Business Reference Letter: Format & Samples

A business reference letter is normally used to recommend a vendor, a client or any other business associate. It is commonly used in business to business agreements; this is whereby the other party will have to perform a background assessment of the other entity before closing a deal.

Using this letter will enable the other firm to get enough information about your firm; your record of accomplishment will also come to light hence boosting the confidence of the other firm, this can also make them end up signing an agreement with you.

Things to keep in mind while writing this letter

  • The letter should be very formal, it is important that you always consider the language that you will be using.
  • You should be polite while writing the letter, but still, ensure that whatever you write is straightforward.
  • The matter that you are supposed to discuss should be short and to the point.
  • You should also consider reading through the letter to check for any typos or grammatical mistakes.

Letter Format

Business reference letter:

Your name,


Your Business Name.

Your Business Address,

City, State Zip Code.





Business Name.


City, State Zip Code.


Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (mention his or her last name),

Start by mentioning that you are writing to recommend the services of a particular company or a person.

In this paragraph, indicate the period that you have used or have been using those services, you should mention anything you know about them that is positive, whether it is punctuality, quality or price. Do not forget to mention the benefits it has brought to you or your organization and how pleased you were with their services or their products.

Tell them to contact you if they might need more questions or clarifications about your experience with that company or person.


Your name

for Business Construction

Business Construction Reference Letter

for Employment

Business Reference Letter for Employment

for Apartment

Business Reference Letter for Apartment

for Company

This is a letter written to recommend a particular company to other organizations so that they can get into an agreement. With this letter, the chances of failing to get into that agreement are limited.

Business Reference Letter for Company

For Rental

Business Reference Letter For Rental

for Colleague

Business Reference Letter for Colleague

Cooperative Reference Letter Example

This is basically a business reference letter that is written to another firm to verify your good performance or excellence to the company that wants to buy your goods or services. This letter will allow that company to get the right person or organization to sign an agreement with.

Cooperative Reference Letter Example

Business Partner Reference Letter

Business Partner Reference Letter

Reference Letter (WORD)

Business Reference Letter WORD

Sample Letter

Business Reference Letter Sample

Service Reference Letter Format

Business Reference Letter Format

Editable Business Reference Letter

This is a letter that is written with blank spaces left to be filled with accurate information about recommending a company or a client to certain services. This is the simplest way to write a reference letter, with this, you cannot fail to include everything that should be in the letter.

Editable Business Reference Letter

Sample Business Reference Letter

Sample Business Reference Letter

Business Reference Letter Example

Business Reference Letter PDF

Customer Reference Letter

Business Customer Reference Letter

Another Sample Letter

Printable Business Reference Letter

How to write a business reference letter

  • The letter should contain your name, your company, and address, as well that of the recipient.
  • Include the date that you wrote that letter.
  • Begin your letter with the correct salutation, this will show some kind of respect.
  • State the purpose of writing that letter and you should also name the person or company that you are recommending.
  • Explain the type of business transaction you have had with this person that you are recommending.
  • Now go directly to the recommendation statement where you will also have to mention the quality of the services or goods that you received from that company or person.
  • Finish by closing your letter in a professional way; make them feel free to contact you in case of anything.

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