Create a Fake Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificates are suitable for any event in mind. They make lovely gifts to show your loved one that the flame of your marriage is continuously burning strong. Whether the marriage is new, or old, a fake marriage certificate is a great reminder of your unfaltering loyalty and affection for them.

With many templates, texts, and designs to choose from, there is something for every personality.

How to create a fake marriage certificate

Making a fake marriage certificate can be challenging, but the following steps ensure you create the perfect certificate with ease:

  • There are many designs to choose from. Select one that you feel drawn to, or one that has a corresponding theme with your special day. You can find printable fake marriage certificates online, use software to create your very own design, or even find editable templates for your certificate.
  • Next, you’ll want to ensure you print your marriage certificate on heavy card stock, or matte photo paper.
  • After the certificate is complete, take a blank sheet of the same material paper, and form an envelope for your printed certificate. You can do this by cutting a slit in the side of the paper and folding them over the edges.
  • Once you have your envelope, slide your marriage certificate inside. You can seal it with tape, or clear glue. For a classier look, grab a gold sticker to seal your envelope shut until opening.

Due to the fact that these are printable marriage certificates, you can alter the size and some other features, but the overall design cannot be changed.

Are marriage certificate templates editable?

Marriage certificates offered here are fully editable, and customizable to ensure you end up with the perfect certificate for your partner. Because, after all, you know them better than we do. You can edit your certificate size to make it fit your custom envelope by either shrinking or expanding the certificate size. You can crop parts of your template out if you don’t find they fit the style you’re looking for. For a personal touch, you can add pictures of you, and your significant other. To change elegance, altering the font, and text color is also an available feature.

Fake marriage certificates

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