Cheque Book Request Letter (Format and Samples)

A cheque is an essential document that allows you to make payments to an organization or individual either as an advance for payment due or gift. Thanks to a cheque, you don’t have to deal with the risk of having to carry along cash with you. Therefore, you should always make sure to have a steady stock of checkbooks to guarantee all your payments are made on time and in no rush.

However, if you want a new checkbook and can’t head to the bank and collect it yourself, then it becomes necessary to write a cheque book request letter. You should address this letter to the appropriate bank and stating the urgency of the cheque being delivered on time. So, where do you start when writing a cheque book request letter? Here is a detailed guide on the steps you need to follow.

  • Politely Request for The Cheque Book. When writing the cheque book request letter, it is vital to maintain a polite tone. This shows appreciation for the efforts being put by the bank attendants in making sure your needs get attended to promptly.
  • State Why You Urgently Need the Cheque Book. It would be best if you mentioned how soon the cheque book needs to be delivered. This is vital as it allows the bank on their part to make sure that you get the cheque book on time, thereby ensuring there’s no interference.
  • Explain The Reason You Want the Cheque Book. While drafting the cheque book letter, you should also mention the reason why you need the cheque book as soon as possible. For instance, you may need the cheque book to pay your employees or to pay for services rendered to your businesses.
  • State The Number of Leaves to Be on The Cheque Book. Some people make more payments with by cheque hence necessitate more leaves on their cheque books. Therefore, you should first assess your needs to have a better estimate of the ideal number of leaves to be found in your cheque book.
  • Give Thanks to the Reader for Their Effort. One thing that some people overlook when writing a cheque book letter is the need to thank the reader for their services. However, you shouldn’t do the same and should instead show appreciation for handling your matter.
  • Make Sure the Letter is Relevant and Concise. You should go straight to the point when drafting a cheque book request letter. While you do this, make sure to include all the relevant details such as the desired number of leaves on your cheque book.
  • Be Formal. When writing this letter, make sure to use a formal tone. This is vital because it shows you are someone to be taken seriously, therefore whoever is attending to your request will be diligent when processing your request.

Sample of Cheque Book Request Letter



(Account Holder’s Name)

(Full address)

(Mobile Number)


Branch Manager.

(Name of Branch)

(Name of Bank)


Sub: Request for A New Cheque Book

Dear Sir,

I have been an account holder in your bank for the last ten years and am requesting for the issuance of a new cheque book. Typically, I use my credit or debit card to make payments, but I misplaced it several days ago. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for me to perform my business transactions. Because of this, I hereby submit this request to be issued with three new cheque books with 50 leaves each.

I kindly request if this matter could be completed as soon as possible and I know I’ve delayed sending out this request, but I had travelled out of town for business. I apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope you will be able to address the matter as soon as possible.

Please debit all the charged from my account and enclosed are copies of identification and proof of address that are needed for verification reasons.

Kindly attend to this matter with urgency and do what is necessary as soon as you can. I am looking forward to getting the cheque book soon.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,


(Name of Account Holder)

Cheque Book Request Letter (Word Format)


If you prefer making payments using cheque, a cheque book is thus essential to ensure the smooth operation of your business. Reading through this article has provided you with useful tips on the steps to follow when writing a cheque book letter once your old cheque book is finished. This means learning the importance to use polite language, format content while still expressing the urgency of the matter being address swiftly.