Blank Halloween Gift Certificate Templates

Halloween Gift Certificate templates are a great way to help benefit your business this year. Our professionally designed templates are made specifically to target the Halloween holiday spirit, to encourage your patrons to visit your place of business and check out your products. You’ll find that our gift certificate templates are an affordable option, a tried and true marketing tool which will earn you new customers while helping you earn the loyalty of your returning customers.

Halloween Gift Certificate Templates

34 Halloween Gift Certificate October Customize in Word #1056

33 Halloween Gift Certificate Spooky Fillable Gift Voucher #1055

32 Halloween Gift Certificate Graves Blank Gift Voucher #1054

31 Halloween Gift Certificate Truth Lies Editable Gift Voucher #1053

30 Halloween Gift Certificate Terror Printable Gift Voucher #1052

29 Halloween Gift Certificate Spooky Printable and Editable #1051

28 Halloween Gift Certificate Scary Printable Gift Voucher #1050

27 Halloween Gift Certificate Spider Customize in Word #1049

26 Halloween Gift Certificate Treat Fillable Gift Voucher #1048

25 Halloween Gift Certificate Graeyard Blank Gift Voucher #1047

24 Halloween Gift Certificate Haunted Editable Gift Voucher #1046

23 Halloween Gift Certificate Walking Cat Printable Gift Voucher #1045

22 Halloween Gift Certificate Red Clouds Printable and Editable #1044

21 Halloween Gift Certificate Witch Night Printable Gift Voucher #1043

20 Halloween Gift Certificate Zombie Fillable Gift Voucher #1042

19 Halloween Gift Certificate Dracula Blank Gift Voucher #1041

18 Halloween Gift Certificate Mummy Editable Gift Voucher #1040

    Why Halloween Gift Certificates?

    Customer Enjoyment

    At first glance, you might think a Halloween Gift Certificate has no place in the scheme of things. After all, as fun as Halloween is, there are no gifts exchanged. But for many, a Halloween Gift Certificate is like gold during the season of chills and thrills. This is due to the great number of people looking to spend their cash on both indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations, makeup, costumes and yes, candy!

    Introduce New Customers to Your Store

    Halloween Gift Certificates are a great idea for seasonal Halloween stores, as they are only open for a few months of the year, it’s a cost-effective way to get those customers through the doors to see your wares. Even more established brick and mortar or online retail shops that offer seasonal Halloween products can take advantage of these gift certificates to help drive new customers to their establishments.

    Generate Additional Income

    It’s a well-known fact amid retail circles, that customers prefer gift cards to almost any other gift. Why? Because they can purchase whatever it is that they want to buy, and that makes people very happy. When someone gets one of your stores gift certificates, they can’t wait to go and purchase a Halloween costume, makeup, decorations or other holiday accessories with it. Not only that, but chances are they won’t stop there, and end up purchasing additional items.

    Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

    You’ll quickly find that Halloween Gift Certificates are both simple to set up, and cost-effective to use. By using these gift certificates, you’ll not only be gaining new customers, and broadening the scope of your brand, but the free advertising you’ll gain by word-of-mouth exposure is without price. Since our Halloween Gift Certificate templates are easy to use, you’ll be able to offer as many as you’d like. As for expenses, the only real expense will be the paper you print them out on. When you use our templates, all that’s needed is for you to download the design. There’s no need to purchase and learn extra software.

    Key Points of a Halloween Gift Certificate

    As we’ve already explained, setting up a Halloween Gift Certificate system is extremely simple and so affordable, that any business owner can do it. When you use our Halloween Gift Certificate templates, you’ll find that we’ve done all the preparatory work for you, by adding all the basic elements to our templates, so you won’t have to. Keep in mind that these templates are customizable, so you may remove sections we’ve added, or incorporate your own text and imagery. To give you a better idea of what to expect on a gift certificate, we’ve created a list of the most commonly used elements:

    • Company name – You may also include your contact information, such as address, phone and social media accounts
    • Logo – Again, remember that you’re trying to raise brand awareness, so take advantage of using your gift certificate as a marketing tool
    • Descriptive title – Let both the customer and the cashier know just what the gift certificate is for. In this case, it is a Halloween Gift Certificate
    • Amount – To avoid confusion when your customer hits the register, it’s critical that you make certain that the gift certificate amount is printed clearly
    • Terms and Conditions – If applicable. This area would state any limitations or conditions
    • Numeric code – This is necessary to help prevent fraud
    • Special Instructions – Only if you have special instructions for the customer

    Are Halloween Gift Certificates Editable?

    As previously stated, not only are our Halloween Gift Certificate templates a cost-effective marketing tool, but you can customize them any way you’d like. You are free to browse our selection of spooky and fun Halloween designs and select whichever one, or ones you’d like. If you can’t decide right away, download a variety of designs, trying out each one.

    How to Edit Our Halloween Gift Certificate Templates

    First, choose the template you like most, and download it to your computer. Next, open it up in MS Word. Those of you who are familiar with paint programs such as Photoshop and GIMP, may be able to customize it in those programs as well. Once opened in your favorite program, simply begin to edit! You are free to alter the font style and size, colors, add text, imagery or clip art. Indeed, once you download your design, you are in a position to make it yours. Once finished, just save and print. It’s just that simple!