Fillable DA Form 5960 | PDF Format

DA Form 5960 is a specific type of military document known as a personnel action form. The document’s complete title is DA Form 5960: Authorization to Start, Stop or Change Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and/or Variable Housing Allowance (VHA). All serving military personnel must submit one of these forms to their unit’s installation finance officer in order to receive or stop receiving housing support.

Every soldier in receipt of BAH or VHA is obligated to recertify their housing entitlement by submitting a 5960 annually. If you are enlisted and live in on-base accommodation or receive financial support to pay for off-base housing (regardless of your number of dependents), you must declare it via this form.

Keep reading to learn more about DA Form 5960, when it’s required, and how to write and submit it correctly.

What Is a DA Form 5690?

The DA Form 5960 is a housing aid certification form that gets submitted annually by active military personnel. The Department of the Army uses it to keep track of which soldiers are receiving housing support, what type of housing aid each soldier has been awarded and whether those soldiers have dependents to support.

You can use the DA Form 5960 to request housing support, discontinue housing support or change the type of housing support (BAH or VHA) that you receive. It should be submitted during the financial portion of in-processing as part of the member’s Annual Personnel and Financial Record Review.

Do I Have to Submit a DA Form 5960

If you are enlisted and live in on-base accommodation or receive financial support to pay for off-base housing (regardless of your number of dependents), you must complete and submit a DA Form 5960 when required.

It is particularly important for those who have dependents (a spouse, children, or other dependent family members) to submit their forms accurately and on time. Any delay in processing may cause payments to your family to be delayed.

Please note soldiers automatically receive BAH Type II anytime they spend less than 30 days on active duty.

Essential Elements of the DA Form 5960

Your completed DA Form 5960 must contain the following:

  • Your full legal name
  • Current address
  • Social security number
  • Military-grade/rank
  • Duty location
  • Nature of the request (stop, start or alter payments)
  • Current marital status
  • Number of dependents
  • Scope of financial support (mortgage, rent, insurance, etc.)
  • Member’s signature

How to Fill In DA Form 5960

Filling in the DA Form 5960 should be a straightforward process as all sections are clearly marked.

Pages 1 to 3 are where the soldier inputs personal information such as their name, current address, social security number, and military rank.

Section 8 asks for details about the soldier’s marital history and dependency status. This includes any spouses you may have listed as dependents and/or legal next of kin on past submissions, even if they no longer receive housing BAH or VHA. If your former or current spouse is also a serving military member, make sure to add their details (name, address, etc.) where indicated.

Section 9 is where the soldier specifies their preferred type of housing. State whether you expect to be living on-base in military housing or off-base in standard housing. State whether your spouse and any dependents will be living at this address. Please note your accommodation type may be chosen for you by a senior officer even if you have specified a preference on the form.

Section 12 asks for information about the soldier’s monthly mortgage, insurance, and other monthly liabilities. These details help the army figure out how much to pay you in housing support, so proofread for errors before submitting the form. Include any relevant evidentiary details such as your landlord’s contact details or your mortgage provider’s name and its reference number.

Before submitting the 5960 as part of your certification documents, it needs to be signed by a commanding officer. If possible, make a copy of the signed form for your own records and submit the original to your unit’s installation finance officer or head of finances.

How to Submit DA Form 5960

You must submit your DA Form 5960 during in-processing as part of the member’s Annual Personnel and Financial Record Review. Ordinarily, the certification paperwork is submitted alongside a soldier’s DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data, and Service Member’s Group Life Insurance (SGLV).

DA Form 5690: Instructions

Step 1 – Supply your basic personal information in sections 1 to 3. This includes your legal name, current military rank, and social security number.

Step 2 – Clearly indicate the type of action you are requesting (start payments, change payments, discontinue payments) in section 4.

Step 3 – Write down your unit’s address and the type of housing support (BAH or VHA) you wish to receive, stop or change in section 5.

Step 4 – Select the marital and dependency statuses that best describe your situation in sections 7 and 8.

Step 5 – Provide an address for the accommodation you intend to be living in and receiving support for (over the next twelve months) in section 9.

Step 6 – In section 10, include the names of dependents who will live with you at the above-stated address.

Step 7 – Add details about current housing expenses, including monthly rent payments, mortgage payments, home insurance payments, or any other monthly or weekly debits (for example, tuition fees, medical insurance, etc.).

Step 8 – Lastly, sign your name on the DA Form 5690 and ask a commanding officer to authorize the document by adding their signature.

Step 9 – Make a copy of the form your own records. Send the original 5960 to the proper authority for review.

Final Thoughts

Any delay in processing your DA Form 5960 could lead to delayed housing support for your family. So make sure you know exactly how and when to complete yours. If you’re uncertain, ask a senior or experienced staff member for advice but do it well before the deadline date for the certification application.