Birthday Gift Certificate Templates

It makes a great difference to any loved ones if you sent them a customized birthday gift certificate. Celebrations of birthdays will never get out of date. It is you to make them more memorable. Communicate some interesting and memorable ideas to your loved ones during their birthdays. If anything, a birthday gift certificate template is not difficult to design. You can send a printed one or even a soft copy for them. It still makes sense.

Birthday Gift Certificate Templates

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Printable Birthday Gift Certificate Template

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    Why a birthday gift certificate?

    There are several advantages of giving a birthday gift certificate. One of the common advantages are as follows:

    Contains cash value

    A birthday gift card can store a sense of value storage. When preparing one, you can link with a given popular retail store and place a cash value on a given gift card. Once the card has been delivered to the recipient, he or she can use it instead of cash to pay for given services or products. This must, however, happen in a specific store.

    Saves you the dilemma of what to buy

    It may be at times difficult to know exactly what would make one happy at a given time. At the same time, asking them what they really need would as well interfere with the taste of the gift. The way forward is to present a birthday gift card. They can later use the card to buy what they would wish to have at that particular time. All you need to know is their favorite store.

    Convenient for purchases

    Carrying a gift card can be very simple as compared to carrying cash to a mall. This makes it convenient when taking the gift to the birthday girl or boy and also when the birthday person is finally going to carry out his or her purchases. Therefore, when you opt to give a birthday gift certificate, you are saving both you and the receiver the burden of carrying cash.

    It keeps you on your budget

    Are you the type of person who loves giving gifts? This got you covered. Instead of filling your shopping bucket when shopping for your loved one hence overbuying beyond your budget, you can get a gift to your loved one. This helps you in keeping your budget. Once you have indicated its value, that is what you pay for and move on to meeting other demands.

    Adds value to your gift

    In most cases, only popular shops allow birthday gift cards. It means that the receiver will only shop from well-known shops or stores where quality is guaranteed. In essence, it adds more value and worth to the receiver. It shows how much you love him or her.

    Key points

    For an effective birthday gift certificate, there are some key points that you need to note about. For example:

    • Design one that complements your business. You need to design a birthday gift certificate which looks like your business. For instance, if your business is about beauty and cosmetics, then you will have to look for something that is colorful or flowery. Such a design will not work well if you are dealing with technical equipment. Let the card communicate something about what you deal with.
    • The amount should be clearly indicated. You should ensure that you clearly indicate the price worth of the certificate. If possible, do so in common currency or the one that your business easily accept. Let the amount in words tally with the amount in figures.
    • Will it be redeemed for cash? Make it clear that the card cannot be redeemed for cash. In other words, your company is giving out gift cards for the sake of enhancing purchases. This means you will be doing pretty nothing if you receive cash and give out the cash.
    • Include contact information. Do not forget to include contact information. Help the receiver of the gift cards to know where they can go for shopping. You can include your physical location or link to your website if you have an online presence. This helps the receiver to plan well for their ideal purchases.
    • Include code for printable birthday card gift. If you are giving a printable birthday gift card, remember to issue a code that will help you in knowing a valid or a counterfeit card. If possible, also include the expiry date for its validity. This helps you to know the customers to expect within a period of time.

    Are birthday gift certificates templates editable?

    The birthday gift certificate templates are fully editable and customizable. You can edit them to fit your desire. For instance, you can alter their sizes, add pictures, change the font and color and many more to get your ideal birthday gift card.

    How to customize the birthday gift certificates?

    The templates are available in both editable PDF form and in the Microsoft Word form. Once you open the template in MS word format, you can easily change the font, color, size and any other thing you would wish to be customized to your desire.

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