Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

We all dream of the perfect white Christmas with presents under the tree, silver bells ringing, and the twinkling lights of a tree. This beautiful feeling only comes once a year. It is a time for family and friends to know they are appreciated. This is why it is so important that you pick the perfect gift for them!

Your Christmas gifts should be as breathtaking as the rest of the day. That’s where Christmas gift certificates come in. Christmas gift certificate templates allow you to create special gifts that have meaning for you and the person who will receive it. They allow you to design your own gift certificates that can be cherished because of their extra special value.

Whether you own a business and need to create your own certificate or you’re just making them for fun for your family and friends, gift certificates are easy to customize and even easier to download.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template (Black, #1843)

Christmas Gift Certificate black gift certificate maker


Printable Christmas Gift Certificate (Ornaments Design)

Just one look at this festive addition to our gift certificate collection will have you feeling the Christmas spirit at first glance. Populated with dancing snowflakes, hearts, holly, candy canes and more, you just know that the recipient of the gift certificate will feel the warmth of the holidays in their hearts! This gift certificate is easy to modify, just download to your computer, open up your MS Word program, and fill in all the necessary sections. Why, you can even take certain sections away to make room for your very own, personalized holiday greeting.

Christmas Design Gift Certificate Template WORD

Christmas Gift Certificate (Multicolor, Reindeer)

Christmas Reindeer Gift Certificate Christmas Gift Certificate Idea


Christmas Gift Certificate (for Word)

There’s no better way in getting into the Christmas spirit other than a round, portly, jolly Santa, sailing across the sky in his sleigh, and that’s just what you’ll get with this holiday gift certificate. Professionally designed, this certificate comes with not only a flying Santa, but also a festive Christmas tree, laden with ornaments, enough to fill the heart of your recipient with Christmas cheer! This completely customizable gift certificate allows you to fill in all the sections with ease. Just download it to your computer, open it in MS Word, and proceed to add your particular information. You can even add a photo of the recipient, or your own holiday greeting!

Christmas Gift Certificate Template Editable Christmas Gift Certificate

Snow and Tree (Editable Template)

Celebrate the holidays by giving that special someone a gift to remember, with our very own Merry Christmas and Happy New Year holiday gift certificate. Decorated with festive snowflakes, cascading down from the sky, in the shape of a Christmas tree, this certificate comes with everything you’ll need to greet and gift your recipient with the feeling of joy for the season! Once downloaded, you can then proceed to customize this template any way you wish, from adding images, changing the font size and style, to adding your very own special holiday message!

Christmas Gift Certificate Snow and Christmas Tree


Christmas Gift Certificate (Simple Tree Design)

Christmas Gift Certificate Christmas Tree Design


Holly Jolly Christmas Gift Certificate Template


Christmas Gift Certificate (Blue)

1 Christmas Gift Certificate Blue Gift Voucher


Christmas Gift Certificate (Midnight Design)

On Donner, on Blitzen! Surprise that most important person on your gift giving list with our very own, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year gift certificate. This certificate has everything you need, including a section for the name and description of the gift, and a place for the gift giver and recipients name, bounded by two of Santa’s best flying reindeer, in each upper corner. Simple, yet elegant, you are free to edit this certificate to your liking. All that’s necessary is for you to do a quick download, open it up in your MS Word document, and go on from there. Change the font styles and size, add your own holiday greeting or perhaps a photo of the recipient!

Christmas Gift Certificate Midnight Blue


Editable Classic Design

Christmas Gift Certificate ClassicChristmas gift certificate for Word


Gift Tree Design (for Word)

“A Gift For You” is the first thing the fortunate recipient of this quite sophisticated Christmas gift certificate will notice. Gentle in design, this certificate has taken many of the familiar imagery of the holidays, such as Santa’s, Sleighs, Trees, ornaments and snowflakes, and cleverly arranged them in the shape of a large, Christmas tree! Not only that, but our certificate comes complete with all the information you’ll need to fill in, such as names and gift descriptions. Once downloaded to your computer, you can commence customization by adding images, changing font sizes and styles!

