Chore Chart Templates for Kids

Chore Chart Templates for Kids

Let’s face it; we live busy lives. This often results in chores becoming jumbled, nothing getting finished on time, or worse yet, not getting started at all. As such, we can miss important events, forget things like anniversaries or birthdays, even messing up the most elementary of tasks. What we need is something to help us streamline our days, to organize them, so nothing is left to chance. That something is the chore chart.

What Is a Chore Chart?

A chore chart is an organizational aid used in businesses and households to assist in keeping track of which activities have been completed and which are yet to be attempted.

What is a Chore Chart Template?

A chore chart template is a handy way to make multiple print-outs of a specific chore chart. These templates can be filled out on a weekly basis, then removed and filed if desired. This way, there is a continual record of what was done, along with the time and date. Chore chart templates can be downloaded already made, or you can craft your own using a program like Excel.

Chore Chart Templates

Types of Chore Chart Templates

There are no set types of chore templates as a chore template can be designed for any task imaginable. For instance, you can design a chore chart for horse stable duties, home gardening tasks, kitchen duties, clerical duties, and so on. Below is a shortlist of the different types of chore charts you can make:

  • blank chore chart template
  • Vehicle maintenance chore chart template
  • Child chore chart template
  • Clerical chore chart template
  • Pet care chore chart template
  • Meal preparation chore chart template
  • Weekly errand chore chart template
  • House cleaning chore chart template
  • Gardening chore chart template

Advantages of Using a Chore Chart Template

The reason we create chore charts is that they make our lives easier. When you make a chore chart concerning vehicle maintenance, you’ll always know when you need to take it in for an oil change or to have the tires checked, and so on.

  • Keeps your life organized
  • Helps to teach children the benefits of a work ethic
  • Helps children learn the value of following deadlines or milestones
  • Ensures that the work environment runs smoothly
  • Makes sure that chores are evenly distributed

How to Make a Basic Chore Chart

So, you want to make your own chore chart! Awesome, just know that it’s a very easy thing to do. So, let’s start at the beginning. Grab yourself a notepad, and start jotting down ideas. For instance, what’s the subject of your chore chart? Perhaps it deals with food shopping and meal prep. If that’s the case, then make your first rough draft design. The days of the week will be represented by rows; the columns will represent the meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In other words, the first row will be Monday, with the first column being breakfast, the second column lunch, and the third column dinner.

Next, go and open up your Excel program. Follow the design layout you made on your notepad, with each day of the week placed in one row. In the column section of your Excel spreadsheet, enter the meals. In other words, the first column will be breakfast, the second column will be lunch, and the third column will be for dinner. Remember to give yourself more than enough space for each meal.

There you have it, your first solid template. But it’s rather plain; what about adding some fancy borders or food-themed clip art? Go to your computer, and start exploring different fonts and font sizes. Remember, it’s a good idea to make all of your chore charts inviting to the eye, so look for some free clipart. Let yourself have fun with the design. You can even get your family involved. If you’re making a chore chart for kids, why not allow them to design it?

Finally, if making your chore chart with Excel isn’t your cup of tea, you do have other options available to you. You can purchase a large whiteboard, some erasable markers and create your chart on the whiteboard. Other ideas include purchasing an old-fashioned chalkboard or making one out of a poster board. Last but not least, you can visit an office supply store like Staples and simply purchase one already made.

Tips for Making a Chore Chart Template

As seen, creating your own personal chore chart template is an easy task. However, like all things, there are tips to make certain that you get the best result for the effort expended:

  • Include a rewards column for certain chores
  • Use clip art to create colorful charts
  • Keep the chart spacious, leaving enough space for writing notes
  • Make chores are evenly distributed
  • Always plan the design of each chore chart in advance
  • Make sure that your chore list follows the schedules of people assigned to the chore
  • Chore charts are not written in stone, so allow yourself to make adjustments

Final Thoughts

There you go, a basic lesson in making your very first chore chart. Keep in mind that the sky’s the limit when you’re creating a chore chart. You control the size, colors, and art. You can use making the chore chart as a way for setting aside some family time by getting the brood together to discuss chores along with any grievances which pop up. If you’re making one for work, know that they can help organize tasks in any business environment, from grocery to warehouse. We hope you enjoyed our brief tutorial and wish you the best of luck creating your very own chore charts!