College Admission Application Letter

A college admission application letter is a professional letter a student writes to send to a college with their college application. Writing a college admission application letter is a great way to make your college admission application stand out in the highly competitive application process. Write your letter in a professional format and tone and double-check for errors.

You want your letter to stand out for the right reasons, not because it contains errors! A well-written letter should explain why you feel you are a good fit at the college and detail your best points.

How to Write a College Admission Application Letter

Before applying for college admission, it is essential to do detailed research about college. Collect the data and sort it out in a list before submitting an admission application letter to the college. Here is a quick guide with sample letters to help you in writing your application.

Create a List of Your Qualities

  • Grade Point Average
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Sports
    • Music
    • Class Government
    • Pom, Cheer-leading, Drill Team
    • Acting, Debate
    • Societies
    • Awards
  • Community Service

Do Some Research

Find out what qualities your target college prefers in their students. Decide in what ways you fit the qualities your target college prefers. Outline those qualities on a separate piece of paper.

Find the name of the college admissions representative’s name to whom you should address your letter. Personalization is key to making yourself stand out. Writing a letter addressing “To Whom it May Concern” is inappropriate for any professional letter. It’s a good way to get your letter tossed into a dust bin, however.

Writing your Letter

Your goal is to be a step above applicants who do not think to write a letter. You need to discuss why you feel the college is a good choice. How does the specific program in which you want to enroll fit your future career plans? How will you represent the college as a student and future alumnus? These are the thing a college wants to know about you, so determine your goals and prepare to express them clearly.

Parts of Application Letter for College Admission

These are the specific parts you should include in your college admissions application letter:

  • Your Full Name, Address
  • Date
  • College Name, Address
  • Salutation
  • Body:
    • Introduction
    • Why you want to attend college, you are applying to
    • Your academic interests
    • How the college fits your interests and goals
    • Why you are a great candidate to consider
    • Personal connections to the college: Did any relatives or friends attend? Is the college in your hometown?
    • Explanation of how the college will receive your application: Is it enclosed? Will you send it at a later date?
    • Request for admission to the college
  • Complimentary close
  • Name – Signature
  • Your Contact Details

College Admission Application Letter Format

Here is the basic format of a college admissions application letter. Note: You can center your personal information at the top of the page to make it stand out if you would like.

{your full name, as written on your college application}

{your address}


{college admissions representative’s name}

{college name}

{college address}

Dear {Admission representative’s name}:

{Use this space to discuss why you have chosen this college to apply to attend. Did you take a tour? Has it been a long-term goal?} {Use the next few lines to discuss why you feel the academic program fits your career goals.} {Wrap up this paragraph with a strong statement about your determination to succeed at this college and your career.}

{Here, discuss why you are a good fit for the college. Match those qualities you found in your research. Highlight the qualities that make you a great candidate.}

{Here re-emphasis your conviction that you are a great student for the college to consider.} {Explain how you are sending your application – is it attached or coming later?}

{Thank the college for their time and consideration. Express your interest in speaking with them about your future attendance. Offer your telephone number and your email address.}


{your signature}

{your name}

Sample College Admission Application Letter

Here is a sample letter based on the format above. You can use this sample to help you understand how to write your perfect college admissions application letter.

Elizabeth Ann Montgomery

2000 South Meridian Avenue

Los Alamos, NM 89776

March 22, 2039

Mrs. Janice Emory

University of Olympia

2008 South Livingston Place

Los Alamos, NM 89779

Dear Mrs. Emory:

My goal to attend the University of Olympia became a driving force in my high school years. I have lived in Los Alamos since I was young, and I have always dreamed of attending my hometown university. I have always wanted to teach History and the Humanities at the University level, and Olympia’s history and art history programs are highly acclaimed. I am certain these amazing programs are key to my future success as an educator.

As you can see from my academic records and my test scores, excellence has always been my highest priority. I have spent the last two years serving in my class government. This has allowed me to participate in making my graduating class successful at helping younger students prepare for higher education. My fellow classmates and I tutored students who needed some extra help to succeed. In addition, I have been active in my school’s drama and debate programs for three years.

I believe my skills and experiences have prepared me to succeed at the University of Olympia. I have no doubt I will represent Olympia well in debate teams and conferences. I look forward to adding to Olympia’s reputation of producing leaders in the fields of education and history. I am excited to enclose my application to the University of Olympia.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon regarding my future at the University of Olympia. I can be reached at (918) 999-3558 or at montgomeryeli @ email . com.


Elizabeth Ann Montgomery

Elizabeth Ann Montgomery

College Admission Application Letter (Template)


Your goal is to encourage your target college to consider you for admissions. Pitch your best qualities in your letter. Write in a professional but upbeat tone, and express your excitement to attend. Always be certain your application letter is double-checked for errors. This is the beginning of your career, so display your qualities in a way that will get your application noticed!