Business Referral Thank You Note Examples and Templates

Have you got a contract or a few customers referral from a friend or another company? Well, it is crucial to thank the person who referred you to these business opportunities. Professional-wise, the thank you note is sent in the form of a letter referred to as a referral thank you note.

Here, we will discuss the benefits of a referral; thank you note, what to include in the note, how to write it, and how long it should be.

What is a referral thank you note?

This is like a letter note sent to the person or company that referred you to a job opportunity to show appreciation. The referral thank you note could be sent due to a contract you secured from the referral, acquisition of new customers through the referee, among others.

Although it is courteous to thank people when they offer something to you, this business move helps strengthen the relationship between or among the companies.

Referral Thank You Note Templates

Why should you send a referral thank you letter?

Shows gratitude. A person or company taking time to refer your business to a contract opportunity or recommending your services/ products shows they think highly of you and have faith in what you offer. In return, you need to show them that you appreciate their consideration and happy that they believe in you.

It opens the door for more referrals. In return, this company or person will be open to sending you more referrals as sent thank you note shows you recognize their effectiveness in helping boost your business growth.

Strengthens good relationship. A business cannot strive independently as you need allies to connect you with other business people. Thus, when you get to the point where you send referrals to each other, this act creates a good partnership and opens more opportunities to work together. Note that it is crucial that you also send referrals to the people or companies who do the same to you.

What should you include in a referral thank you note?

  • Address. Including your personal or company address is a must when sending any formal letter. So, start with the physical details of your company when writing a thank you note. This includes the name of the company, mail address, location, email, and telephone number.
  • Title. Before the recipient reads the letter’s content, let him/her know what the note is about.
  • Salutation. A salutation is a formal greeting included in a letter to acknowledge your recipient in the letter. However, make sure the greetings are conveyed professionally, as this is a formal note.
  • The body. This is the main content of the note. This is where you express your gratitude and reasons for writing the letter. When writing the body, ensure it is short, direct to the point. Briefly explain how the person’s or company’s referral has contributed to the growth of your company. Expressing your appreciation on this part of the letter is good since it shows your genuine intentions.
  • Conclusion. Write a brief conclusion to summarize the entire thank you note. If it is a company that gets services or products from your company, promise them a discount or an offer as a way of thanking them. Also, promise to refer them if you ever find an opportunity that suits them.

How to write a “thank you for the referral” note

  • Start with greetings. Professionally greet the recipient using their last name
  • Show gratitude. This is the main reason for writing the letter in the first place. So, in the body of thank you note, express your gratitude for them referring your company.
  • Conclude the letter. A referral thank you letter is always brief and straight to the point, just like any other formal letter. Thus, the conclusion should also be small. However, if you plan on giving the company discounts and promise for referrals from your end, include this info in conclusion.
  • Include personal contacts. If you did not include your contacts at the address, you could include the details below the conclusion.
  • Proofread and send. It is always good to proofread the note before sending it to check for any grammar and punctuation mistakes. Also, you may have indicated the wrong contact number or address. So, proofreading helps you see and rectify such small mistakes before sending.

How long should a referral thank you note be?

Two paragraphs should be enough when writing a referral thank you note. The first paragraph consists of greeting, thank you information, and appreciation of the impact the referrals have on your business. If you have more information you would want to tell the referee, include it in the second paragraph.

Should I include a discount offer in the note?

Yes! This is a way to show appreciation to the referee in their efforts to boost your products or services. Also, it opens doors for future business transaction since they know a company they can get the products or services at a reasonable rate.

How is a referral program beneficial?

  • Increases customers. If your service or products are top-notch, then the chances of the referred customers bringing more customers to your company are high.
  • Increases firm profits. This is a noticeable impact whereby, if your company gets more customers, you can make more profits than before.
  • Creates opportunities for future discounts. This is a benefit that the referee company or individual reaps for their excellent job. I mean, if the company you referred customers to opts to give you future discounts, then you have a chance of buying the products or getting the services at a lower price than before. Also, the company may refer you to opportunities they come across related to your company type.


  • Be specific and write from a personal expression. The note should not feel like you have used a template to write.
  • Ensure the note is short, brief, and straight to the point.


A business cannot succeed on its own. You need business allies who will help you connect with clients you cannot reach independently. A referral thank you letter is a way to show appreciation to your allies and helps to strengthen your business connections. The above are guides that will help you write an excellent referral thank you letter.

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