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Civil Engineer Resume Template – 5+ For Word, PDF

There are firms and plenty of organizations whom would rather have their own “in-house” civil engineer working for them much like a printer would rather have his own “in-house” graphic designer. It’s easy to say that the job duties and responsibilities are the same regardless of the engineer’s work experience. Although, each engineer is different in their own right. All civil engineers should have one thing in common and that’s their education.


A civil engineer resume template should have the following elements:

  • Contact information (i.e. name, city, state, phone numbers, email, website…)
  • A properly defined objective
  • Followed by a list of diplomas, certifications, degrees,…etc.
  • Work experience which will depend on level of engineer (i.e. intern, fresher, mid-level, senior).
  • Project responsibilities which he/she was in charge of or supervised. This could be structural shop drawings, resolution of termites onsite, safety walk throughs with the permit people…
  • Any relevant civil engineer affiliations, awards, or honors.

There are some elements that are found in a civil engineer’s resume which wouldn’t be found in any other resume. Following the Civil Engineer Resume guide, whether you are working for yourself or for someone else, can help you get your foot in the door to the right job you’ve been dreaming of since you got out of college.

Conserving valuable time with a civil engineer template can help utilize time somewhere else, such as searching for that company or job you need. Here are a few examples that can help put it all together in a logical format and according to the need of the individual.

Civil Engineering Resume for Freshers

Entry level Civil Engineer resumes for freshers should begin with the contact information and then the career objective. Next, the “fresher” should concentrate on his/her education and credentials, then professional work experience below it.

Civil Engineering Resume for Freshers

This should be structured according to his/her education and capabilities of the profession. Basically, you are writing what you know from graduate school and that one-year professional experience, but highlighting educational details more importantly.

Resume for Civil Engineer with One Year Experience

Resume for Civil Engineer with One Year Experience 1


With a Senior Civil Engineer resume, the format begins with the contact information and specialties. Naturally it’s going to be filled with the work experience, successful projects along with the firms or companies he/she worked for. References, education and the credentials follow those elements.

Senior Civil Engineer Resume Template

Senior Civil Engineer Resume Template

Contact information and a basic header which states “civil engineer” and a summary of demonstration and knowledge of specific areas of civil engineering specialties. Education and credentials such as the school and honor courses, if any, or student’s activities list. This is followed by course highlights and any special projects then any internships or work experience.

Entry Level Civil Engineering Resume

Entry Level Civil Engineering Resume

The sample resume for a Civil Engineer fresh graduate begins with the contact info, the career objective, and a list of skills summarized in a bullet list, preferably. Next, it will be the work experience, if any, then education and references.

For Civil Engineer Fresh Graduate

Sample Resume for Civil Engineer Fresh Graduate 1

Tips for Writing an Effective Civil Engineer Resume

  • Successful Candidates – Candidates who want to break into the professional civil engineer world should have a descriptive resume especially when it comes to skills, specialties, and knowledge on various civil engineer topics.
  • Write briefly and clearly – Most employers will briefly skim through your resume in less than a minute. Therefore, strengths and main skills should trigger the audience quickly. It’s either going to be accepted or rejected. Look at it with an “editor’s eyes”
  • Identify with a project list – Your engineering skills are what your years of experience in school or out of school account for. There were naturally “projects” you tackled in school, so list them. Similarly, you can list the special projects you feel were successful while professionally working with a company or as an independent contractor, so list them.
  • Format around the job position – Add those personal insights when tailoring your resume around a position you are seeking at a certain company. Customize it towards that specific target job opportunity to narrow down the search and keep it from looking so generalized.
  • Identify Key Accomplishments – Utilizing a bullet list, write accomplishments and achievements in a few main words where the significance of the work is duly noted. If you have no work experience, this strategy is great for entry-level, freshers, and recent graduates.

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