10+ Break up Letter Examples

10+ Break up Letter Examples

A break-up is one of the real possibilities whenever you are in a relationship. No matter how firm your relationship is, there are chances that you might want to end it. It is the saddest part of a relationship because you have to let go of someone you have shared a lot with.

Whilst it is ideal to end things face-to-face, you might not be in a position to do this, hence the need to write a break-up letter.

A break-up letter is a way of ending things and getting closure of a relationship when you cannot express yourself. This letter simply states that which you would have said to end the relationship, but now in writing. Therefore, it needs to follow the general rule of break-ups.

Break-up Letter Format

Formatting a breakup letter is pretty simple. This is because there is no defined way of writing it. However, there are aspects that the letter must address. Whilst you can manipulate how these aspects appear in your letter, you must include them. A typical breakup letter should follow this format:

  • Introduction: the introduction should have a couple of lines that reveal your intention of the letter. Remember, you need to be as clear as possible about the intent of the letter.
  • Specifics: after the introduction, you can go ahead and provide the details of why you are breaking up. At this stage, you don’t have to be rude to the person to whom you are writing the letter.
  • Soft ending: the conclusion of the letter should appreciate the person for the time that you spent together.

Sample Letters:

Here are some samples from which you can borrow ideas of how to write different breakup letters.

The “People Change” Breakup

Dear John,

Many times when we were together, I believed that we shared the same goals and couldn’t think of our lives apart. You were always there for me and you challenged me to do things that improved our lives together. I still remember the day we went go-karting and we were the only guys there and we the whole track for ourselves. The fun on that day still remains in my heart.

Unfortunately, the feeling has changed, and we no longer feel the same way we did for each other. We have put our work obligations ahead of the relationship. Day by day, the drift becomes larger and this is not what I envisioned for us. I cannot say I am happy or sad about it; I think it just happens. Looking back, you were special to me and I hope I was to you. I can’t blame you because of how things have turned to be but I can’t be in it any longer that is why I’m ending the relationship.



The “Follow Your Dreams” Breakup

Dear Sam,

I know it’s a bit selfish of me, but I have received a job offer that I cannot turn down. You know how much I have been working towards my acting dream for the last decade. It has finally come and I can’t turn it down. I wish I could tag you along but I know you can’t let go of your dreams as well.

Our love was unique and I will always cherish it. I am sorry that things have come to an end. I honestly loved you and you’ll always be a great person in my heart. Don’t be mad.



The “Let’s be Friends” Breakup

Dear Anna,

I know you also have heard the same feeling that I have for quite some time now. It is strange that things couldn’t work for us as a couple, but I know we cared for each other. I appreciate all the good things you did to me and the challenges you exposed me to.

Just before I end this letter, I want to ask that we don’t create a drama out of this. I know we can be great friends. I am totally committed to making this friendship work. What we’ve shared is too much to let go just like that. Hope to chat with you soon.



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    How to Write a Breakup Letter?

    Noting the importance of a breakup and how it affects your significant partner, you need to do it correctly. Of course, you want to be on good terms with the person with whom you are ending things. So, it is important to be kind, polite, and honest.

    If you follow these steps, you will find writing a breakup letter easier than you thought:

    Step 1: Deciding on a Letter

    The first step is to determine if your breakup needs a letter or you can explore other means. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you just might have to use a letter to relay your breakup message. While still on it, you also need to think about the kind of letter you are going to write. The type of breakup letter you write is mainly dependent on the main reason you want to give for your breakup.

    Once you have decided the type of letter, now think about how you will give the letter.

    Step 2: Writing the Letter

    The second, and perhaps the most important step is writing the breakup letter. Here, you will need to be as methodological as possible because everything depends on it. Here are some of the useful tips that you should use when writing the letter:

    1. Be honest

    You need to be honest about the intention of the letter. You should not be ambiguous about what you are writing. For example, you should come out clear and say that the intention of the letter is to end the relationship. 

    2.Explain the specifics

    You need to explain to your partner the reason why you are ending the relationship. Having open communication may hurt but it removes the anxiety of not knowing what happened wrong. You should be able to let your partner know what they did wrong or what you did wrong that has contributed to the ending of the relationship.

    3.Be kind

    When writing a breakup letter, you should be as kind as possible. Even if the other person has caused harm to you, there is no need to be disrespectful when writing a breakup letter. Just let the other person know that you valued them and things couldn’t work because of the reasons you provided.

    Key consideration:

    Now that you already know how to write a breakup letter, it is essential to remember how kindness is to the whole process. Always remember that human beings have feelings and you need to consider how the other person will feel as your write to them.