14+ Certificate of Appreciation for Guest Speaker Templates

As a matter of courtesy, organizations will usually express their gratitude for the services or favors rendered to them by the various persons. One such person is the guest speakers. These are persons who are contracted to present speeches in functions that are hosted by an organization.

To express this gratitude to them, a ‘Certificate of Appreciation for Guest Speaker’ has to be designed, manufactured, and presented. Given that it is presented by a firm, it has to contain every trapping of an official letter. These include the company letterhead, official colors, and uniquely identifying characters. We look into it in finer details here below.

Inasmuch as these certificates are often short and to the point, they have to be drafted to the highest standards possible. Here below, we examine some of the tips that inform the accomplishment of the right task. These tips have been relied on years on end without fail.
  • Follow the Set Guidelines. Certificates come in different shades and forms. These differences are mainly determined by the person to whom it is addressed. Moreover, each organization has its own sets of ethos, guidelines, and approaches that govern the design of these certificates. It is in your best interest to search for and abide by these guidelines if and when they do exist.
  • Maintain the Letter in a Formal Manner. A certificate of this kind is for all practical purposes a formal document. As such, you have to maintain it that way. Use words and expressions that convey respect and good honor. That is the only guarantee that it shall be interpreted and used in a similarly formal manner.
  • Make use of Templates if need be. If you have never designed these certificates before, you should insist on using templates as they provide the necessary steps and guidance to make the best one. You will find these templates online or in the major pieces of software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Lotus Freelance Graphics.
  • Employ a Cool and Soothing Tone. The tone you use inevitably has to be cool and soothing. Remember, you are offering appreciation to someone for the service rendered with the possibility that this person will come back to you again. Do not express any resentment even if the guest did not perform to your standards.
  • Keep it Short and Concise. Maintain the contents of the certificate short and concise. Avoid using overly verbose languages especially those that do not seem to further the theme of appreciation. Use catchy words and highlight those words that tend to carry the bulk of the explanations.
  • Speak to the Recipient. It is imperative that you speak out to the recipient directly. Use words that tend to inspire and address the recipient precisely. While at it, try and inspire other members of staff to look up to the recipient for similar achievements themselves.

Certificate of Appreciation for Guest Speaker Templates

Template is a great tool to use to craft your certificate of appreciation. That is mainly because it provides the skeleton outline against which you draft the certificate. To help your out in this we prepared some templates for you. Here are some professionally designed templates in MS Word to help you in creating a professional certificate of appreciation.

Certificate of Appreciation for Guest Speaker in Church

Churches perhaps rely on guest speakers more than any other institution. They will usually invite guest speakers to deliver sermons and other motivational talks. It is only a matter of courtesy to appreciate these guest speakers after they have delivered those very sermons.

A certificate of appreciation to that effect is usually drafted. This certificate typically contains the following pieces of information:

  • Name of the guest pastor
  • The exact thing or event for which he is appreciated
  • When and where the appreciation takes place
  • Vital signatures of the relevant persons
  • A formal expression of gratitude for the job well done

Certificate of Appreciation for Guest Speaker Seminar

Like the churches above the seminars also rely heavily on guest speakers to drive them. The guest speakers will often attend the seminars to talk about some given subject matter. Yet again, it is important to appreciate them after the delivery of the speeches.

A certificate of appreciation comes in handy here as well. This certificate basically furnishes the following vital pieces of information:

  • The exact name of the firm that issues the certificate
  • The official names and identities of the speaker concerned
  • The specific event or seminar that the speaker is being thanked for
  • Signatures of the persons involved in issuing the certificate
  • A note of thanks for the service rendered

Certificate of Appreciation for Guest Speaker (in Word)

Designing and drafting a quality certificate of appreciation for guest speakers need not necessarily be that much expensive affair. It is indeed possible to incur the least amount of money but at the same time come up with a quality masterpiece. That calls for the use of the cheapest software available, such as Microsoft Word. Such a certificate will naturally contain:

  • The company name and logo
  • A title stating, ‘Certificate of Appreciation for Guest Speaker’
  • A blank space for the name of the recipient
  • Some blank spaces for the signatures and dates
  • Any other unique identifiers like the company colors

