Budget Request Form (Template & Samples)

A budget request form is a document used to request for funds from an organization or the management. For example, if you want to ask for operating overhead for your department or funds for expenses, you’ll submit a budget request form to your company. In the budget, you must include a comprehensive list of the requirements for the project and a justification of each item in the list.

In your request form, you must ensure the details in the document are clear enough to provide a comprehensive understanding of the project to the reader.

What to Include

When preparing your budget request form, should consider the following:

Your audience

In any organization or company, specific individuals manage and approve budgets and oversee spending. Before preparing your budget request form, you must investigate and know who to address your document to; get their names and correct contacts. The document must be submitted to the right office/ authority, and it should have no errors.


The budget request form should also include the request date and the disbursement dates. This is vital information for reference.

Projects background

In your budget request form, you should highlight a brief history of your project. This information may include the latest trends that may lead to the success of the project, past experiences, previous spending plans, or success in past endeavors. The recipient should also be in a position to understand the project from the information in the budget form.

Detailed plans

You must specify the purpose of the budget by giving a comprehensive plan of what will be needed for the project and how you plan to use the money you’re requesting. Your budget request form should clearly highlight the costs that will be involved in the project and their justification. For example, if your budget will be spending on supplies, you must list the specific supplies alongside the cost of each item.

If your department is handling several projects, you should highlight the requirements for each project by listing the items required for each project and cost. If you don’t have exact figures for the items, use correct estimates.

Summarize important details

In a paragraph or two, you can summarize important information about the project. Your name and contact details should also feature in the budget request form. As you terminate your request form, you can ask for a follow-up meeting where you’ll discuss the details of your funding request.

Budget Request Form Template

Date of request:

Your name and address:

Your phone number/ email address:

Reason for the request:

How you will spend the money:

Budget request determination

Date of committee meeting: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________

Request considered; cycle one (approval/rejection): ­­­­­­____________________

Reasons for denial: __________________________________

Request for additional information: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________________

Request considered; cycle two (approval/rejection): ____________________

Reasons for denial: __________________________________

Request for additional information: __________________________________

Date copy was received by the requesting party: __________________

Date of disbursement (for approved requests only): _______________

Amount disbursed (in $): ____________________________________

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    Tips for filling a budget request form

    • Justify the funding request. The recipient understand why you need the funds and also why they should consider your requests
    • Address your request to the right individual. Before preparing your budget request form, search for relevant information about the recipient. For example, use their full names, email, and phone numbers when addressing them.
    • Appreciate the recipient: If this is not the first time you’re submitting the budget request, thank the recipient for their past support and reiterate your commitment to build and strengthen the relationship.
    • Indicate your availability for discussion. As you terminate the budget request form, you should indicate that you are willing to meet the recipient(s), to clarify and details about the budget request.
    • A detailed project overview. Your budget request form should include a detailed overview of the items you’ll require for the project and the costs. Charts and lists will make this information more presentable and easier to understand.
    • Edit and proofread. Before printing and submitting your budget request form, go through the form and correct and grammar and spelling errors in the document. Also, ensure all figures in the document are accurate and factual.

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