Christmas Gift Certificate Templates (for Word & PDF)

Christmas time, the one season of the year filled with a certain childhood wonder that reaches people of all ages, all over the world. Doorways dripping with mistletoe and holly berries, carolers, all amid the frosty winter backdrop, dotted with snowflakes, visions of Santa, and hot chocolate and cookies. Christmas is also the time of year when people gather together to share stories and exchange gifts, and often the most appreciated of gifts is the Christmas gift certificate.

Our Christmas gift certificates are professionally designed to impart a feeling of the festive holiday spirit, love and joy to the recipient. Each of our Christmas gift certificates are easy to customize, so you can add your own text and even add holiday themed clip art and photos. We just know that you’ll find our customizable, printable Christmas gift certificate templates a unique way to give those on your Christmas list a gift they’ll not only appreciate but remember for years to come.

Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Stately, red reindeer welcome you when you view this Christmas gift certificate template. Each deer rears majestically, facing a Christmas tree, complete with present. Address this Christmas gift certificate to someone you love, adding a special note of appreciation if you like!

Editable Reindeers Design Christmas Gift Certificate


” Gift for You”. We’re sure that you’ll find our Icicle Lights Christmas Gift Certificate design a delightful way to offer that special someone a unique gift. Here, Santa flies over a bedazzled Christmas tree, nicely framing any information you’d like to include on your certificate.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template Editable


Here to wish you a Merry Christmas, is our Jumping Reindeer Christmas Gift Certificate. Donner and Blitzen frame the Merry Christmas message, as they majestically leap into the air. Simply add your own personal information, and your Christmas gift certificate is ready to go!

Printable Christmas Gift Certificate


Our “Christmas Ornaments Design” gift certificate template is a festive and colorful gift certificate. Filled with dancing snowflakes, sprigs of holly berries, majestic reindeer, with a candy cane or two tossed in for good measure. Once presented, we’re sure the recipient will be filled with joy and Christmas cheer!

Christmas Design Gift Certificate Template MS WORD


Stun and surprise your Christmas gift recipients with this lovely, festive and simply designed Christmas gift certificate. Two prancing reindeer leap towards a star, wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. All that’s left for you to do, is to add your very own, personal information!

Christmas Certificate Star (in Word and PDF)


Looking for a change of pace? Then check out our Christmas Gift Certificate in earth tone neutral colors. The left side of our gift certificate takes familiar Christmas imagery such as reindeer, hearts, presents, snowmen and trees, all taking on the shape of a be-ribbon holiday ornament. Simply add the name of your recipient, sign and present!

Christmas Gift Certificate khaki Word Format


Our next Christmas gift certificate is not only festive, but very elegant in design. Just one look, and you’ll notice the energetic reindeer, along with candies, snowflakes and presents emerging from a traditional chimney. Simply add the recipient and sender names, and print!

Christmas Gift Certificate in Microsoft WORD


Absolutely delightful Christmas gift certificate design! Just enter the name of your recipient and giver, and print and present. Just watch their faces as they see this uplifting design, full of candies, trees, snowflakes and more!

Printable Christmas Gift Certificate (candies design)


If your recipient isn’t filled with the Christmas spirit, then they most certainly will be when you present them with our Christmas Reindeer gift certificate. The words “Merry Christmas” sit beneath a set of festive antlers, donned with Christmas berries and more! Just add your personal gift giving information, and you’ll be all set!

Christmas Reindeer Gift Certificate Christmas Gift Idea

Our “Christmas Wish” gift certificate will definitely make a statement of charitable good will for one and all. Straightforward in design, with a grouping of holly leaves and berries taking the form of a stamp of certification, we just know your recipient will offer you many smiles in gratitude! Just fill in the essentials, print and present to that special someone!

Christmas Gift Certificate Gift Idea

More Christmas Gift Certificates

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Wordings for Christmas Gift Certificates

Coming up with the text for your Christmas gift certificate is not as complex as you may imagine. In fact, it’s rather simple. Start by getting out a sheet of paper and pen, to jot down a few ideas. First of all, the words “Gift Certificate” will usually be at the top of the certificate, centered and in a large font. Next, add the particulars, such as areas for both giver and recipient names, what the gift certificate is for, an expiration date, if any and perhaps a note:

  • Presented To
  • Presented From
  • This recipient is entitled to
  • The value of this gift certificate is
  • Expiration date
  • Signature

How to Customize your Christmas Gift Certificate

When it comes to customizing your Christmas gift certificate, know that it’s a quick and easy affair. Simply select the gift certificate of your choice and download to your computer. Once downloaded, proceed to open it up in your favorite word program, such as Microsoft Word. From there, you are free to alter the font style, size and color. You’re also free to add your own text messages as well as add photos and clip art! Finally, know that all of our Christmas gift certificates are able to be completely edited using MS Word, with some being able to be edited in PDF format.

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