What to Include in a Certificate of Appreciation for Guest Speaker

Regardless of who exactly you are appreciating, the certificate of appreciation for guest speakers will contain more or less similar pieces of information. These include the following:
  • The company name and logo
  • A brief description of the certificate being issued out
  • The name and the title of the volunteer or employee who issues the certificate on behalf of the company
  • The statement that officially recognizes or vouches for the issuance of that certificate.
  • The date, time, and year when the certificate was issued
  • The relevant signatures of the issuer and the recipient

Tips for writing a perfect certificate of appreciation for guest speaker

Most ‘Certificates of Appreciation for Guest Speakers’ will contain the following standard pieces of information:
  • Individual or organization presenting the certificate – This is the name of the organization that is thanking the guest speaker for the job well done. The name has to be bold and official in character.
  • Name of the Certificate – Being one that appreciates the guest speaker, this document has to bear the name, ‘Certificate of Appreciation for Guest Speaker’ followed by the precise name of the speaker at hand.
  • Presentation Wording – It is here that you express appreciation proper. You use words that truly depict your heartfelt appreciation. If anyone listens to or reads the word, the person has to get the point home.
  • Name of Recipient – You have to identify the recipient by his official name. Use words of respect like the Mr., Sir, Mrs., Your Excellency, and so on. This is to generate some respect in the course of expressing gratitude altogether.
  • Reason for the Presentation – Why exactly are you presenting the certificate? Is it merely for a job well done or could it be that there are other benefits that guest speakers may have brought along? Either way, you have to make the same succinct and open.
  • Dates of the Issuance – This refers to the exact when you issued the certificate. Any future references will be made against this date.
  • Signatures and relevant designations, if applicable – Round it up with any signatures of the relevant persons. These could be the person issuing, the recipient, and the overall head of the company concerned.

Mistakes to avoid

It is not uncommon for you to make some mistakes in the course of designing and drafting this wonderful document. Here, we highlight some of the mistakes that are rife in the course of crafting this document:
  • Disregarding the norms – Every organization has its own standard norms and best practices. It is imperative that you abide by these norms strictly and faithfully while crafting your certificate. The failure to uphold these norms might mean you ending up with a document that is irrelevant.
  • Using lighter images, multimedia, and graphics – It is important that you make do with bold and clearly legible graphics, multimedia, and images while drafting these certificates. That is the only guarantee that they will stay legible for a prolonged duration of time.
  • Leaving out the header tags – You should never leave out the header tags when designing this wonderful piece of document. They go a long way in uniquely identifying your document while at the same time give it the official character it badly wants.
  • Concealing the contact information – Never conceal your contact information. Not only does this suggest a lack of sincerity, but also does it impede the smooth correspondences that may later arise when there is the need to follow up.
  • Being vague – Never be vague at all. You want to reveal every vital piece of information that may be necessary at this stage. Express these vital contents succinctly as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We now look into some of the questions that are frequently asked with regards to the issuance of the certificate of appreciation for the guest speaker:
How do you appreciate a guest speaker?

Follow these steps to do that:
• Show that you are grateful for the time and effort that the guest speaker devoted to your firm.
• Praise the organization and the firm for conferring this award.
• Round up with the statements that border on appreciation, commitment, and modesty.

When do you say when presenting a Certificate of Appreciation?

Say ‘thank you’ for the service and the time that the guest spares to be with you. If possible, ask him to come back a second time as you would be pleased to interact with him and engage his services yet again.

What is the difference between a Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition?

An appreciation thanks or praises someone for a job well done. Recognition, on the other hand, acknowledges or shows cause the milestone or mere achievement of someone or something. It does not provide any reward or special privilege to the affected person or organization.


Appreciating a guest is, by all means, a noble thing to do. It not only builds trust but also shows that you are truly grateful for the service rendered. Passing this appreciation is definitely a sure way of enticing the same guest to attend to you later. How about you reading out explanations with a keen eye of attention? You will get all the necessary inspiration there!