How to Write a Counter Offer Letter (with Examples & Template)

Getting a job offer is no doubt very exciting. However, after going through your contract terms, the offered salary might not be what you were looking forward to. Most people go with the offer in fear of looking greedy or displeasing their potential employers. However, this shouldn’t the case, and you should instead feel free to request a salary increase, and the best way to do this is by sending your prospective employers a counter offer letter.

If you don’t know what this letter exactly is or how to write it, you need not worry. Here’s an exhaustive guide on the tips you should observe when writing the counter offer letter.

Tips for Writing a Convincing Counter Offer Letter

When drafting the counter offer letter, you need to convince your potential employers that you deserve greater pay. If you’re unsure where to start, here are a couple of useful tips that will help make your counteroffer letter have the desired business etiquette and look professional.

  • Clear Communication Without Demands. As you write the counter offer letter, use the right tone to avoid sounding as though you’re demanding greater pay. Instead, convince them you deserve a greater pay based on what you’ll offer the company.
  • State Why You Want a Higher Pay. When writing the counter offer letter, make sure to state why you need to pay more. Some of the reasons you can offer on why you need additional benefits to include;
  • The cost of living where you live
  • The market rates for a particular position. Your experience. Your employers will most likely accept your request since they’ll better understand why you need more money.
  • Make Sure to Edit and Proofread the Counter Offer Letter
  • Human is to error, so you need to carefully go through your counter offer letter to make sure there are no mistakes. You can even request a friend or family member to check it out and see any errors.
  • Place Emphasis On Your In-Demand Skills. Do you have skills that are highly sought after in your industry? If so, make sure to mention this in your counter offer letter to show your employer that you’ve got what it takes to help their company reach its goals.
  • Always Be Polite. You need to be grateful when writing the counteroffer letter. Otherwise, the employer might decide to take back their offer they had put on the table.
  • Be Short and Precise. You must never overlook the importance of keeping your counteroffer letter short, precise, and straightforward. This will be more appealing to the employer instead of trying too much on why you need a pay rise as this might make you look desperate. You also need to place your emotions aside since the employer has offered what’s within their budget, so you shouldn’t see it as action against you.
  • Provide Past Work Statistics or History in Need Be. The employer might not have an exact idea of your worth, and you should provide them with your previous statistics or work history. After going through these and seeing your past achievements, the employer is more likely to grant your request since they’ll know they had undervalued you.

Benefits of Writing a Counter Offer Letter

The counter offer letter is a better way to request additional benefits than calling or having a meeting with your employer. This is usually the case because;

  • It allows you to capitalize on your writing skills: Are you a great writer with strong and convincing writing skills? If so, the counter offer letter is the best way to request more money from employers. Through the letter, you’ll be able to better articulate your wishes persuasively and diplomatically.
  • It leaves a paper trail: Having your request for additional money in writing through the counter offer letter leaves a paper trail.
  • You’ll feel more relaxed: Requesting more money by writing a counter offer letter helps you feel more relaxed. Therefore, you’ll do a better job explaining why you deserve extra money.

Sample Counter Offer Letter

Dear John,

I first want to take this opportunity to thank you for this employment offer. The opportunity to work in the company working as a Business Development Officer is one I honor greatly. Working together with your team each day would be a pleasure, and I believe I’d learn a lot from the entire experience.

With that said, I’m hoping if you would add 5% to my base salary. I believe this would be fair compensation, and with my experience and expertise, I’ll help your company reach its targeted revenue. I hope to hear from you to discuss this further before making the final decision on your offer.

Thanks for considering me for this position.


Arthur Newton.

A Counter Offer Letter (Word Template)

Sample of A Counter Offer Letter (Word Template)


Writing a counter offer letter can be very daunting and nerve-racking. If you didn’t know where to start, reading this comprehensive post has helped you identify the useful tips to consider when writing this letter. By implementing these tips, you stand a better chance of the employer accepting your request.

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