Change of Address Letter to Court (with Template)

Moving from one residence to another is stressful enough without the responsibility of notifying your contacts about the change lingering over your head. Nonetheless, if you are in the middle of a legal proceeding, you must inform the court of your address change. You can do this through a formal letter.

A change of address letter to Court is a formal legal document presented to a judge or court authority informing them that you have moved to a new residence and requesting that any future correspondence be sent there.

Here is everything you need to know to draft this sensitive letter.

Writing Guide for a Change of Address Letter

Most states have a laid-out procedure for notifying a court about your change of address. In most cases, you will be required to fill out a formal document that you might find online or through your attorney. This guide should help you draft the accompanying letter, which is just as crucial. To structure your message, include the following details:


Begin your letter by inserting the date, your address, and the court’s address. When writing to a judge, always place ‘honorable’ before their name.


Once you have identified the recipient of your letter and familiarized them with your reason for writing, you can proceed to the bulk of your message. Your letter’s body should explain the following:

  • Why you are moving
  • When you are moving
  • Your current and new address
  • How this change will affect your court duties, if necessary
  • How this problem might be fixed


Always close your letter with a formal sentiment such as, ‘thank you for your time’ and include your full name, signature, and contact information.

Writing Tips for a Change of Address Letter

Legal documents should adhere to any regulations that govern them. For example, if a copy of your identification card should accompany your request letter, not attaching it could get your letter thrown out. The following tips should keep you in the clear:

  • Always locate all documents needed to support your letter.
  • If you attach a document, mention it in the body of your letter.
  • Never send original copies to the court.
  • Retain a copy of your letter after you send it
  • Insert honorable before the Judge’s name
  • Write professionally and clearly.
  • Include all the relevant details but keep your message brief and to the point
  • Close the letter with your full name and signature

Change of Address Letter to a Court (Format)


{Recipient’s Name}

{Court Name or Jurisdiction}

{Court Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Change of Address for {Identification/Case Number}

Hon {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

I am writing to notify your esteemed office that I will be moving to a new place of residence on {date}. Due to this move, I will not be able to receive my court correspondences at my current address. I am, therefore, requesting that your offices update my address information as follows:

Current Address:

{Your current address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

{Contact Information}

New Address:

{Your new address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

{Contact Information}

As I will be moving {closer to/further from} the court, I will also {mention how the move will affect your court obligations}. I would highly appreciate it if your office {offer possible remedy}.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


{Your Name}

{Your Signature}

Sample Change of Address Letter to a Court

17 December 2030

Justice Holly Pullman

New Jersey Civil Court

123 Main Street

Jersey City, NJ 87890

Re: Change of Address

Hon. Pullman,

I am writing to inform you that I will be moving to a new area of residence on 24 December 2030. Since this move will affect my mailing address, I would appreciate it if your office updated my contact information as follows:

Current Address:

5780 Kingsley Road

Jersey City, NJ 34211

+ 545 678 6789

New Address:

0098 Linkin Door Road

Jersey City, NJ 87997

+454 445 4545

Because I am currently on probation, I understand that your office will have to approve this move. I have filled the necessary papers through my attorney and sent them to your office. I have also filed the necessary papers with my probation officer. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Remy Johannes

Change of Address Letter to Court (Word Template)

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Key Takeaways

When drafting a Change of Address Letter to Court, it is vital to remember that you are addressing a judge or a court. Provide facts about your address change, keep your letter short, and maintain a formal and professional tone. If you are unsure of the importance of a sentence, omit it from your message.

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