Congratulations Letter Examples for Accomplishments

There are countless reasons to write a congratulations letter and just as many benefits associated with doing so. Whether you’re writing to a friend about a new baby or praising employees for their achievements, it’s a delight to send good wishes. We all want to be acknowledged for the hard work we do, and, with a congratulations letter, gratitude is simple.

The style and tone of a congratulations letter depend entirely on circumstances. Writing casually to a friend is bound to be very different than drafting a letter to an employee or the winner of a registered competition. So, it’s essential to match your tone to the situation, relationship, and scenario.

Unless you know the recipient well and have a close personal relationship with them, keep congratulations brief. The focus should be on clearly stating what they have done to be appreciated and how much you value or admire it.

What to Include in a Congratulations Letter

  • Start with ‘congratulations,’ so the recipient knows right away that it’s a positive and appreciative message;
  • Clearly state the achievement (either a specific act/action or something more vague such as a commitment to hard work) ;
  • A brief reference to the consequences of the achievement (particularly when congratulations are being given in the workplace);
  • If congratulating a relocation or a career change, express your regret at losing the recipient and their hard work/skills.
  • Details of any rewards if relevant/appropriate. If writing to a competition winner, provide links to resources and/or materials that can verify the legitimacy of the contest.
  • If writing to a friend, it may be necessary to explain why you drafted a written letter instead of contacting them via more direct means.

Congratulations Letter Format

FAO {Recipient’s Name},

Dear {Recipient’s First or Full Name},

I have just been informed of your {Recipient’s Achievement}. I’m writing to send you my sincerest congratulations.

I can’t think of anybody more deserving or hard working. Your commitment to {Recipient’s Project/Team} has been exemplary, and I hope you know your efforts are appreciated. Thankyou for being a wonderful {Recipient’s Status/Role}.

With kind regards,

{Your Name}

Sample Congratulations Letter

FAO Margaret Dunham,

Dear Maggie,

I have just heard about your exciting new position in California. I’m writing to send you my sincerest congratulations.

It has been a joy to have you working for my company. Though you may be cursed when it comes to laser printers (!), your attention to detail and passion for customer service impresses me week in, week out.

This new company in California is very lucky to have you, and I wish you all the best in your career, life and any future ambitions.

With kind regards


What Is a Congratulations Letter and When Should I Send One?

There’s nothing very complicated about congratulations letters. There is rarely any legal obligation to send a missive of this nature, even in a corporate environment, so there are no hard and fast rules for what to include. Just make sure to personalize the letter with the recipient’s full name (unless the letter is personal) and details pertaining to their specific role, position or duties.

Congratulations Letter Samples and Templates

Here are some samples and templates you can use to draft your own congratulations letter. Don’t forget, the tone will be different depending on who you are writing to and the type of relationship you share. Unless, it’s a close personal friend, retain a semi-formal, relatively professional manner.

Achievement Congratulations Letter

These letters are ideal for congratulating employees and students. They recognize the hard work invested in hitting an important target, achieving a desired grade or completing an important milestone.
File Format
  • MS Word

Congratulations Letter to Friend

This is a more personal letter that might be sent to a friend who lives a long distance away. Perhaps you’ve heard they’re getting married, just became a parent or have achieved something outstanding in their work or personal life.
File Format
  • MS Word

Congratulations Letter for Winning a Competition

This is a letter written to inform an individual they have won your competition and/or congratulate them on being the winner. Where appropriate, it should include information on claiming the prize.
File Format
  • MS Word

Congratulations Letter for Promotion

This is a letter that would typically be written by the manager of a company or head of a department to congratulate an employee on securing a promotion. It may be written to congratulate the individual and wish them luck in the future if the change means relocating.
File Format
  • MS Word

Congratulations Letter New Job

This is a letter that would usually be written by a company manager to an employee who is leaving for a new role. In some cases, it may be sent by a teacher, tutor, or advisor to congratulate a pupil on securing a job they worked hard to be suitable for.
File Format
  • MS Word

The Final Word on Congratulations Letters

Congratulations, letters are almost always voluntary. This makes any messages they contain extra special for the recipient. They know the sender must have voluntarily taken time out of their day to recognize their achievements. It makes these letters extremely meaningful, and, in some cases, they may even be used as evidence of skills and/or potential.

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