Blank Apology Letter

A formal apology letter serves as written communication in professional and business circles; it should follow an official format. On the other hand, informal apology letters are used for personal or casual communication. In the informal apology letter, you should use a friendly tone while formal apology letters should adopt a professional tone.

Writing apology letters, be they formal or informal can be tasking; you may lack the words and the correct format to convey your message. Blank letters can come in handy in such situations to make your work easy. You can use the following blank apology letters when apologizing.

Blank apology letter

Dear ___________Please allow me to convey my apologies for _______________. Though nothing can justify this behavior, I did this because of________________________.

I will ________________ to make up for this wrong. If you have a better way on how we can solve this matter, let me know.

Once more, I’m sincerely sorry for _____________________________.



Blank apology letter (for a child)

Dear__________Accept my sincere apologies for_______________________. Though I was_______________, I’ m sure my reaction was exaggerated. I felt bad about it.

Next time I will remember to __________________________. Again sorry for my behavior; and forgive me.



Key points for an excellent apology letter

You can make an incredible effort in writing an apology letter though saying sorry isn’t easy by mastering the critical steps in apologizing. These steps are vital for both formal and informal apologies.
  • Take responsibility for your actions. The first step in apologizing should be to own your mistakes.
  • Say sorry. Since you’re apologizing, you need to use the words “I’m sorry in your letter.
  • Briefly explain what happened. Besides apologizing, you should let the recipient understand what led to your mistake. In this case, avoid laying blame on others.
  • Offer a solution. Explain to the individual how you plan to resolve the matter.
  • Ask the individual to forgive you. After apologizing, you need to ask for forgiveness for your mistake.