Contract Letter Template

To be able to purchase any merchandise, engage in the manufacture or supply of any goods, or tackle a particular chore, take up residence, a contract letter has to be drafted. The ‘contract letter’ generally spells out the precise contract and the dates when the same shall be effective. Like any other professional letter, this one also requires a fair degree of expertise to draft. Not many people may have this expertise though.

That is why a sample letter to that effect is by all means necessary. It hastens and simplifies the task not to mention aiding you in doing the right job.

How to Write a Contract Letter

Step i: place the date and address at the top

As always you should place the date and the address at the very top of the letter. This requirement is absolutely necessary in case the letter is the paper version that is sent out via mail. The purpose of this is to identify yourself and state exactly when the letter was drafted.

Step ii: highlight the specific contract

We have already hinted from the foregoing that contracts come in many shades and forms. It is necessary that you specify the exact nature of your contract. The kind of direction that the contracts take thereafter are heavily dependent on their precise natures.

Step iii: expound on the contract in its finest details

After highlighting the specific nature of the contract, you now have to expound on the contract in its finest details. When, where and how do you expect the role at hand to be executed? Are there any laws that govern the execution of those roles? If yes, how do they impact on this contract?

Step iv: recommend a speedy execution

Obviously, you have to recommend a speedy execution of the provisions of the contract. A contract is only as good as it is executed quickly. It is also good to leave some room for any further negotiations as most contracts are too stringent to execute in time.

Step v: ask for any questions or reservations

It is also necessary to ask for any questions or express any reservations. This is good as it gives the parties ample time and space to do their things.

Contract Letter Format






Date: _____ (date on which letter is written)






Subject – offer of employment

Respected _______ (name of the recipient)

We are pleased to inform you that we have offered you employment in our company as ___________. You shall assume the job officially at the start of the coming month.

For a complete listing of the duties, responsibilities and remuneration package, refer to the attached employment brochure.

We expect you to report for duty officially on the first day of next month. Please carry along your original academic certificates, resume, past employment contract, official identification number, and tax pin.

Feel free to reach out to us as soon as possible if you have any issues which you feel we should clarify.

Congratulations yet again for your success.



Name and signature

Sample Contract Letter/E-Mail

Subject – your name

Respected sir/madam,

I draft this letter to officially procure your catering services for my upcoming corporate bonding. I have settled on your company after receiving referrals from many other past users who have all unanimously agreed that yours were topnotch services.

The event shall take place on mm/dd/yyyy and stretch from 8:00 am through to 5:00 pm. The venue shall be xxxx. We expect no less than 500 persons in attendance.

You shall supply three meals that shall include a lunch buffet. Please prepare appropriately for the same. Kindly furnish me with a rough quote to be able to draft a comprehensive budget to cater to that day.

In case of any doubts or disputes, kindly draw them to my attention as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


First name
last name

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    Types of Contract Letter

    Contract letter sample for employment

    As its name implies, this is the letter that is drafted to offer a job seeker an employment opportunity. It is drafted by a company and is addressed to an employee. It contains the following pieces of information:

    • The duties and responsibilities to be performed by the employee
    • Remuneration package i.e. Salaries, commissions, benefits, and allowances
    • The grounds on which the employee may be sacked
    • The total duration of the contract
    • A reference to any applicable labor laws and regulations

    Contract letter between two companies

    This one establishes a relationship between one company and another. The object of the letter is to lay down the terms under which the two companies shall operate or relate from the time the letter is drafted going forward. Below are its contents:

    • The names and addresses of both companies
    • Their respective addresses
    • The scope of their relations and how they are to relate going forward

    Agreement letter for payment

    It is not always that the companies pay for the goods they acquire immediately. In most cases, companies order the goods and remit the payments later on. An ‘agreement letter for payment’ endeavors to state that the amount shall be paid up in full at a stated future date. These are its contents:

    • A description of the goods and services rendered
    • The respective dates when the said goods and services were rendered
    • The due dates when the goods have to be paid for
    • Any penalties that may accrue for not making those payments

    Project agreement letter

    While undertaking projects, the parties involved have to adhere to some common terms of references. The ‘project letter’ spells out these terms and conditions and how they apply to the project at hand. It may be admissible in court if and when the disputes end up in litigation. It contains:

    • An outline of the project at hand
    • Its finest descriptions
    • The tasks to be done and the accompanying deadlines
    • Any laws that apply to the project
    • Penalties or disputes that may arise out of negligence

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