Complaint Letter Template: Format & Writing Guide

A complaint letter is written to express dissatisfaction for goods supplied or services rendered. An individual, organization, or business can write a letter to complain about a fault. The letter aims to find a peaceful resolution to the existing problem. Before writing the letter, you can voice your concerns through a phone call or an email. If a favorable solution isn’t reached, you can use the letter to forward your complaints to a consumer organization or take legal action.

If you aren’t aware of what to include in the letter, use samples or a template to make your work easier.

What to include in a complaint letter

Address your complaint to the relevant authority

If you want a fast solution to your claim, address the letter to the relevant authority. In most cases, you should direct your concern to the customer service department, sales representative, or the manager. To be more specific, search for the name of the particular person responsible for customer complaints.

Be precise

Include exact details of your complaint. If you are complaining about a product, specify the particular product, the day & time of purchase, etc. The reader should easily understand your concern after reading the first few sentences.

Attach supporting documents

Attaching supporting documents makes resolving the complaint easier. Copies of receipts, invoices, warranties, bills, email conversations, etc. are some documents you can attach to the complaint letter. Supporting documents prove the legitimacy of your case.

State your preferred outcome

Provide a deadline for resolution of the complaint. If you want a refund or a replacement; specify. Stating your preferred solution makes it easy for the other party.

Use polite language

Though you are complaining about a fault in a product or service, avoid using rude language. The person you are addressing might not be directly involved in the issue. Polite words show respect and value for business relationships.

Provide contact information

The person resolving the complaint might want to get more details about the issue. Provide your phone and email contacts. If you have an account with the company, it should also feature in the letter.

Complaint Letter Format













Dear [recipient’s name]

Allow me to express my dissatisfaction on a purchase I made on 7 November 2018. I bought an iPad serial number [indicate the serial number]; unfortunately, I received a different product that was delivered on 8 November 2018.

I kindly request for a replacement with the exact iPad I had ordered. I have also attached the receipt, email conversations and the serial number regarding the purchase.

As one of your loyal customers, I expect this issue to be resolved in the next five business days. Thank you for your help.




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