Certificate of Appreciation for Employees

A certificate of appreciation for employees is a document that is issued by an employer/company to its staff as a way of recognizing their input and dedication in achieving the company goals. You can award the certificates at the end of a project or after reaching certain milestones to motivate employees to offer their best. Companies that issue appreciation certificates to their employees testify of increased morale and productivity.

How to write an appreciation certificate for employees

An appreciation certificate should be brief and concise. When crafting your certificate, consider the following tips:
  • Utilize templates: An excellent appreciation certificate should feature exemplary format, design, and wording. Since its tasking to design the document from scratch, the best option is to use templates no unless you have a standard template that was used for similar events previously. Search online for the best template betting your specific occasion.
  • Adopt a formal approach: Most appreciate certificates are official documents and should adopt formal wording. But if you’ve awarding certificates for an informal event, you can use the appropriate wording.
  • Adhere to set guidelines: when creating appreciation certificates for your organization, it essential to stick to established guidelines, formats, templates, and procedures.
Since it’s challenging to create appreciation certificates from scratch, we have made your work simpler by providing professionally designed templates in Word format. Please go through our templates and choose one that suits your needs. Our templates are easy to customize.

What to include in a certificate of appreciation

Although most employee appreciation certificates differ from one organization to another, they usually adopt the same format. The type of appreciation certificates will determine its contents. A standard appreciation certificate will include the following details:
  • Your organization/company name & logo
  • Type of certificate
  • Employee’s name and designation
  • Dates
  • A brief description as to why you’re awarding the certificate
  • Signature and title of the issuing authority

The document should be addressed to the specific employee, although the wordings should be used to inspire other employees to strive for comparable results.

Tips for writing a perfect appreciation certificate

When creating an ideal employee appreciation certificate, it’s vital to ensure it features the essential details. Important information that you should feature in the document includes:
  • How the employee has helped the company to achieve its goals
  • The name of the organization
  • Specific names, signature, and title
  • Date
  • Name of the certificate

Mistakes to avoid while writing an appreciation certificate

As you create the employee appreciation letter, you should avoid the following errors:
  • Unnecessary details. Your certificate should only include valid and essential details, recheck the wording before printing the certificate.
  • Disregarding the set guidelines. Before creating your appreciation certificate, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with your organization’s instructions regarding the matter.
  • Missing information. It’s vital to proofread and edit the certificate before printing. Look for missing header tags, names, and signatures. It’s also essential to ensure the names are correctly spelled.
  • Avoid heavy graphics, images, and multimedia
  • Missing contact information. The certificate should include relevant contact information.


What is a certificate of appreciation?

It’s a unique document that used organizations, companies, and individuals to show gratitude for support or work. These certificates are issued at the end of a project or after specific goals are achieved. The main aim of issuing these certificates is to motivate the individual and cultivate positive performance.

Is a certificate of appreciation an award?

Yes. An appreciation certificate is an award that recognizes exemplary performance and motivates others to emulate specific results. It’s an excellent way of promoting positive self-image and cultivating increased performance.

How do you write an employee appreciation letter?

The simplest way to write an employee appreciation letter is to use our templates. In your letter, include the relevant details such as why you appreciate the employee, name of the recipient, designation, date, address, and signature of the person authorized to issue the certificate. Your letter should be passing a personalized message to a specific employee.