Christmas Gift Certificate Gift tree gift certificate maker


Blank Gift Certificate (Snowman)

Christmas Gift Certificate Snowman


Merry Christmastime Gift Certificate

Speaking of elegance, this Christmas gift certificate has it all. The moment your recipient sees the images of regal reindeer flying amid a mass of Christmas candy, bows, snowflakes, packages and gifts, they’ll feel the Christmas spirit immediately! Upon closer examination, you’ll see that everything you need is already printed on the certificate for you, all you need to do is download, and add your information in MS Word! You can even customize it if you like, by adding names, gift descriptions, images or cute sayings!

Merry Christmas Gift Certificate in WORD


Reindeer Design Christmas Gift Certificate

Editable Reindeers Design Christmas Gift Certificate


Merry Christmas & New Year Gift Certificate

One prancing reindeer amid a grouping of brilliant stars greet you with this simple, yet elegant Christmas gift certificate. Can you think of any other better way to gift that special someone, than with a personalized gift certificate? Neither can we. Simple, yet festive and bold in design, once downloaded to your computer, you can then begin to engage in some real fun! You’re free to add, remove or change whatever you’d like. You can add a photo of the recipient, change the font, color, size and style, as well as add some festive holiday greeting!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gift Certificate Template


More Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Just in case none of the aforementioned gift certificate templates struck a chord with you, then take a look at our other holiday gift certificate designs. Below, you’ll notice that we’ve placed a large selection of our Christmas gift certificates for you to take a look at. Each and every one of these is customizable in MS Word as well! So, show that special someone just what you think of them, by selecting one of our professionally designed, festive gift certificates. If you like them, no need to stop at just one. You are free to select a gift certificate that matches the individual personality of anyone on your gift list!

99+ Christmas Gift Certificate Templates (Download Now)

Why Should I Choose Christmas Gift Certificates?

Gift certificates are a great, easy way to solve your Holiday shopping! Here are a few reasons why:

  • Save Money: By designing your own Christmas gift certificate to give your family and friends, you won’t be spending your money! Rather than pouring all of your money into expensive gifts, you can create these certificates to include favors, massages, or free dinners or dates!
  • Personalized!: By creating your own Christmas gift certificate, you are personalizing the gift for your family and friends. Not only will they love it, but it will be unique to them. You can even utilize photos that you have taken with your recipient to add an extra special touch.
  • Show Your Appreciation: Has someone in your life been offering you an immense amount of love and support throughout the year? A personalized gift certificate is the perfect way to repay that person! You can even go so far as to thanking them for their support on the actual certificate! It’s a win-win gift idea.

Elements of a Good Christmas Gift Certificate

While designing your Christmas gift certificate, it is important to make sure that it is both pleasing to the eye and, also, that you are covering a few main points to make it successful.

  • Design: Choose a design that complements your business or purpose. You may want a clean design for a tech company, or you may want a more artistic design for a tailoring business. The feel of the gift certificate should inspire you and the recipient.
  • Amount or Purpose: The amount or purpose of the gift certificate should be clearly printed on the gift certificate. It should be clear what the purpose is for your recipient.
  • Simple Language: You should make sure that you are including simple language on the ceritficate. You should not make the certificate difficult for the person to read.
  • Codes: If you are running a business and issuing these to customers, you will want to issue a code to each certificate so that you know that these are valid. This should be something that you understand. and makes sense to you.

Are Christmas Gift Certificate Templates Editable?

The Christmas gift certificates here are fully customizable and editable. You can edit and customize the files by altering the size of various things, cropping the pictures and visuals, adding pictures, changing the fonts and texts, and even editing the colors. You can edit these in any word processing program that you have.

How Can You Customize the Christmas Gift Certificates?

These templates all include Microsoft Word templates, and some include PDF formats. You can edit these certificates in Microsoft Word or in open source word processors. The PDFs can be edited in Illustrator or in Adobe. If you have any of these programs, you can easily access and edit the files.