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A call sheet is a document that’s commonly used in the entertainment industry. They are essential in keeping names and other information organized during the video, photo, and film shoots. Having a clear and organized call sheet is essential to staying on time and ensuring that the job goes smoothly.

Call sheets are used in the entertainment industry to provide essential information to everyone involved in the production. The call sheet is distributed to all cast and crew so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to scheduling and knowing who should be where at any given time. The call sheet can be written using an online template or can be customized based on the information needed for the shoot.

What is a movie call sheet?

The call sheet acts as a schedule to remind everyone when things need to happen on set. This document is very important and is designed to keep everything and everyone organized. The call sheet provides information to the cast and crew about who is scheduled to work and where they should be throughout the production. A movie call sheet, in particular, tells everyone involved detailed information that is pertinent to being on the set.

What is a call sheet template?

A call sheet template is a document that provides an outline of what a call sheet should look like. There may be different templates available for movies, short videos, or photoshoots. The call sheet should list the schedule for the day and include information on the cast and crew involved in each aspect of the production. The template provides the base for creating and personalizing the call sheet with information related to the specific production. Most templates are free to use. They can be printed from a standard printer which saves time and money.

Call Sheet Templates and Examples

What does a call sheet include?

The call sheet includes everything needed to know the daily schedule for filming or photography. The following information can help you know the key items to include in your call sheet.

  • Names of cast and crew – May include all names for smaller productions or a specific list of names related to each day of shooting.
  • Contact information – Should provide phone numbers and/or email addresses of those in charge so they can be contacted for questions.
  • Times and geographical locations – Provide specific info on when and where the production is taking place.
  • Weather information – Usually only needed for outdoor shoots.
  • Related events – Lets the cast and crew know when breaks are planned for meals and can also provide information on where food will be served.

How to create a call sheet

The top of your call sheet should include information on the name of the production. This may include the episode name or number or the name of the film, or other identifying information. Be sure to specify the date and time to prevent no-shows and to keep people on time. You can also include the name of the production company, the name of the director, and the key personnel involved, along with their contact information. If you plan on shooting outside, be sure to include the weather forecast. Be precise in listing the times for each event throughout the day, including break times and when you expect the day to end.

Tips for using a call sheet template

There are call sheet templates designed for use on any type of production. A call sheet for a movie will look different than a call sheet for a photoshoot. Your template may include just the basics, which can work for many productions. But some templates take it further and provide space for you to add safety information in case of an accident. Some templates also provide a space to list the walkie-talkie channels used during production, which is more common for videos and films. Your call sheet template should function for you, which is why some people prefer to customize their call sheet based on the production and preferences of the crew.

Key Points

It’s always important to remember that your call sheet only works for you if it’s customized to your particular situation. A call sheet designed to be used on a photoshoot won’t function as a call sheet for movie production. The call sheet can be as simple or as detailed as you need. But it’s important to include anything of importance that’s directly related to your production. Be sure to print enough copies for all cast and crew, plus a few extras to have on hand. The call sheet is usually created by the assistant director, the producer, or the production coordinator. Always leave room for last-minute changes or updates, and be sure to get the sheet to everyone the night before the production begins.

A call sheet is important to keep your production on schedule. Whether you’re doing a photoshoot, filming a short video, or doing a full-length film, you need a customized call sheet to help the production run as planned. Setbacks are normal, but providing all cast and crew with a call sheet can significantly reduce those setbacks and can save a lot of time and money.

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