Free Debt Release Letter (After Final Payment)

A debt release letter is a document sent to a creditor in which the debtor requests confirmation that the debt is paid in full. When you make your final payment on a debt, you can write a debt release letter asking the creditor to confirm you have paid the debt in full. Although many creditors send this confirmation, it’s a good idea to request it. Your letter informs the creditor that the debt has been satisfied, and you expect them to release you from the obligation.

This article discusses the importance of writing a debt release letter and what to include in your letter. We have provided a format for this letter and a sample letter.

Why Should You Write a Debt Release Letter?

Your debt release letter informs the creditor you have satisfied the debt in full. In this letter, you request a confirmation document to prove you have met your obligation by paying the debt in full. Asking for this confirmation document is essential because not every creditor automatically sends them when a debtor makes their final payment.

The confirmation letter you will receive from the creditor functions as a receipt for payment of the debt in full. It releases you from any further obligation to the creditor. You might need this document to prove to a potential creditor or a credit reporting agency that you have paid the debt in full. Keep a copy of your debt release letter to file with the confirmation the creditor will send to you.

What to Include in Your Debt Release Letter

To ensure that you receive the confirmation as quickly as possible, include the following details in your letter.

  • The date
  • Your name as it appears on your account
  • The account number associated with your debt
  • The amount of your payment
  • A statement that the payment is the final payment
  • A request for confirmation of your payment in full
  • A message that you expect the creditor to inform credit reporting agencies
  • A statement that any communication from the creditor other than the debt release will be considered harassment.

Debt Release Letter – Format

{your name}

{your address}

{your phone number}


{creditor name}

{creditor address}

To Whom It May Concern,

I am enclosing the final payment on the following account:

Name(s) on Account: {name(s)}

Account Number: {number}

Payment Amount: {amount}

Please notify any credit reporting bureaus or credit agencies who have information about this account that the debt is paid. Also, I expect you to abstain from making any further claims relating to this debt.

Please send written confirmation that I have paid the debt in full, and I am released from any further obligation regarding this debt. I will regard any communication from you other than this confirmation as harassment. I will promptly report harassment to the Federal Trade Commission or the State Attorney General’s office.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


{your signature}

Sample Debt Release Letter After Final Payment

Melissa Anne Davis

2069 South Olympia

McKensie, TN 29557

(925) 387-9446

June 5, 2040

Jackson Collection Company

3004 South Main

Jackson, TN 29578

To Whom It May Concern,

I am enclosing the final payment on the following account:

Name on Account: Melissa A. Davis

Account Number: 39860578

Payment Amount: $268.27

You should now notify credit agencies and other credit reporting bureaus that I have paid this debt in full. I expect you to close the account and refrain from making further claims regarding this debt.

Furthermore, I expect you to send written confirmation that the debt is paid and release me from any other obligation related to this debt. I will report any further communication from your office to the State Attorney General’s office or the Federal Trade Commission as harassment.


Melissa Anne Davis

Debt Release Letter (Word Template)

Debt Release Letter After Final Payment


When you pay the final payment on any type of consumer account, be sure to request written confirmation that the obligation is released. You can use the confirmation letter to prove to creditors or credit reporting agencies that the debt is paid in full. Be sure to include the essential information about the account in your debt release letter. Feel free to use the provided format when you write your letter.

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