Certificate of Appreciation for Teachers

A Certificate of Appreciation for teachers is a simple document designed to convey your high level of gratitude and appreciation for your favorite teacher(s). Teachers are among the most underappreciated group of people on the planet. A good teacher puts their heart, body, and soul into their profession, feeling a deep sense of responsibility, devotion, and connection to their students. Sadly, most of this goes unnoticed or simply taken for granted. Without these tenacious individuals, we’d be unable to write, read, or perform simple mathematics. They are, without a doubt, the most essential of people when it comes to helping to shape our civilization. Since many receive little in the way of positive feedback, people, educational institutions, and students have taken to show their gratitude by way of creating and presenting Certificates of Appreciation for their most beloved teachers.

Our simple and easy to use the guide below is designed to show you just how you and yours can craft such a document for yourselves to present.

How to Write an Appreciation Certificate for Teachers

When you present your teacher with a Certificate of Appreciation, you’re not just saying “thank you,” but you’re also giving them something tangible to place on their wall, a memento of sorts, reminding them just how special they are and were. Composing an appreciation certificate for a teacher isn’t a difficult thing. However, in order for it to look professional, then it does have certain elements to include. As long as you include the following information, you’ll have a beautiful and professional Certificate of Appreciation, suitable to be framed and displayed. Here are a few hints to help you get started.

  1. Examine Previously Composed Samples and Templates

    Take a look at our Certificate of Appreciation templates to get the idea of what such a certificate entails. By looking at our professionally designed samples and templates, for instance, you’ll get a sense of what to include and what to leave out.

  2. Use a Professional Tone

    The tone matters. Unless the certificate is meant to be funny, then keep it formal. Remember, this is something you’d like the teacher to remember, a document she can frame and hang in her office. Keep the wording brief, and remember you can and should use different font sizes for different sections. For instance, the wording will usually have a larger size font than the signatures or date.

  3. Contact the Educational Institution, Organization or Group First

    Before you start, go and as the educational institution if they have any formal guidelines. Some organizations do have their way of doing things, and may even have a template of their own. This is crucial, as you want to ensure that the certificate comes off as official and not something you drew up at the last minute.

  4. Statement of Recognition

    Be precise when it comes to writing the Statement of Recognition, otherwise known as wording. Here, it’s crucial that you point out specifics that pertain directly to the recipient. There are no rules here. You can include dates, names, as well as other items of intent. Whatever the purpose of composing the certificate was, it is to be included in the Statement of Recognition.

Certificate of Appreciation for Teacher Templates

While composing a Certificate of Appreciation for Teacher is a pretty straightforward document, you may find that either you lack time to create one yourself, from scratch, or you just don’t feel you have the writing talent. Either way, our professionally designed Certificate of Appreciation for Teacher templates will be able to help you out.

Each of our easy to customize templates can be downloaded to your computer. When it comes time to create, you open it up in MS Word and begin to insert your information in their proper areas, as outlined to you in the template. Know that you can edit the template any way you like, even add some images! Once it’s to your liking, save it to your PC, print, frame, and present! It’s just that simple.

What to Include in a Certificate of Appreciation for Teachers

Now that you have a basic idea of how to start, it’s time to know what to include. In general, most certificates of appreciation for any topic carry with them the same format. Can you re-adjust the format below? Of course, you can, our Certificate of Appreciation for Teachers templates give you great freedom when it comes to how you wish your certificate to look. Perhaps you’d like the title to come before the organization; then, you are free to do so. You can even add some clip art to the certificate if you wish.
  • The institution, group or organization presenting the certificate.
  • The title of the certificate, such as Certificate of Appreciation, Certificate of Achievement, or Certificate of Recognition.
  • Presentation wording such as: Is hereby awarded to, Is in recognition for.
  • The Statement of Recognition: This Certificate of Appreciation is awarded for Ms. Leslie, for her outstanding contribution Mount Harrisburg Elementary School for her devotion to her students. Her unwavering support of her students is reflected in their affection for her, as well as their academic performance.
  • The recipients first and last name. Be careful here, and double check to ensure both first and last names are spelled correctly.
  • The date the certificate was awarded.
  • Areas for important signatures. Include their titles if applicable: Sir James Wilkenson, Jarvis Mora, Esq., Ms. Lynette Bristol, CEO Franklin Corporation.

Sample Wording (Certificate of Appreciation for Teachers)

Awarded to

Ms. Roberta Jennings

We hereby award this certificate of appreciation to a one, Ms. Roberta Jennings, on this day of April 9, 2020, in recognition for her tireless devotion to her students in the field of mathematics. Due to her dedication her students have excelled in their field of study via her implementation of diverse educational tactics aimed at creating a favorable educational environment.

Rockville Central High School

_________________ __________________

Superintendent Principal

Tips for Writing the Perfect Appreciation Certificate

Composing your certificate isn’t rocket science, but that being said, there are a few things you should be cognizant about, and we’ve included these in our list of tips below.
  • Make sure the wording of the Statement of Recognition comes across as personal for the recipient and reflects their actual achievements. Never make the certificate come across as generic in any way.
  • Always print the certificate out on high quality, specialty paper. Never use copy paper, as it looks cheap and anything but official.
  • Take the printed copy to have it professionally framed or purchase a frame yourself. A beautifully framed certificate completes the presentation, as it comes across as professional and official.
  • If you have questions on the correct spelling of any name included on the certificate, then ask before you type. This goes for any other information to be included as well.
  • Take a look at certificate samples and note the type of fonts they incorporate. You can use different fonts and font sizes for the certificate. For instance, many certificates will use fonts of the Old English type.
  • Ask others who are involved to looking over the wording to see if you’ve left out any important data that pertains to the recipient.

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Appreciation Certificate

Even though this is a short document, there are still many errors which can occur. Once you’ve completed your certificate, take a quick look at our list of mistakes to avoid, to make certain that you’ve not missed anything.
  • Avoid grammar and punctuation errors. First things first. When you complete the certificate, carefully proofread it for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. If you feel you’re not skilled in that area, you can run it through one of the many online proofreading programs or have someone else do it for you.
  • Avoid Misspelled names. Make sure all personal names listed on the document have their correct spelling. If any names are misspelled, it makes the certificate useless and will make the recipient feel unimportant.
  • Don’t forget to make additional copies to pass out to family members.
  • Above all, don’t be sloppy with this certificate. Certificates of appreciation are meant to uplift and restore the morale of the recipient, so no old paper, no weak statement of appreciation, and so on. It should look fresh, alive, and contain no errors whatsoever.

FAQs: Question and Answers

How do you show appreciation to your teacher?

Back in the old days, students would present an apple to the teacher to show their appreciation. However, today the ways for students to show their appreciation is left up to the imagination. For instance, students can pool their money together to get their teacher a card or gift. They can arrange a birthday party for their teacher if they so choose or simply create a Certificate of Appreciation for their teacher.

What to give a teacher to say thank you?

To show your gratitude to a teacher is a personal thing. Many students purchase gifts for their teachers. These gifts can include anything from a hat, glove, and scarf set for the winter months, or they can present them with a certificate of appreciation.

What do you write on a certificate of recognition for teachers?

The wording to include on your Certificate of Recognition will depend on what inspired the document in the first place. In the below example, the teacher’s name is Ms. Roberts, and she has assisted many children with special needs the confidence they require to achieve and believe in themselves:

In recognition for her outstanding performance in the 5th grade of instilling confidence in her students, we hereby award her with this certificate of recognition. Without her devotion to duty and obvious love for her students, they might not have achieved so much, in such little time