18 Free Book Review Templates (Kids, Middle School Students, etc.)

18 Free Book Review Templates (Kids, Middle School Students, etc.)

“This is going to be a great read,” said every reader after combing through a brilliantly written book review. In the advent of content writing, book reviews are pivotal to point you to the next read; alternatively, avoid. Sharing insightful information about a book is a worthwhile activity for both the reviewer and the reader. We delve into writing captivating and aboveboard book reviews to identify a top-line review.

What Is a Book Review?

A book review is a thorough evaluation of a book highlighting the book’s plot, quality, and significance. Book reviews vary from succinct descriptions to lengthy reviews. In schoolwork, professors assign book reviews to students to form opinionated evaluations that depict the ability to synthesize research and creativity.

What Is a Book Review Template?

A book review template is a structured fillable form that offers a sneak peek of the book. Book reviewers fill the template with their book analysis, customize it, and print it or form digital copies. The essence of a book review template is to help the reviewer write a professional book review without the hassle of crafting a book review from scratch.

Book Review Templates & Examples

Book Review Template #01

Book Review Template #02

Book Review Template #03

Book Review Template #04

Book Review Template #05

Book Review Template #06

Book Review Template #07

Book or Movie Review Template

Book Review Assignment

Book Review Format

Book Review Podcast Storyboard Template and Instructions

Book Review sheet (allow about 30 minutes)

Book Review Template and Planning Sheet

Book Review Template for Middle School

Book Review Template

Book Review Writing

Podcasting Template


    How Can a Book Review Example Help You?

    • Book review examples enable you to develop a unique writing style. Compare the styles of other writers and craft your distinct yet alluring style.
    • If you are writing about a popular book, then examples from other writers provide insightful information pivotal to writing a top-notch review. Only source information from reputable book reviewers if you use their thoughts to form the framework for your review.

    Essential Elements of a Book Review Template

    • Introduction. It features the author’s name, book title, and any subtitles.
    • Thesis. A concise summary of the main elements of the book.
    • The body. Narration, setting, genre, theme, and evaluation go into the body. Develop each paragraph to its point.
    • Conclusion section

    How to Write a Book Review

    Most book reviews take the critical approach, which entails providing a summary of the book’s ideas compared to other scholarly texts. While maintaining objectivity, you evaluate whether the reader has met or surpassed similar genre books and how. Follow our steps to writing an in-depth book review.


    Identify the central thesis of the book and the main elements the author intends to pass across. You want to summarize the main points that tell us the book’s significance. Understand the plot, protagonists, and ending of the book.

    While planning, you can ask yourself these questions to guide you:

    • What does the writer want to accomplish?
    • What is the plot of the book?
    • What tone and style do the author use to add extra panache?
    • Would you recommend the book?

    Scribe the relevant information on a piece of paper. The note will serve as an initial draft.


    Write the author’s name and book. Briefly write the central thesis and the intention of your review, whether critical or descriptive.

    The body

    The body of your review is where you write the plot summary, main thoughts, conclusion, and recommendation. Write a concise summary and if there are characters that will elicit the reader’s reactions, include them. Dedicate separate paragraphs to different aspects of the book.

    Tip: To make your review more interesting, insert quotations from the book and controversial topics the book addresses.

    Conclude the book review

    When concluding, answer the question, “Is the book worth reading?” Summarize the principal elements and restate the thesis while stating if it has accomplished it.

    Finally, provide a rating for the book and inform readers where to access the book. A rating from one to five stars is the conventional rating.

    Warning ⚠️ : Do not include book spoilers without a spoiler alert atop the review. Don’t spoil the fun for your readers.

    Types of Book Reviews

    • Endorsement reviews
    • Trade reviews
    • Editorial reviews
    • Reader reviews


    How long should a book review template be?

    Typical book reviews range from 500-2000 words. However, the length is immaterial compared to the core content of the analysis.

    What should I title my book review?

    You can employ a captivating title that ensembles the book’s ideas or the author’s name (in possessive form) followed by the book title.

    What are the four stages in writing a book review?

    The four stages are: reading and establishing an assessment approach, introducing the book, delineating its contents, and finally providing an evaluation and recommendation.

    What should be included in the first paragraph of a book review?

    A summary of the book, usually kick-started by an intriguing quotation from the book.

    What is the difference between a book report and a book review?

    A book report is the objective summary of the main points and plot of the book. In contrast, a book review is a critical evaluation of the book’s contents concerning similar texts and recommends whether to read or avoid it.

    Is a book review written in the first person?

    Generally, you should not use the first person. However, if you are an acclaimed reviewer, you may use the first person.

    Does a book review need a bibliography?

    If your book review is for academic purposes, you need a bibliography. Cite the book using APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or the citation style your professor requires.

    What benefits will you most likely get from writing a book review?

    Apart from stacking sales in your favor, writing a review generates new insights and improves your writing style.

    How many pages should a book review be?

    Your professor will instruct on the number of pages required. However, anything less than two pages is short, and anything exceeding seven pages is too long.

    How long does it take to write a book review?

    Assuming you have read the book, it will take you 3-5 hours to write a professional review.

    How do you write a critical review without reading the book?

    While it’s not advisable, source the reviews of other writers, obtain the main points, and paraphrase them to write your book review.


    Book reviews provide creative outlets to share with the world about a good read. Detailed book reviews are every reader’s delight. Use the above tips to write a brilliant book review for your schoolwork or editorial purposes.