28+ Birthday Gift Certificates Templates

The birthday gift certificate is either a piece of paper or card that is bought from the store and given to an individual, who can then take it and have it exchanged with goods of similar value. They are trendy because they allow you to design a unique gift either for a family member, friend, client, or employee.

You can either print a gift certificate template using Microsoft Word or any other word processing platform. There are others that you can edit and print straight from your browser. All that is needed is to customize them by adding your text, plus in other cases, pictures and colors. Consequently, you should print them and gift the person celebrating this special occasion.

What To Include In a Birthday Gift Certificate

  • The gift certificate’s name, for example, grocery shopping
  • The name of the individual being gifted this certificate
  • The name of the individual who either presenting this certificate or the one who bought it
  • The date the gift corticated was purchased
  • The gift certificate expiry date
  • The list of items or services the person celebrating the birthday can buy using this certificate
  • The gift certificate’s monetary value

Birthday Gift Certificates Templates & Examples

Here are some gift certificate templates and examples. Each template is editable in MS Word.

Mistakes to avoid when drafting a Birthday Gift Certificate

There are some common mistakes you must not make when writing a birthday gift certificate. These are;

  • Vague descriptions
  • Missing header tags
  • Hiding you contact details
  • Do not include heavy multimedia, graphics, and images
  • Not following the norms

If you make any mistake either in the printed certificate or web document, then the birthday gift certificate might get rejected.

Design Guidelines For The Birthday Gift Certificate

  • Decide the amount of money you are looking to spend on printing. This is vital since you will be using this particular design for several birthday gift certificates. If you are operating on a low budget, then it is best to have a simple design that only includes a few colors. If you do this, then the printing cost will not be very high. This then allows you to use the money on more serious issues such as choosing vibrant colors, graphics, and textures to place on your birthday gift certificate.
  • Select a unique theme for the birthday gift certificate. Other than the cash value of the birthday gift certificate, the design is another factor that you need to place a lot of emphasis on. If you are looking for something unique and with a personal touch, then make sure to select the correct graphics and colors. Otherwise, you can also choose to go with the free theme designs found on the internet.
  • Include the gift certificate’s details. Once you are done designing the gift certificate, the next thing is to input written content. This usually includes the birthday person’s name, your name, date you prepared the birthday gift certificate, and the retails store or shop where it was acquired.
  • Know the preferences of the birthday individual. Birth gift cards’ primary idea is to present the birthday person with some choices while still limiting the gift options. For you to make this decision, you first need to know the person’s preferences.


Birthday gift certificates are excellent ways to show a friend, family, employee, or client that you do care. Therefore, after reading this article, you now have valuable insights you need on the birthday gift certificate. Consequently, you will get to appreciate people in your life and make them feel worthy.