DA Form 1059 “Service School Academic Evaluation Report”

DA Form 1059 “Service School Academic Evaluation Report”

Most people are familiar with the concept of evaluations or training programs. However, those who serve in the armed forces have an entirely different set of standards by which they must abide. This includes submitting forms for evaluation or consideration for promotions. These forms evaluate many aspects of a serviceman’s character along with their service achievements.

So, what are these forms? What are they used for? How do you acquire them when they are a requirement? But, most importantly, when are you required to submit these forms?

The form that you need to be focused on is the DA Form 1059. The DA Form is the military form required to gain credit for all military courses that might be needed for promotion. Making sure these are filed correctly is your biggest priority.

What Is DA Form 1059?

The DA 1059 Form is a document that is used to assess any achievement or performance of servicemen attending Service schools. This title covers all schools attended by those in the United States Armed Forces. The main purpose of this document is to illustrate achievements, abilities, and overall potential of soldiers attending these academies or undergoing training courses. These forms are utilized when in consideration for promotion and are kept within your personnel file for evaluation.

If you remember your days of higher learning, these are equivalent to a report card that would be sent home at the end of a class. While you are the one that must procure them, you must obtain signatures and evaluations from your superiors. They require three signatures to be valid for submission to your personnel file.

DA Form 1059 (PDF)

"DA Form 1059 Service School Academic Evaluation Report 20210917"

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    DA Form 1059: Instructions

    All guidelines to fill out this form can be located within official military documents.

    The following individuals are required to submit a 1059:

    • Any officer attending The U.S. Army War College
    • All officers attending basic or advanced officer courses
    • Officers who are enrolled in the Correspondence Studies Course
    • Students attending Medical Department Academy of Health Sciences
    • Students attending warrant officer courses
    • Students attending any transitional course

    Elements of the DA Form 059

    This document includes the following elements:

    • Personal Information: The full legal name, identification number, rank, branch and specialty are required to be filled out here.
    • Course Information: This includes course title and school name along with the duration of coursework
    • Reason Behind Submission: This box must be checked correctly so it can be filed.
    • Area of Academic Achievement: This includes a multitude of areas to be filled in by your overseer.
    • Overall Academic Achievement: This will be filled in by your reviewer.
    • Authentication: The authentication must be signed by a rater and a reviewing official to make your submission valid.

    How to Fill

    The 1059 Form has 15 areas to complete with help from a course overseer. This form will require a student’s basic information, what school they attended, what course they completed, a summary of your performance within this course, and a write-up of all abilities demonstrated throughout your period within the class. Your course superior or overseer must decide if your educational or academic potential as a serviceman makes you eligible for a high rank, or, perhaps, even advanced schooling.

    The completed form is sent through your local Military Processing Operations (MILPO) before it is then added to a person’s Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). A copy of the document is submitted to your appropriate Evaluation Reporting System. If a person who has submitted the document has obtained a degree on an after-duty basis, they may request an audit by submitting a request through the Installation Education Services Officer.

    Where can I get Form 1059?

    Procuring one of these forms is quite simple. You can easily procure one of these forms from the Army Publishing Directorate website. Once you have downloaded this form, you can fill out the PDF or you can print and write it out in ink before you turn it into your local Military Processing Operations. They will then make sure this document is added to your Official Military Personnel File.


    While it might seem like an intimidating concept, obtaining and submitting the DA Form 1059, these forms are very straightforward and easy to work with. As long as you make sure to know who you need to sign or evaluate you, these forms can be returned rather quickly so that they are filed within a short allotted time frame. Whether you’re applying for a promotion or just finishing a class, these forms are incredibly important to your future service career. Take your time to carefully read all Instructions so that your paperwork will go through just fine.