Client Letter: How to Write a Letter to a Client

A client letter is written by a business or professionals such as lawyers and accountants to their customers. The letter can be part of the ordinary business transactions, welcoming a new client or passing useful information or advice to the individual. One can use these letters to build, strengthen and maintain relationships between businesses, consultants and their clients.

Sample and templates are the best way to get tips on how to write such a letter. You will get a hint of the words and format to use for these letters.

How to write a client letter

Use a company letterhead or logo: A client letter with your letterhead or logo appears more professional. The letterhead should bear your business/ firm name or address and contact details.

Salute the client: When writing a client letter, it’s important to personalize the letter. Use the right title for your client when saluting them. Include their name after the title.

Subject: The subject of the letter should inform the client about the purpose of the letter in a few words.

The body: Use several paragraphs to discuss the purpose of the letter. The reader should understand why you wrote the letter from the first line of the letter.

Letter close: End the letter with polite words.

Avoid using jargon: Since most client letters are written by professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and accountants, avoid commonly used terminologies in your profession that the client will not understand.

The letter aims to communicate, so make sure your clients understand the information in the letter.

Editing and proofreading: Don’t be in haste to send the letter to the client before editing and proofreading. Take a few minutes to edit and proofread the letter. Simple mistakes in a client letter can be costly. Besides, they depict unprofessionalism.

Sample Client Letter/Email

From (Your letterhead/ name &contacts)



Dear (client’s name)

We are happy to inform you of changes in our payments systems. Over the last few years, we have been experimenting on the best payment method for our clients.

By the end of the last year, we resolved to introduce online payment as the best payment method for all our clients. It essential to note we will not accept cash or cheque payments from the start of the coming month.

If you have any concerns kindly direct them to my office.

Thank you as you plan to follow this directive.





Types of Client Letter

Client letter tax/ legal advice

A client tax/ legal advice letter is written by a consultant tax advisor or a lawyer to their client to advise them on tax or legal matters. In the letter include the following information;
  • The name of the client
  • Specific details about the advice
  • Your address and contacts

Client termination letter

If you are no longer willing to offer your services to a client, you can inform them through a letter. Several reasons might have led to the decision to terminate your services such as late payments, disrespect or a breach of a contract. In the letter include this information;
  • Effective dates of termination of the services
  • A valid reason for ending the services
  • Options that can reverse the decision

Client recommendation letter

A client recommendation letter is written by business or consultant who knows the client to recommend them as reliable individuals. The letter can recommend the client to a potential supplier or customer. Make sure the letter bears these details;
  • The relationship and duration you have known the client
  • Positive attributes of the clients
  • Your address and contacts

New client letter

A new client letter is a way of welcoming a new client to use your services. A lawyer, doctor, accountant, business, or a company can write such a letter to their new clients to welcome them to use their services and availing relevant information about their service. Include this information in the letter;
  • The name of the client
  • Your address and contacts
  • Any useful information to their client
  • A welcome note

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