Debt Validation Response Letter

If you receive a debt notice from a debt collector, you have the right to seek validation for the debt. This is usually done through a debt validation letter. The debt collector is then required to respond to your validation request within 30 days of receiving it. The response is a debt verification notice, also called a Debt Validation Response Letter.

A validation response letter should contain evidence to verify the debt. It should include important information about the amount you owe and the original creditor’s name and address. While debt collectors are not obligated to send you a response, falling to do so allows you to consider a debt invalid.

After sending in a verification request, the debt collector is required to provide a debt validation notice. This action is subject to a 30-day timeline, after which the debtor can request the collector to cease collection efforts. The debtor can also request that the collector stop contacting them.

Essentially, the law does not spell out what information a debt collector must provide. Anything from a detailed notice to a simple letter saying the debt is confirmed might suffice. Most collectors will usually provide sufficient information to avoid any back and forth.

In compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a Debt Validation Response Letter must contain the following information:

  • The debt amount
  • The age of the debt
  • The name of the original creditor
  • The date of the debtor’s last payment
  • Verification of the collector’s authority to collect in the state
  • A statement about the statute of limitations

It is crucial to note that a debt collector might fail to responds to your request. A possible reason could be a lack of evidence to verify the debt. Either way, you won’t be obligated to pay until you receive verification.

Debt Validation Response Letter Format


{Debtor’s Name}

{Debtor’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Debt Validation Response for Account {Account Number}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Debtor’s Last Name},

This letter is in response to your debt validation request letter dated {date}. In your letter, you requested evidence to verify your debt with {original creditor name}. Please find attached documents indicating the following:

• Proof of debt

• Legal contract signed by the debtor

• Proof that the said debt is within the statute of limitation

• Credit report from the original creditor

• Copy of our license to collect in {state name}

We also wish to confirm that we currently carry this debt. Our agency acquired it from {original creditor name} for {nature of debt} on {date}.

As we have provided debt verification, we plan to resume collection efforts. Expect to hear from us. Please note that if you do not dispute this letter, we will consider the debt accepted.

Thank you for your time and compliance.


{Collector’s Name}

{Collector’s Signature}

Sample Debt Validation Response Letter

6 October 2020

John Sturgis

234 Main Street

Los Angeles, CA 24567

Re: Debt Validation Response for Account 34567H

Dear Mr. Sturgis

I am writing this letter in reference to you your debt validation request letter dated 30 September 2020. As requested in your letter, I have provided evidence to verify your medical bills debt with Hope Hospital. Please find attached the following documents:

• Proof of debt

• A legal contract signed by you on 3 May 2020

• Proof that the debt is within the statute of limitation

• Credit report from Hope Hospital

• Copy of my license to collect in California

As I have provided debt verification within the stated 30 days, I plan to resume collection efforts. I will also be contacting you to arrange payment. Expect to hear from my office.

Meanwhile, you can reach me on if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your time and compliance.


Henry Mills

Independent Collections Agency

Debt Validation Response Letter (Word Template)

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Final Thoughts

Typically, a debt collector should provide a debt validation notice within five days of contacting you. If they don’t, you can request a Debt Validation Response Letter in writing. This letter should prove that you are indeed the debtor and legally obligated to pay the said debt.

A debt verification notice is crucial as it allows you to proceed with a debt. You can choose to pay or negotiate the owed amount. If you do not receive this letter, you have the right to ask that the debt collector cease contacting you until they provide verification.

You can also request that they have the debt removed from your credit report as it remains invalid until verified. Failure to comply could justify legal action.