DA Form 2166-9-1A (NCO Evaluation Report Support Form)

This form falls under the DA 2166- 9 series, featuring five more rank-specific assessment performance reports. Without further ado, this form is a supplementary document utilized for collecting information when evaluating the U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), especially in the Sergeant (SGT) rank. Besides, the Department of Army (DA), on November 1st,2015, issued this form’s latest version. Most people mistakenly call it the DD Form 2166-9-1A. Fortunately, if you need this form, you can download it online and fill in your details. Suppose you do not find it online. Kindly check on the Army Publication Directorate Website.

On the other hand, ensure that the SGT NCO undergoing evaluation receives guidance and counseling for around two days of training from the senior rater. After counseling, the NCO must fill the self-assessment form featuring their expectation as well as work goals. This should be done alongside competencies, attributes, performances, and professionalism. Furthermore, if necessary, a senior rater can offer any additional comments to the evaluation conducted. This detailed post will make you more updated about DA Form 2166-9-1A.

What Is a DA Form 2166-9-1A “NCOER Support Form”?

A DA Form 2166-9-1A “NCOER Support Form” is a supplementary form or document used when collecting information during the U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) evaluation under the sergeant rank. It makes part of the DA 2166- 9 series, which features five more performance rank-specific assessment reports.

DA Form 2166-9-1A Instructions

The Army pamphlet 623-3 regulates the DA form 2166-9-1A, released in 2015 November. You must know that this form entails four primary sections, namely, authentication, duty description, administrative data, and the review of performance expectations and goals. All these are usually filled with Non-Commissioned officers undergoing evaluation. Here is an overview of DA form 2166-9-1A Instructions.

  • In the first part of this form, the NCOs undergoing evaluation must offer their details. This entails their unit information, email address, social security number, as well as their name. Furthermore, they must also state if they met all Non-Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) and Structured Self Development (SSD) requirements for the next nominative or grade assignment.
  • The second part of this form provides the senior rater and rater’s identification, who conducts NCO’s professionalism and performance assessment. This section requires the rater’s email addresses, social security numbers, as well as names. In addition, all raters must give out information about their organization, duty, branch, and rank. All raters involved must date and sign the form in the correct column.
  • The DA Form 21666-9-1A third part must be filled by a rater, while the NCO accomplishes the last part. They are needed to describe their goals and expectations for their upcoming evaluation time.


What is the purpose of the DA form 2166 9 series?

The DA Form 2166-9-1 is used for evaluating and rating Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), especially after their promotion in position to Sergeant (SGT) due to reduction. This form falls under many Army performance evaluation reports featured in the DA 2166-9 series.

How many types of NCOERs are there?

There are seven types of NCOERs, primarily:

 Change of rater
 Relief for cause
 Complete the record
 60-day rater option
 60-day senior rater option
 Compassionate reassignment or temporary duty and special duty

What is the difference between Ncoer and Ncoer support forms?

An NCOER is a form used in documenting an army’s performance within a specific period. In contrast, the NCOER support form indicates that the soldiers have met the NCO Education and Structured Self-Development system requirements and are fit for the next higher grade or promotion.

What is prone to happening when Ncoer delays?

When Ncoer is late, the senior rater and rater are reflected negatively. However, they are zero chances that HRC will contact them.

What identification does the Evaluation Reporting System (RRS) make?

The Evaluation Reporting System is usually responsible for identifying noncommissioned officers and officers who are 100% qualified for assignments to positions featuring higher responsibility and promotions. On the other hand, ERS is also responsible for identifying soldiers who should be retained in grade, maintained on active duties, and those who should be eliminated.

When making the DA evaluation, what three factors must you consider?

There are three significant factors you must consider when making the DA evaluation, they include:

 Leader qualification
 Duty performance
 Army requirement for leadership

How does a Ncoer function?

Ncoer is a form used in documenting an individual’s performance within a specific timeline. Remember, everyone in the Army has their entire performance rated as well as recorded. Therefore, if you are a supervisor, you must write Ncoer, especially for the people you represent.

How many bullets does a Ncoer feature?

The Ncoer bullet should not be more than two lines. Most feature one bullet.

Who needs a DA form 2166-8-1?

The Sergeant NCO undergoing evaluation must have a DA form 2166-8-1 and after undergoing counseling from the senior raters. NCOs are supposed to fill out a form offering a self-assessment of their expectations and work goals. Bear in mind that this must be accompanied by their competencies, attributes, performance, and personal evaluation, as mentioned earlier. In most cases, this form is usually filled by senior raters or supervising officers.

How to Fill Out a DA form 2166-8-1

The NCOER form fillable is usually accomplished by your supervising officer. The information to include when filling this form includes:

 NCO’s basic administrative data, such as codes, identifying rates, contact information, rank, SSN, and name
 Description of duties
 Authentication of your senior raters and evaluating officers or even reviewers
Before submitting your form, you must ensure that you comply with the Army commentary, actions, skills, attributes, and values.

Where do you send DA Form 2166-8-1?

You must deliver your filled form to the correct destination through a chain of command. This evaluation report will then be kept in NCO’s records.


With this comprehensive post, you are now well familiarized with DA Form 2166-9-1A “NCOER Support Form.” You now understand its purpose and how it is written. Bear in mind that every Army has its performance rated and recorded. This means it is a procedure every Army must undergo. Use this guide to ensure everything is in order.

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