Budget Approval Request Letter

Once you have finalized a budget for your project or department, you need to have it approved by your superiors. An approval will make it official and ready to be implemented. It could also serve as an official record that you had permission to purchase certain products, services, or equipment. Consequently, it is paramount that every professional learn how to draft a formal budget approval request letter.

Since budget approval request letters are professional correspondence, they should be drafted in professional and polite language. Your job is to convince the recipient that approval is the best move for your project and the company.

Here are more guidelines to help you achieve that.

Writing Tips for a Budget Approval Request Letter

Unless you own a company, you will ultimately have to answer someone on essential matters such as project and department budgets. You must keep in mind that any proposal you make should put the company’s interest first. Here are some pointers to help you achieve this with your budget approval request letter:

  • Address the letter appropriately – This involves finding out who in your company is in charge of budget approvals. Make sure you mention their correct name and job title in the letter.
  • Attach or refer to the budget – If you already presented the budget in a previous letter, refer to it in your draft. You can also include it as an attachment and mention it in the first paragraph.
  • Briefly describe the project or event – Briefly describe to the reader what the budget is set to cover. For instance, if it is meant for a department, you can mention how the department plans to implement it.
  • Justify your budget – Explain how the project or event serviced by your budget will affect the company positively. This is your chance to convince the recipient that you deserve approval.
  • Provide a timeline – If the project or event is time-sensitive, mention it in your letter. Provide the reader with a timeline that doesn’t inconvenience either of you.
  • Include your contact details – The reader might have questions concerning the budget. Provide your email address and phone number at the end of the letter.

Budget Approval Request Letter (Format)


{Recipient’s Name/Job Title}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Subject: Budget Approval Request for {Project/Department Name}

Dear {Mr./ Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

This is to inform you that I have prepared the budget for {department/project name}. It covers expenses for the coming {amount of time}. For your perusal, I have attached a copy herein.

At your convenience, I would appreciate it if you reviewed the budget. You can highlight any changes you would like made.

If there are none, please provide me with an approval by {date} so I can have the budget implemented by the Accounts Department.

Thank you for your prompt action regarding this matter.


{Your Name}

{Job Title}

Sample Request Letter for Budget Approval

13 August 2020

Joy White


JKL Industries

342 Main Street

Ohio TX, 34579

Subject: Budget Approval Request for 2020 Trade Show

Dear Mrs. White,

As per our last discussion, we will be planning our participation in the 2020 Energy Industries Trade Fair. I have formulated a budget for the event, which I have attached herein. I am writing to request that you review and approve the budget.

If there are changes you would like made, kindly highlight them in a copy of the budget. I will implement them and return the budget to you for approval.

Since the event is scheduled for two months from now, I would appreciate a prompt response. Your approval will allow me to book a floor space for our planned exhibitions and finalize other requirements.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, contact me on robertcalisle.com or 444 4564 454.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robert Carlisle

Marketing Assistant

Request Letter for Budget Approval (Word Template)

File Format
  • MS Word


Getting your budget approved will allow you to move to the next phase of your project. This is why you should draft your budget approval request letter way before you need it. It is also advisable to prepare your manager or employer for your request by first having a face-to-face meeting. Always maintain a professional tone when drafting your letter. Instead of emotional pleas, supply the reader with facts and numbers. If something is not true or cannot be proven, do not write it.

Finally, attach or reference the budget for which you are seeking approval. This will make things easier for the recipient.

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