Collection Letter Template – 10+ Samples & Examples

In any given company, collection letters are a major communication tool for the company and its customers. These letters communicate financial concerns to customers and are normally sent to a customer once the invoice in question goes overdue. Moreover, contents from these letters will eventually change as the number of days of an unpaid invoice increase. An example of such a situation is when a bank writes to a customer whose loan repayment period is overdue and no payments are being made to the bank. This letter will thus serve as a reminder to the customer to repay this overdue loan whilst highlighting the consequences that are to come.

As time goes by, the affected company will decide on the type of letter to write to its customers depending on how late they are with the payments.

Patient Collection Letter Sample

A customer who is the first-time defaulter is expected to receive a friendly and brief reminder of this through a friendly collection letter. Here the letter is brief and professional with the use of a friendly tone. The letter is meant to promote a good relationship and goodwill between the creditor and the debtor.

Patient Collection Letter Template Sample

Collection Dispute Letter (for New York City Residents)

Collection Dispute Letter Template Example

Sample letter for collection of payment – This type of letter is more of a draft and not the actual letter sent to the debtor when trying to collect a debt. The letter is meant to clearly outline the type and format of the letter to be written to the debtor.

Blank Collection Letter Template

Sample of Collection Letter Template

The collection letter template first notice is a sample letter written to address a first-time debt defaulter. This letter is just a guideline and not the actual letter sent to the debtor. The tone used in this letter is simple, straight to the point and friendly.

Letter of Collection First Notice (30 Days Late)

Letter of Friendly Collection Sample

A debt collection letter template is similar to the letter for collection of payment. This letter can be used as a guideline in identifying the proper format of writing the actual collection letter to a debtor. It can also be used as a reference for most collection letters to be written in the present and the future.

Letter of Debt Collection Template

Letter of Debt Collection Template

Collection Letter (Accounts Receivable)

Collection Letter Template for Accounts Receivable

Collection Letter Template for Agency

Collection Letter Template for Agency

Medical Collection Letter Format

Medical Collection Letter Template Format

Collection Debt Letter Template

Collection Debt Letter Template Example

Response Letter

Sample of Collection Letter Response Template

Collection letters are written to customers to serve as polite reminders of making payments. They could be arranged in a chronological order when several letters are sent to the customer to indicate the emphasis on making payments without having to harm the relationship between the debtor and the creditor. These letters should only be written when the loan repayment period is overdue and so is the grace period that usually follows. This is the time when these letters become most appropriate when sent to a debtor reminding them of their debts.

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