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Certificate Letter: How to Write a Certificate Letter

A certification letter is written to clarify or confirm information about a person or an entity. These letters most times are part of a job or visa application, tenancy application, or college admission. The letter should be brief and precise. You should follow the standard business format when writing the letter.

Writing these letters can be challenging especially if it’s your first time. Rely on templates and samples to get a feeling of what you need to do.

How to write a certificate letter

  • Use quality papers with a letterhead: When writing the certification letter, use a professional letterhead; it will depict the authenticity of the letter.
  • Make sure the letter is has a signature: Since we write a certification letter to confirm information, it should bear an official signature of the writer. You should remember certification letters can serve as legal evidence.
  • Date: Include the date of writing the letter.
  • Salutation: Use the proper salutation for the reader.
  • Subject: Summarize the purpose of the letter in a few words. Your recipient should be able to understand the purpose of the letter by reading the subject line.
  • The body: In the first few lines of the body, include all the necessary details about what you are certifying. It should include any other details you consider relevant in the subsequent paragraphs.
  • Complimentary close: Your certification letter must end in polite words.
  • Proofread the certification letter: Avoid using different fonts and colors in your letter. Proofread the letter to make sure the letter has no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Sample Certificate Letter/Email

Kim George1738 W. Summerdale Avenue

Chicago, IL 60640

11th Feb 2019

Subject: Grades confirmation

Dear Mr. George,

I write this letter to certify that Jessica Timbley was a student at Chicago State University from September 2014 to August 2017. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in Print media and attained a GPA of 3.84.

Throughout her course of study, she showed exemplary dedication to studies and sports. In her fourth year, she was the student’s deputy college president.

She stands to be an outstanding asset in your organization.

If you need further details, kindly contact my office.


Tom Adams

Dean of students

Chicago State University

Types of certificate letter

Salary certificate letter

A salary certificate letter highlights important details about a salaried employee. It breaks down the employee’s salary to indicate the gross salary, total deductions, and the net salary. The letter also offers information on how many years the employees will serve the organization before retirement. The main aim of the letter is to enable financial institutions to gauge the creditworthiness of the employee. In the letter include;

  • Names of the employee
  • Their net salary
  • Tenure
  • Monthly deductions

Training certificate letter

In the career world, if you want to remain competitive, you must take courses to update your knowledge and sharpen your skills. A training certificate letter certifies that the individual has been trained in the specified course in the specific period. This information should feature in the certificate letter;

  • Topics trained
  • Period of the training
  • Names of the trainee
  • Grade attained

Medical certificate letter

A medical certificate letter is written by a doctor or any other authorized medical professional to confirm the results of a medical examination. Your employer, insurance company or any other interested party can request such a letter. The results in this letter can enable a person to qualify for certain benefits such as insurance compensation. The letter can also be used to certify that you are free from certain diseases. When writing the letter include;

  • The specific tests/examination done
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Name of the person
  • Name and signature of the doctor

Employment certificate letter

An employee certificate letter certifies that an employee has worked for the said company for a specified period. It also includes the employee’s achievements and qualities that made them achieve success in the company. It’s important to include these details when writing the letter;

  • Date of joining and leaving the company
  • Name of the employee
  • Positive qualities of the employee
  • Their achievements

Letter of certification of ownership

A letter of certification of ownership confirms that the indicated person is a legal owner of a property/ assets, etc. The letter can be written as a form of an affidavit. Include these details in the letter;

  • Name of the individual
  • What they own
  • Your authority
  • Important dates

Letter of certification for Visa

Letter of certification for a visa is part of the standard visa application documents. Mostly your employer writes the letter to confirm that they know of your intention of visiting another country and that they have granted you leave for the specified period. Include this information in the letter;

  • The reason for the visit
  • Your relationship with the visa applicant
  • Period of travel
  • Willingness to assist with more information about the applicant

Letter of certification of knowing a person

If you have been requested to write a letter to certify you know a person, the requester is asking for a proof that the individual is dependable. Before writing a letter to verify an individual, understand the requester’s requirements and gather sufficient details about the person. Include these in the letter;

  • Your relationship with the individual
  • Positive attributes
  • The duration you have known the person
  • Why you can recommend them

Letter of certification of Residency

A letter of certification of residency proofs your physical address, you can write a letter, or your landlord can write the letter. If you write the letter, your landlord must sign the letter to confirm the details in the letter. The letter can be requested as part of a school or visa application. These details should feature in the letter;

  • Duration of the residency
  • Your names
  • Address