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Running a small business means that you are juggling a lot of obligations and demands, and when you are budgeting there are a variety of costs to consider. Marketing, stock, equipment, insurance, and permits are just some of the costs that you might need to consider. Reducing the time, you spend creating a quality document can be invaluable and with a well-designed template, a large portion of the work is done for you. Simply fill in the expenses that your business is likely to incur and the funds at your disposal, and you can create a useful budgeting tool in no time.

Household budgeting can be arduous and there are enough factors to consider without worrying about fine tuning a spreadsheet. With a simple budgeting template, you can not only plan how you will spend your weekly income but a well-designed template makes it possible for you to view what percentage of your budget is being spent on different areas, allowing you to alter your budget and cut excess costs where necessary.

Using an intuitively designed and thoughtfully crafted budgeting template the minutia of short term and long term financial planning can be simplified and streamlined. Whether you are budgeting for a business, household, holiday or event, there is a budgeting template that can meet your needs.