Fillable DA Form 1594 – Daily Staff Journal or Duty Officer’s Log

Full-time active military personnel should be aware of the need to document their daily activities in case incidents arise or reports are filed at a later date. The information contained in written records may help to explain events that come under investigation. If you are an active member of the military, you may need to use the DA Form 1594. For this reason, you should become familiar with this form, know what it is, its purpose, and how to fill out the DA Form 1594.

What is Da Form 1594?

Da Form 1594 is an official log that is used to create journal entries of daily activities. It is sometimes called a Duty Officer’s Log or a Daily Staff Journal. The United States Department of Defense generates this form for Army personnel. Active military personnel uses it to document their activities daily. Entries made in the form serve as detailed documentation of daily activities related to their duties.

Essential Elements of DA Form 1594

DA Form 1594 contains essential elements that detail the time, place, and activities of an active duty staff member of the US Army. The form contains boxes or lines that you must fill out daily, including:

  • Page number
  • Number of pages
  • Organization or Installation
  • Location
  • Period covered (From the hour and date, To the hour and date)
  • Item number (time in/time out, incidences, messages, orders, actions taken, initials

How to Fill the DA Form 1594

You must complete the DA Form 1594 efficiently and accurately. Describe activities in clear and concise wording. Provide accurate details about the duration, location, and activity, while on active duty. Written words that are unclear may lead to problems in the future. Activities may include historical research, operational reviews, counseling, or daily training.

  • Start each form with the page number. Complete the second box indicating the number of pages at the end of the shift or recording period.
  • Complete the name of the installation or organization for which you are a member, along with the location you are when at your post or your assigned location for the period.
  • Indicate the period that the form covers with the starting time, hour, and date you are on duty, to the hour that your active duty or shift ends, along with the date.
  • Start with item number one, which is your activity. Indicate the time in, and log all time outs, along with any incidences, orders you receive, messages delivered, and actions taken. Always follow with your initials to confirm that you made the entry.
  • Each daily log must be


When was the DA Form 1594 released?

This form was released on November 1, 1962, as a re-release by the Department of the Army, bearing the initials DA.

Who fills out the DA Form 1594?

Active military personnel fills out the AD Form 1594. It may be found digitally and downloaded. The requirement for completing this form is only for full-time active duty military personnel unless otherwise directed. The commanding officer or officer in charge with his or her rank, name, and signature must certify the form.

Where should this form be stored?

The DA Form 1594 should be kept in a secure place but available for references needed.

Final thoughts

The DA 1594 Form is an essential document that may be called upon by superior officers or investigators if needed to address reported incidents or allegations. Completing this form daily can help you to clarify where you were and what you were doing at the time in question. It is an essential document that must be completed with truthful, accurate, and detailed information that describes your daily activities and provides information about any incidents that arise. It is to your advantage to include any information that may come into question, including time in, time out, and other pertinent details. The form is an official document that serves as a journal of your daily activities, and it can keep you out of trouble if a problem arises or if there are allegations made which bring your actions into question. These are essential documents that all military personnel should be aware of and use regularly. They are available online.