company, the amount of the food ordered, the different food and drink names with prices. Total the bill as well.
    • Goods- selling company’s address, name, contact info; all pertinent info about the goods being delivered including brand and model names, etc, date of delivery and contact information of the customer, along with their names
    • Glasses- description of the features of the glasses, the shape of the lenses, grade of the glass, type of lenses, and frame

    Invoice vs Receipt Vs Bill

    The invoice is a document that tells the customer how many items they ordered, how much each item cost,s and when payment is due. They can be used as requests for payment as well. A bill is similar to an invoice as it states how much the customer owes but it may not list all the details of the products purchased. A receipt is an acknowledgment that the payment has been made

    Final Thoughts

    The key to a good receipt is to provide accurate information and pay particular attention to the details. Make sure the name and address of the customer are exact, and any special instructions are legible and easy to read.

    Never give the delivery receipt to the customer until the order has been paid for.