17+ Construction Proposal Templates & Bid Forms

Construction Proposal

Before you commence a business, you have to find out more about what you want to invest in. This means you cannot just start anything out of the blues. You must evaluate your construction in terms of experience, timeline as well as costs. So, how do you approach your client with such amazing qualities? With a construction proposal template, you do not need to worry anymore because it gives your clients a clear picture of their needs before starting the project.

The construction can only carry on into fruition with pertinent details from the start to the end. You must understand that this project needs to be correct from the proposal time. This explains more on why a construction proposal template is essential. Furthermore, you will require excellent legal officers to go through your contract. Similarly, they will also examine if your construction proposal document meets the state’s legal requirements. This template should be written clearly, and it should exercise fairness to both parties, more so those involved during the execution of the project.

What is a Construction Proposal?

A construction proposal is an offer in written form from a bidder to a client or customer. It includes planning of work from labor, equipment, materials, services, and the entire cost of your project.

What Is a Construction Proposal Template?

A construction proposal template is a document you have to submit to win a business. Many people submit this template. However, the best construction proposal template is the one that emerges as the winner. It includes the important details of the project, like the cost of materials from suppliers to labor and the execution of the whole project. Likewise, it also entails the subcontractors’ quotes for the work they will exhaust in the project.

Construction Proposal Templates & Examples

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Sample Construction Proposal

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    Essential Elements of a Construction Proposal Template

    A great construction company must safeguard you, your best interest as well as the company. Below is an in-depth discussion of five elements necessary in any given construction contract, and if they are ignored, you might experience liabilities:

    Parties’ identities

    Many beginner contractors usually seem to ignore this element. Bear in mind that the identities of your parties must fall under your proposal for it to become a binding legal document. It must involve the addresses, signatures, and names of the entire parties engaged. If this is done inappropriately, the court of law will not consider it a legally binding contract.

    The project scope

    The scope of the project is a necessity in any construction contract. This section highlights the services offered by every party involved. It must involve the transcription of the material, quality schedule, and work grade, among other features necessary for completing the project.

    Work schedule

    You must know that the work schedule makes you aware of when the project will likely start and end. Additionally, it should state when the contractor received a go-ahead. The work schedule should involve the contractor’s liability in the entire construction to any delays. On the other hand, the contractor should give the clients head up if delays occur due to bad weather conditions. You must be familiar with calendar days and working days. Suppose there are any changes, be sure to highlight how the delivery schedule will be affected. And the amount of time you will need to complete the project again.

    Terms of payment and cost

    The construction proposal should feature the cost of the project and many additional costs that might go overboard the construction project. Furthermore, it would help if you offered the payment schedule. This entails what amount should be paid and at what particular stage. It also includes the terms and conditions that warrant the release of funds for payment.

    Relevant authority

    Before you start your project, you must have relevant authority. Construction projects are usually big, and there are small projects in the bigger projects. You must have varying parties under relevant authority in varying stages of the construction. They must also have legal authorities, allowing them to enter into any given legal binding commitment at any stage. Consider this element in your proposal to avoid confusion and make your work organized.

    How to Write a Construction Proposal?

    You must know that construction entails designing, creating as well as building. Therefore, for you to achieve your entire construction project excellently, you must consider the construction proposal. To win your potential client, ensure you come up with an awesome template. Below are several steps you must follow to construct the proposal of your project effectively:


    Research is a primary step when it comes to the success of your construction project. Without good research, you are likely not to create a convincing and reasonable proposal. Before you start developing a construction proposal template, you must know what you want to address. Thus, ensure that you research thoroughly before writing the proposal. Remember, you cannot have someone believe in your proposal before you trust in it yourself. In addition, it is not easy to believe something with shallow research.

    Examine the state and the local laws regarding proposals

    Statistics from A Concord Carpenter indicate varying states feature diverse rules and guidelines for contract and construction proposals. These rules guide you on how to create your proposal and the essentials you should not miss on. On the other hand, these rules might only apply to government contracts. However, in other states, a construction proposal must follow a particular strategy to be considered legal.

    Schedule a meeting with the potential clients beforehand

    For you to succeed in your project, you must be willing to interact with people. Without scheduling a meeting with your prospective clients, you might have a zero chance of getting your project funded. Bear in mind that this step does not have much to offer during the writing of the proposal, but it is vital in the whole process of creating a construction proposal. Ensure that you create a positive relationship with your client for them to consider you in their project.

    Choose or create your template

    After thorough research and meeting your clients, you can comfortably start writing your construction proposal. Additionally, you can choose to start by selecting a proposal template online or create one for yourself. Here you must include every information necessary for the project. Suppose you use the proposal template, consider adjusting it to give additional information that might be useful.

    Include the cover letter

    A proposal starts with a cover letter, including the four primary aspects: deliverables, benefits, visions, and problems. It gives you additional space to highlight more information and guarantees you a resolution of the issue. Similarly, the cover letter should 100% sell your project, according to Dean. The first few minutes of a client reading your proposal determines whether people will consider your project. This explains more why your cover letter needs to be compelling as well as detailed.

