Certificate of Achievement: Sample Wording & Content

Certificates of Achievements are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional grasp of a particular topic such as mathematics, or performance such as sales. They encourage all involved to strive for a particular goal. Once that goal is achieved, they then receive the certificate. Certificates of Achievements can be granted for any subject and are even created by parents to reward their children for good behavior or a chore. These awards provide an incentive to recipients which also increase their self-esteem and drive.

By reading our wording examples below, you’ll get a good grasp of what is required to create your own, sound and substantial Certificate of Achievement for any topic.

How to Write a Certificate of Achievement

Below, we have given an example of how to compose your Certificate of Achievement. Please realize that there are no hard and fast rules. As long as you include the name of the recipient, the organization giving the award, the reason for the award, and the date of the presentation, your certificate will be complete. Remember, that the space on these certificates is quite limited, so keep it brief, concise and to the point.

The following example can be utilized for almost any Certificate of Achievement Award.

We at (Organization Name) hereby award this Certificate of Achievement in (Subject) on (Date) to (Name) for their outstanding contributions to (Topic). We are pleased to present you with this award, as your diligence and devotion to (Topic) has surpassed any and all expectations we may have had. You have been an inspiration to not only our staff but all who have come in contact with you.

Sample Certificate:


For Certificate of Academic Achievement


In recognition of your outstanding performance in achieving a high, academic standing in the field of robotics, we hereby grant you this certificate of academic achievement. Your diligence in regard to your studies has been an inspiration for not only our students, but our staff as well.

Certificate of Achievement Wording for Student


We at Hilliard High are proud to present this Certificate of Achievement to Milton Freeberg for his outstanding performance in his major of mathematics. Due to your papers and studies, our organization has been viewed most favorably by our peers. We are grateful for your devotion to your chosen field.

Certificate of Achievement Wording for Kindergarten


We hereby award this Certificate of Achievement to Molly Kincaid for her continued efforts in art and winning our finger painting art competition hosted on 29 April 2019. Her excellent use of colors and shapes created a very beautiful piece of artwork which will be displayed in our upcoming art festival.

Certificate of Achievement Wording for Preschool


In recognition for their stunning achievement in knowing their colors and drawing ability, we hereby present Caitlin Meyers with this Certificate of Achievement in Art. She has continued to demonstrate a consistent aptitude and interest in creativity, and we believe it should be encouraged by both staff and family.

Certificate of Achievement Wording for Employee


In recognition for reaching an all-time sales record for their departmental division, we gladly award this Certificate of Achievement in Sales to Salina Beauford, for her outstanding efforts in generating leads and closing sales. It is our pleasure to have Salina on our sales team, and we wish her much continued success in the future.

Certificate of Achievement Wording for Sports


For outstanding performance in our water sports program, we at Kingston College hereby award Joseph R. Stansford this Certificate of Achievement in Water Sports. Due to his refusal to give up against all odds, he has been an inspiration for not only our staff and student body, but to all who have come to know him. We wish him continued success as he moves from amateur to professional sports.

Certificate of Achievement Wording for Excellence in Financial Reporting


Collinswood Financial is proud to award this Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting to its employee, Roger Brinkwater, for his outstanding performance in providing Collinswood with exceptional financh records due to his talents and abilities. Through his diligence and determination, he has served both us and our clients with his loyalty, honesty and devotion.

Certificate of Achievement Wording for Promotion Points


For outstanding achievement and commitment to excellence during the 175th FMSC command post exercises on April 30, 2019. Your drive and determination for self-improvement was apparent in your scoring, where you have been awarded an overall score of 299 points. Your efforts during these exercises greatly reflect your dedication to your own standards of excellence as well as your regiment.

Certificate of Achievement Wording for Physical Fitness


In recognition for an outstanding exhibition of physical fitness, we at Ferguson Physical Fitness hereby dedicate this award to Jonathan Baker on April 29, 2019, for his exceptional perseverance and dedication to his drive to become physically sound and strong. He is a credit to our organization, and we hope he continues with us in our establishment.

Certificate of Achievement Wording for Army Physical Fitness Test


In recognition for their exceptional performance at the 62nd Quartermaster Fitness Test on April 29, 2019, we hereby award Stephanie Cromwell this Certificate of Achievement in passing her Army Physical Fitness Test. Due to her overall score as well as outstanding performance and improvement, her dedication reflected positively on her as well as her company.


You can create customized achievement award certificates from the following resource:

Conclusion: Certificates of Achievements encourage participants to increase their productivity and abilities in achieving their goals. Whether it is a professional, educational or home setting these awards are a way to guide individuals on their quest, knowing that if they succeed their efforts will be recognized and rewarded. This type of incentive also increases their self-esteem and encourages future development. Finally, this is a formal document that demonstrates that the individual has indeed achieved a particular status through their efforts and accomplishments.

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