DD Form 215: Correction to DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty

Service to God and service to the country are the most divine accomplishments of any military personnel. After service to your country, one final act before you re-enter civilian life is out-processing. Out-processing ensures benefits and accrued military salary are remitted to you or the next of kin. However, errors occur during filling the Form DD 214, which contains salient information about the characterization of retired or spirited military service essential to your benefits. Do you have to get stuck with erroneous entries? The DD Form 215 offers corrective measures to get the most out of DD 214.

What is Form DD 215?

Form DD 215 is a follow-up form that rectifies erroneous entries on DD 214. Military personnel commonly refer to it as “Correction to DD 215.” The Form intertwines with DD 214 hence an understanding of DD 214 is paramount.

Form DD 215 in Reference To Form DD 214

After military separation or retirement, you require the formal record to indicate the nature of separation, military rank, and similar salient details. A form DD 214 offers the military docket a concise record of your duty post, duration, discharge, and change in military status. Usually, on your final appointment, the receiving clerk can detect errors on the DD 214.

But once you have submitted your DD 214 and errors arise that may hinder you from getting post-military benefits, you need to submit a request in writing to rectify the errors. A form DD 215 allows you to make changes to the erroneous entries. Usually, errors in social security numbers, birth certificate details, and next of kin details occur.

How to Get a DD Form 215

Military policies have changed over time, and obtaining a DD 215 has various approaches. Although all post-military benefits forms perform the same function, military personnel who served before 1950 may have received different DD 214 WD AGO 53, WD AGO 55, and NAVMC 78 PD. Earlier versions of DD 24 have been rendered obsolete, but you can still amend them using Form DD 215.

The primary determining factor of obtaining a DD 215 is whether you are military personnel or a next of kin to a service person. If you are discharged officially or formally from the military, you can complete a record request online and fill your DD 215 via Veteran Affairs (VA) site. However, you can still access Form DD 215 on MilConnect, but you will need a DS login. For both options, click on the personnel file tab, select Form DD 215, fill it and send it. It is that simple.

However, since we are technologically evolving, various access points and web editors provide Form DD 215 to military personnel who did not officially separate or get discharged and next of kin seeking post-military benefits.

Online web tools contain DD 215 templates that you fill with information and print. Top-of-the-line online templates support digital signatures; therefore, you will duly fill and sign your DD 215 seamlessly.

You can always visit the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) to obtain your records and check for errors. At the agent, you will request a DD 215 to correct the inaccuracies.

Essential Elements of DD Form 215

Similar to DD 214, the essential details translate to DD 215. However, there are slight variations. The key features of a DD form 215 include:

  • Title of the Form that indicates it is a certificate of release or discharge from active duty.
  • Your official name and social security number. Essentially this is the biodata section that you fill with relevant info. Tick all the applicable boxes while filling your DD 215. Remember to write your details the same way they appear on the DD 214, even if the entries are incorrect.
  • Date of birth
  • Military rank
  • Place of entry into active duty
  • Termination date
  • Last duty assignment and major command
  • Applicant’s name, if different from the military personnel
  • Correction statement that indicates how the Form DD 214 should be corrected.
  • Item number section that assigns space to indicate the erroneous entries you want to correct. Quote the Form DD 214 you are correcting while filling the section.
  • Date of form writing
  • Rank and signature of an official authorized to sign.

After incorporating the essentials of a form DD 215, you will attach copies of documents with correct details such as your correct social security number, birth certificate, citations earned, and similar details that influence your Veteran benefits.

How to Fill Out a Form DD 215

If you are using a form DD 215 template, ensure all the essentials are in place. Duly fill the Form with details as they appear in Form DD 214. Use a checkmark to indicate choices where applicable. In the correction section, list your items under item number, and adjacent to item number delineate the corrections. Sign the template using an online signature tool. Save and send.

However, suppose you obtain a form from the Department of Veteran Affairs and its affiliates. In that case, an officer will guide you through a virtually similar process to filling a template online. However, double-check to ensure you have filled the Form with precise details.


Is there such thing as a DD215?

Currently, there are no form DD 215s available. However, the Department of Defense released the latest version of the Form on 1st August 2009. Reference forms are still available on various websites and veterans affairs departments.

What is the difference between DD214 and DD 215?

A DD form 214 is the out-processing Form indicating your separation from active duty and offers the government a comprehensive record of your data. Military personnel who have separated or retired from the army require DD 214 to ensure eligibility for compensation, paid benefits, tax benefits, future employment, and so much more.
A DD Form 215, on the other hand, corrects erroneous entries in the DD 214 that may hinder compensation and similar post-service benefits. Supporting documentation is vital when using a form DD 215.

How long does it take to get a DD 215?

Instantly. Download a DD 215 template online and fill it with ease.

What is a DD 215 used for?

Form DD 215 rectifies errors on the initial DD 214. Next of kin or military personnel can use the Form to amend erroneous entries that enhance post-military benefits.


After dutifully serving your country, you and your family deserve veteran benefits that best represent your servitude and dedication. If erroneous entries deny you or your next of kin compensation, a DD 215 corrects the entries. Ensure there are no errors before submitting a DD form 215.