    Each proposal section should be detailed and specific

    When you are through with the cover letter, you must add the sections mentioned below:

    • Contact information and company profile
    • Success criteria and cost estimation
    • Approach, plan, and deadlines
    • References
    • Agreement statement

    In each section, ensure the information you offer is thoroughly detailed and do not omit anything essential. As much as you want to offer much information, do not make your proposal boring and unreadable. Under the reference section, ensure you include the government agencies, companies, and individuals you previously worked with.

    Include the signature page

    The agreement statement is the final section of your proposal. However, it falls under this page because it always ends with the signature page. You must understand that the agreement statement is a formal and legally binding contract, mostly between the client and you. It should be written formally and professionally. And it must incorporate the following information:

    • Outlined details of the project
    • Materials for construction
    • Costs summary
    • Work schedule
    • Details for payment
    • Construction bonds and permits
    • An estimate of the completion of the project
    • Legal rights of a contractor or construction company
    • The clients’ legal rights
    • Compliance section
    • Warranties
    • Additional relevant information discussed in a legal agreement between two parties

    It must end with the signature page, featuring a room for construction or contractor signature and the client signature. Besides, it must be notarized and witnessed.

    Importance of Construction Proposal

    Multiple people nowadays do not value the importance of the construction proposal template because they find it irritating. And might not want anyone to ask them to write one. As a result, senior contractors now ask their juniors and interns to document the proposal since they believe they are professionals and know everything.

    This document is crucial, and there are several reasons why you should prepare it adequately. Working on a project without a proposal can be frustrating since you might struggle to complete the entire project. Ensure that you write a construction proposal for both small and large projects. Likewise, you might opt for special software to assist you in handling different tasks at ago, managing and keeping track of everything. Below is the importance of a construction proposal:

    Project management

    Due to fear of commitment, most companies overlook the construction proposal template because they would be held responsible if things fail to run as planned. And this will force them to invest in resources and time to finish the project. But this project is crucial because it allows them to manage their project efficiently and meet the clients’ expectations and goals.


    With this proposal, you can easily get feedback on the progress. You will determine whether the project will end on time or you will need extra time or even additional funds. If you find that the project will not end as planned, take immediate action to prevent any problems, which might require you to add resources and prolong time.

    Resource mobilization

    A construction proposal helps you know which type of resources you might require and at what particular stage. Therefore you need adequate planning to avoid ending up with either too much or fewer resources. The proposal will help you understand the nature of our project resource efficiency.

    Monitor suppliers and supplies

    The project must have a guideline monitoring the duration and dates you will need material on your construction site and delivery time. This will help in monitoring how sub-contractors and suppliers will make their deliveries.

    Determine the estimates

    A proposal is a crucial document that helps you estimate, check, and calculate your tender requirements. It shows the client how you oversee the project and how much it can cost to finish.

    Meeting obligation

    An excellent construction proposal ensures that you and your customer read from the same page. Furthermore, it assures the clients of their goals within the mentioned duration. If you need to prolong the duration, you must refer to both parties’ previous proposals signed and approved.

    Guide subcontractors

    Subcontractors need a proper schedule, which should be included in the proposal to guide them through construction time. It also makes them informed about the resources they should offer. A construction proposal template minimizes disputes.

    Realistic project time

    The construction proposal enables you to determine whether the time your client wants you to finish the project is achievable and realistic. A contractor cannot take a project with a limited completion time because failure to complete it on time leads to penalties. If it is a must you take the project, submit a different bid, including the time it will take you to complete your work. And if the client is strict, decline the project. The proposal helps you run the costs, management, and supervision costs.

    Monitor milestones

    Construction proposal allows you to determine and understand the team milestones and objectives and when you should meet them. It helps you to figure out how you will achieve the set target. It will assist you in developing a timetable to guide the project manager and supervisors on duties at hand and the order to follow to complete the project.

    Cash flow forecast

    Your proposal should be able to estimate the amount of cash needed to finish the project. Many projects have not been completed because they did a perfect job and ran out of cash. However, this only happens when the project requires a lot of capital. Therefore, a construction proposal helps you to forecast the cash flow.

    Client obligation

    An outstanding proposal enlightens the client on a few obligations towards the accomplishing of the project. The customer must generate special access to specific information or resources for the contractor to perform their duty efficiently.

    Activity sequencing

    The proposal must reorganize how activities will be performed. Some activities can be shortened while other prolonged to optimize how you use the resources. This will help your entire project to run smoothly.

    Moving critical paths

    With a good proposal, you will be able to complete your project faster. Moreover, you can figure out how to finish the construction project earlier than the date you had set up with sufficient resources.

    Final thoughts

    With the in-depth information above, you now have a clear understanding of a construction proposal template. Therefore, ensure that you follow the guide above to develop an excellent construction proposal, which will help you deliver your duties perfectly. Choose to stay organized, make a construction proposal your necessity.