Character Reference Letter for Immigration

A character reference letter for immigration is a recommendation written on behalf of an immigration applicant. It can be drafted by a friend, coworker, employer, or family member. Aside from supporting the application and related proceedings, the letter serves to highlight characteristics such as work ethic, morality, and trustworthiness. It should show a reviewing agent or immigration judge that the person in question is fit to live in the country.

When well written, a character reference letter can work in favor of the immigrant. Here, we explore how to draft this letter appropriately.

Who Can Write a Character Reference Letter for Immigration?

In essence, anyone can draft this letter. However, the most impactful recommendations are written by people close to the applicant. These are individuals who can offer personal narratives of the applicant’s character and personality. Common drafters include a:

  • Friend
  • Employer
  • Landlord
  • Teacher/lecturer/instructor
  • Church leader
  • Friend or relative already living in the country.

Always look for a reputable member of society to recommend you. They will likely hold more sway with the immigration judge or reviewing agent.

What to Include in an Immigration Character Reference Letter

This letter is written for a formal audience. Nonetheless, it should contain personal details, such as:

  • Your relationship with the applicant
  • Contributions the applicant has made to society.
  • Future contributions they are expected to make
  • Relevant positive attributes of the person in question

Tell a brief story of why the applicant should be allowed to live in the county and make sure it reads like a personal narrative.

Tips for Writing a Reference Letter for Immigration

When drafting your letter, here are some tips to help you come up with an appropriate message.

  • Address it appropriately
  • State your relationship with the applicant
  • Mention positive qualities
  • Give details, dates, durations, and names
  • Include your contact details
  • Maintain an honest, optimistic, and formal tone
  • Offer to answer any further questions
  • Provide your job title and place of work

Be careful that your letter doesn’t sound like a list of demands. You want the reader to see your point of view without feeling like they are being forced to.

Immigration Character Reference Letter Format

{Sender’s Name}

{Sender’s Address}

{City, State, and Zip Code}

{Contact Number}

{Email Address}


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, and Zip Code}

RE: Immigration Character Reference for Subject’s Name

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this character reference letter for immigration on behalf of {Subject’s name}. {Subject’s last name} and I have been {nature of relationship} for {amount of time}. We met in {name of country} {amount of time} ago while I was {nature of visit}.

He/she is a respectable, trustworthy, and kind person. He/she is also diligent in his/her work and is highly regarded at {name of company} where he/she works.

{Subject’s name’s family/spouse} has lived in the United States for {amount of time}. He/she could not join them because of {give reasons} but has since completed all obligations.

I consider it an honor to know {subject’s name}. I gladly recommend them for citizenship in this country.

Please contact me if you have further questions.


{Your name}

Sample Character Reference Letter for Immigration

Mark Mackenzie

General Manager

Tropix Limited

JC 23456, New Jersey

5 July, 2020

The Immigration Department Head

34 Jersey City Lane

New Jersey

RE: Character Reference Letter for Immigration to Support Ms. Jane Rudolf

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing this letter to support Jane Rudolf’s application to become an American Citizen. I am a general manager at Tropix Limited, NJ, and have worked with Ms. Rudolf for four years through our outreach program. In that time, I have witnessed her kindhearted, respectful, and responsible nature. She is also diligent, accountable, and time-conscious in her work.

Ms. Rudolf runs our Single Mothers and Orphan Outreach program in Canada. She is dedicated to the local community and is loved by everyone. I believe that she will be an asset to our New Jersey office.

I feel fortunate to know Jane Rudolf as a coworker and personal friend. I am confident that, should her citizenship application be accepted, she would make an incredible addition to this country.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.


Mark Mackenzie

Samples and Templates

A character reference letter for immigration template contains all the fundamental parts of this formal letter. By following its format, you can create an impactful draft. You can also draw inspiration from the sample provided here.

Character Reference Letter for Immigration Template

File Format
  • MS Word

Character Reference Letter for Immigration from Employer

A character reference letter for immigration can prove an applicant’s reputation and track record when written by an employer. This letter should be written in a formal, relevant, and very detailed format.
File Format
  • MS Word

Immigration Character Reference Letter from Family Member

A character reference letter from a family member can be drafted by a parent, spouse, sibling, adult child, or other close relation already living in the country. It offers the highest chance of a positive outcome within a short period.
File Format
  • MS Word

Immigration Reference Letter for a Friend

This letter is written on behalf of a close acquaintance who wishes to live in the country. It should contain a personal account of the applicant’s character.
File Format
  • MS Word

Immigration Letter Examples

Immigration letters are official documents prepared by or for people who intend to visit another county. Essentially, they are written to prove the immigrant’s ingenuity and reliability so as to increase their chances of a positive response.

Character Reference Letters for Immigration

Character reference letters for immigration are recommendations written on behalf of someone who intends to visit your country to support their immigration application. While the immigration judge has the final say on the matter, these letters can shift the odds in favor of the applicant by highlighting their positive qualities.

Immigration Reference Letters

Immigration letters of recommendation are official documents handed into the immigration office on behalf of an applicant to vouch for their moral or professional character. They can only be written by people who know the applicant, such as friends, relatives, parents, employees, or religious officers.

Immigration Letters for a Friend

An immigration letter for a friend is a formal recommendation written on behalf of an immigration applicant by someone who shares a close relationship with them. The main purpose of the message is to vouch for the applicant’s sincerity, ingenuity, and moral character to the immigration judge.


A character reference letter for immigration is written to attest to the excellent character of an applicant. It raises their chances of getting a positive response. When drafting this letter, you should add a personal touch and mention the positive qualities of the Subject. You should also maintain a courteous, optimistic, and professional tone. Finally, make sure you address your letter appropriately for maximum impact.

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