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Concept Note Template – 22+ For (Word & PDF Format)

It is very frustrating indeed when you are forced to write a lengthy document, only to be rejected afterward. For any business person, you are bound to encounter the latter.  But what if there was a simpler and shorter way in which you can present your proposals among other lengthy documents? Try the concept note template.


By using short straightforward phrases, it expresses what you want in the simplest way possible.

Training Concept Note

Training Concept Note Template

Concept Note Sample

Concept Note Sample


Project Concept Note Template

Project Concept Note Template

Product Concept Note

Product Concept Note Template

Concept Note Template PDF

Concept Note Template PDF

Conference Concept Note Template

Conference Concept Note Template

Basic Concept Note Sample

Basic Concept Note Sample

To Ford Foundation

Concept Foundation Note Sample

Note for Food Security

Concept Note for Food Security

Concept notes for events describe in brief the activities that will take place in an event. For instance, a concept note of International Youth Day highlights the different activities that run throughout the event.

Project Design

Design Concept Note Template

Lastly, a business concept paper template is a template that summarizes the business that you want to start. It is much simpler as compared to a business plan. It might highlight the mission of the company and some of the niches that it intends to occupy. It is often requested by potential investors, who might tell you what to include in the template.

Concept Note in WORD

Concept Note Template WORD

Concept Note DOC

Concept Note Template DOC

An activity concept note can be defined as a brief description of the activities to be pursued. It can be used in financing programs. Funders or donor may require the submission of a concept note, prior to that of a full proposal, to determine whether the activity is worth funding.

Sometimes, some donors provide their activity concept note templates which should be filled and submitted by the applicants.

Activity Concept Note Sample

Activity Concept Note Sample

Sudden Opportunity

Sudden Opportunity Concept Note Template

Blank Template in WORD

Concept Note Template in WORD

Simple Concept Note

Concept Note Template Sample Doc

Concept Note Template in PDF

Concept Note Template in PDF

Concept Note Form

Concept Note Template Sample PDF

in Word Format

Concept Note Template Word Format

Fillable Template

Fillable Concept Note Template

Editable Simple Concept Note Template

Editable Concept Note Template

The importance of a concept note template

The need for funding in the present world of business is continually becoming inevitable. Also, with an increase in the number of awareness programs, major events are constantly becoming parts and parcels of our community. Thus, writing proposals and other long documents has become our everyday task. Due to donor rebuffs, writing lengthy documents has become uninspiring. Concept note templates in this regard not only save you time-time that you would otherwise spend writing lengthy documents-but also complete your tasks in a professional way.