Credit Note Template – 17+ (For Word, Excel, PDF)

It’s not uncommon to make minor errors during the normal running course of a business. Regardless of how minor the correction needed to be made is, the rules of accounting dictate that there be accurate records to reflect this correction. As a result, most businesses usually ensure they have credit note templates at hand to be easily issued to their clients whenever the need for them arises.

Here are some credit note samples and templates.

Credit Note Sample

Credit Note Template Sample

Credit Note in PDF

Credit Note Template Sample PDF

Credit Note Template

Credit Note Template

Blank Credit Note Template (DOC)

Credit Note Template DOC

Credit Note Template in WORD

Credit Note Template WORD

Blank Credit Note Format

Blank Credit Note Template

Business Credit Note Template

Business Credit Note Template

Credit Note (Doc Format)

Credit Note Template Doc Format

Along this line, a credit note letter format is used by a business to formally notify their customer of either errors in the invoice or damage claims. Either way, the client is made aware of a credit, sort of an IOU (I owe you), with the firm.

Depending on the regularity of transactions between both parties, the customer can either use the credit note issued to request a refund or make a claim at a future date. It’s thus very important that the terms made in the issued credit note adequately addresses the short comings of the invoice.

Credit Note (Word Format)

Credit Note Template Word Format

Credit note application templates are therefore a means of ensuring customers understand what details are required of them, so they can qualify for credit notes.

The underlying issue here is that the manner used in approaching a customer, with regards to errors or damage claims, will determine whether or not the customer remains loyal to you or switches to a competitor. A customer will likely leave if they feel a business is nonchalant when at fault.

Credit Application Form

Printable Credit Note Template

A credit note request can be issued, however, when a customer notices discrepancy in the agreed terms and the invoice received. So, the request is to refute the supplier’s claim by asking that a credit note be issued to reflect what is owed to the customer. Usually the request is made by filling out a request form made available by the firm.

Credit Note Request

Credit Note Instruction Template

Credit Note Template

Credit Note Application Template

Simple Credit Note

Simple Credit Note Template

Authorization Form

Credit Note Authorisation Form Template

Blank Sales Credit Note

Sales Credit Note Template

Credit Note Message (PDF)

Credit Note PDF Template

Short Guide

PDF Credit Note Template


Guide: How to Create a Credit Note

Credit Note Template Guide

Since most firms tend to rely on a recurring customer base to stay in business, having a professional credit note template at hand is clearly the logical way to restore your business image with the customer.

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