DA Form 31 “Request and Authority for Leave” – PDF

Are you a military who needs a temporary military leave? Well, if so, you do not need to worry because the DA Form 31, Request and authority for leave, has you covered. Furthermore, you can use this specific form to request an extended pass, travel, vacation, as well as emergency leave.

This form is usually issued by the Department of Arm, which is the DA. However, most people usually refer to it as the DD Form 31, which is incorrect. You must know that the latest edition of this form was developed and issued on June 1, 2020. Remember, it was modified recently; hence, it entails digital signatures, eliminating printing out the form.

What is a DA Form 31?

This is a USA Army form that allows you to request temporary military leave permission. Furthermore, you can also utilize it to acquire an extended pass, vacation, travel, or even get an emergency leave.

DA Form 31 “Request and Authority for Leave”

DA Form 31

Download: PDF

    How to Fill Out the DA Form 31

    Multiple people do not know how to fill this form, but it is not tricky. Therefore, before you feel this form, you need to commence by downloading this form. You must understand that this application will be rejected if you fail to fill the blocks. This form can also be dismissed if you fill in inaccurate or even false data. Below is how you should fill your DA Form 31.

    • The four first boxes are easy and entail personal information, such as your rank, social security number, and name. It also entails the box where you should indicate the date of filling this form. This goes up to the fifth box.
    • On the sixth box, ensure that you place the address of your destination. Find the perfect type of leave in the seventh box. Indicate the stationing information in the eighth box. And specify how long your break will be in the ninth and tenth boxes.
    • The eleventh and 13th box needs your signature and your supervisor’s signature authorizing your request to be approved.
    • Box 14 via 16 documents any extension for your leave, date, the time for your departure, as well as arrival. Similarly, box 16 needs precise details, which must be filled in when you arrive at your destination.
    • You can only fill section two if you are sure you are requesting an emergency leave
    • In the third section, you need to generate sufficient information concerning any dependents that will company you on your journey. If there are any, ensure that you insert their full names related to the dependent, passport number, and date of birth.

    After this, your DA Form 31 plus the digital signature needs to be forwarded and printed out. When you are through, channel it to the superiors for approval. Bear in mind that you must always be with this form whenever you are traveling. Ensure that you make your commander aware if there are any changes, especially when traveling. Suppose you require medical attention when on leave, ensure that you report to the nearest military medical facility.


    What is the DA Form used for leave?

    A DA Form 31 that is fillable is usually used by the USA Army members for a leave request.

    Is there a new DA 31 Form?

    Yes, there is a new DA 31 Form. Besides, its latest edition was issued on June 1, 2020. It was also recently modified to include digital signatures, eliminating the need to print the form.

    Where do I get the new DA Form 31?

    The form can only be used on the Army Publishing Directorate Website. Furthermore, HRC usually receives emails on issues that have been resolved since soldiers are likely to use the old version, such as 1000 Eastern working on July 20, v1.02. On the other hand, you can expect V1.03 or v1.04 by July 21.

    Remember, both the new DA Form 31 and old DA Form 31 can be functioning until July 31, 2020. You must understand that the old form that will be acceptable beyond July 31 is that which your soldier signs, and this should be before August 1. Additionally, it is supposed to go through an approval before August 1.

    Why am I unable to sign in block 11?

    You can sign block 11 digitally. For this to happen, the accrued leave balance, more so on block 10a and the starting date on block 10b or 10c, must be indicated before it can open. If you follow this process, you will manage to sign in the block 11 adequately.

    Why don’t blocks 9a to 9c open?

    This is because they are only open under combination. Therefore, if the soldier uses the non-chargeable or changeable, there is a possibility that they would be duplicating in block 9a similar information recorded in box 10C or even 10c.

    What if I need other combination(s) than the ones listed under COMBINATION?

    Suppose you need a combination that is not among the listed combination. Go at under block 8, then click on the combination category that is likely to fit. After that, under 10c, indicate the entire n0n-chargeable absences required. When you are done, proceed to block 17.

    Why are travel days and Temporary Duties not listed on the form?

    The temporary duties and travel days are not on the form because they cannot be requested using the DA Form 31. You must know that if the leave has been requested with the TDY. You need to note the TDY time in block 17. If your TDY is above 30 days and you need a leave too, you must use two DA Form 31s.

    In addition, the first will cover starting from the departure up to the TDY reporting date, while the second DA Form 31 has the TDY completion to resume your permanent duty station. When it comes to the PCS, travel days are usually computed via finance during your signing in, especially in the new location.

    What regulation covers DA Form 31?

    You must know that the DA 31 Form 31is usually covered by the Army Regulation 600-8-10 by both Passes and Leaves.

    What to write in the Control Number Box for DA Form 31?

    When filling your DA Form 31, you need to leave your Control Number box blank because your SI usually assigns it. This happens when your form is approved by either the platoon sergeant as well as the team leader.

    What qualifies as military leave?

    You can qualify for a military leave if you are a member of the National Guard or a member of the United States Armed Services called to achieve a temporary training duty, attend a reserve service as scheduled, or accomplish the active task.

    Can a commander deny convalescent leave?

    The unit commander usually approves the convalescent leave. However, this is according to the recommendation by the military treatment facility (MTF) authority. Additionally, the commander is the only person responsible for approving authority officials for any leave.

    Where can you find line 9a when filling the DA Form 31?

    Straight below box nine, you will find line 9a. Under this section, indicate the number of says you are going for your leave.

    How do you edit the DA Form 31?

    The fact that this form is usually editable makes everything easier. To edit this form, it is appropriate that you open this form using a new browser tab. You can also edit it using the desktop via Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Where are the PTDY, Convalescent leave, and pass categories?

    The PTDY, Convalescent Leave, and Pass are found in block 8. Ensure that you click on the non-chargeable. When you do this, the non-chargeable categories will appear automatically.


    You are now familiar with the DA Form 31 “Request and Authority for Leave” from the detailed post above. Therefore, ensure that you go through this guide to fill your form correctly without any complications. Remember, when you manage to fill this form correctly, you will be granted your military leave without any problem.